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West Hills College - Lemoore Reviews

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I enjoy the variety of teachers and their different learning methods.

They're finally starting up a lot of student life activities.

They have a lot of opportunities for work study, free food distribution, voucher, and a great DPS and EOPS program.

The food campus is okay but I love the Starbuck they put in.

They have great clubs and sports teams.

They offer a decent amount of degrees in the area. Especially that can transfer over into the Fresno State and Fresno Pacific.

Overall, my favorite experience is the great opportunities they offer for future teachers: work study in the library, being in the team teach club, educator rising.
West Hills College has a nice school environment. The campus is really nice and the staff is super helpful.
West Hills College Lemoore is an amazing community college. Everything about it is great. All of the professors that I have had are always willing to spend extra time with students if it is needed. This campus is a very friendly campus. Students, professors, and administrators are all very friendly and interact very well with each other. The only downside about the college is that there is no dorms on campus. There are not very many food options on campus, but there is a Starbucks! I don't regret making the choice of attending West Hills one bit
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Great campus affordable, needs more major based classes, Great teachers, diversity. Like any community college improvements can be made from a larger class options.
Great college Teachers are very helpful and wanting to make sure that you pass your classes. Online classes are well structured and easy to follow teachers respond in a proper amount of time.
It was a good school to attend not to mention that it was not very expensive to attend. The teachers are good for the most part. I think overall it is a good school its near Lemoore and its not too far from the city. I like that its not in the middle of the city. Easy access from the 41 and the 198 freeways .
West Hills College-Lemoore is small community college in the town of Lemoore. This is a great college because classes are taught by instructors who are passionate about the subjects that they teach. It's a GREAT college because of the fact that because of small student to teacher ratio, students can ask instructors individual questions.
Great school! All of the staff members are always eager to help and get back to the students on a timely manner.
Great learning curriculum, the educator here are very welcoming.For those who are new there are several people in the library, or main office who can answer any questions you have. let this be the next step to success it will be worth every second .
It is exactly what you would expect a community college is. There are a wide variety of programs and degrees offered. The instructors take their job's seriously. This campus has the most to offer compared to the other West Hills College campuses.
West Hills College is a great college. Many of the professors are very useful and available when needed. The campus is small, friendly and safe, parking is free, admission is easy, and finding classes is also simple. The downfall is that there is no dorms, but many apartments nearby the are safe and new. The student life is great and I would highly recommend this community college.
The campus itself is nice, the classes are alright. The teachers vary from great to pathetic. For the most part, the classes are easy.
I have had the best experience with West Hills College Lemoore! The staff is knowledgeable, and helpful! Going back to school was easy!
I love West Hill Lemoore! The parking is free and all the staff are so understanding. All of the educators and classes are interactive and fun. I like that there are a variety of classes at different times for those students who have jobs. I also feel safe on campus. There are many lights around the campus to see at night. It is very easy to make appointments with advisors, and the school also has days where advisors form other colleges can come talk to you about your future. I live in Tulare and commute to Lemoore, it is not a bad drive, I usually make it in about 20 min. There is a place to buy food, which is a little pricey but the food is delicious!
West Hills is a very nice college that is new around here. It is different than the other colleges around here because they are more welcoming.
I love the effort and enthusiasm the students and faculty put into making West Hills a postitive college experience, it truly has a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.
The staff was nice and helpful. I'm currently taking on line classes and since day 1 there has been issues with the homework. The teacher sais there has been a glitch that she's been trying to fix with the school and we are 1 month and a half in the semester and it has yet to be fixed so it is quite confusing when trying to figure out what assignments are actually due.
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Great campus with lots of fun people that are always willing to help and promote positivity. They offer free parking, unlike many other colleges around and the campus is very accessible to all students of different dynamics. The college has an open lay out that is very pleasing to the eye and they also have added a new arena to the campus. The campus is constantly advancing with new technology and buildings to ensure comfortable campus life.
Loved being a part of West Hills College. It is a smaller campus so you can become very familiar with your classmates and professors. There are also a lot of school wide events so making friends and getting involved is very simple and fun.
All of the teachers are helpful and courteous, many of them go out of their way to help their students succeed. The same can be said of the staff and counselors, I have had nothing but positive experiences when dealing with the college staff. On prime example is the campus bookstore they have helped me to acquire all the books and materials that have been required at the lowest cost, many of them are students who pass along their knowledge.
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