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I live very close so it is convenient and I am able to get into all of the classes I need for my major.
I like how the college has a separate area where students can go and hang out and do their homework and all the teachers are nice.
Physics major in my sophomore year, west hills has great professors who really want to help you succeed , the only thing that can be changed is to add dorms
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My experience at West Hill community college Lemoore is amazing. The first I arrived on campus was for Eagle day. The staff was super friendly and the campus life is beautiful. West Hills have so many wondering things they have to offer. What I love the most about West Hills Lemoore is they have so many connections.
Throughout my time at West Hills, I have experienced exceptional professors whom have always been very helpful and approachable. If I have ever need guidance, I have never had a hard time finding the correct suggestion. Something I would like to change about the school is that they start a dance program. This is because growing up dance was a great outlet for me and I would like to continue with it in school.
The motto of West Hills College Lemoore is "When you go here, you can go anywhere," and they are starting to live up to that. Before it was confusing and the staffs are not very helpful as to where you should get help. But now, they are stepping their game up. With the new build student union, they are accommodating the needs of the students both academically and also outside of class. It has become more diverse over the years. It was maybe due the influx of foreign exchange students. The professors are really nice, friendly, and professional. Because most of their students are locals, they do not provide dorms/housing. One of the good thing about this campus is the free parking lot that not many colleges have. They are also starting to have more sports now.
I have been attending West Hills College, Lemoore for a couple years and have thoroughly been impressed with not only my instructors and their interest in the success of their students but also the office staff and counselors that I have had experience with. I have always been treated with respect and care. West Hills is also a community college which makes it so much more affordable than any four year colleges and it has a vast number and variety of classes and majors. I recommend it to anyone and all who are interested in attending college for the first time, continuing their education, or returning to school.
I like how the campus offers great classes especially according to my major. Also, I'm very excited about the new Student Union opening on January 17th.
It may be a small campus that is still growing, but I've greatly enjoyed my time here. There is always something going on and there are several events that the school holds for its students every year. The administration is very nice and always ready to help answer questions or help you plan your classes out. Because of its slight isolation on the edge of town, the campus is usually rather quiet, which is always nice.
Online classes are actually very helpful at West Hills. There are so many options each semester and the staff is great.
They help you with an Education Plan to help you map out your two years at the campus, so you are ready to transfer. With their help and knowledge I have my classes all set up and ready to transfer next spring.
The classes are easy to get into with Reg365. The staff is very helpful all around. My counselor will always be there when I have questions and makes me feel important.
There are many opportunities to get internships/jobs. There are job fairs that occur on campus and also helpful counselors.
The campus has a large number of classes available. My major is not typically available at my school, but I will be able to talk all of the classes that will prepare me to transfer to major in my major.
My college is very affordable and helpful. The amount of resources and helpful staff is great and I love my college. Because of this college I will transfer on time to a university of my choice.
I enjoy being a part of the west hills family
Courses online differ from in class courses because you don't always have acces to talk to an instructer
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You feel like people care about you and your life goal when you eneter into this school and its programs.
I've only had one professor that i didn't feel like was engaging enough, but other than that, i have has really great teachers
The school and everyone who works there are amazing at helping students get into careers.
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