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Was great for general requirements although did not have much for certain majors, cost was affordable.
West Hills Community College is a good place to start College. Expanding the College or upgrading a bit more would be nice.
Some courses are spread along the day, so we can have a flexible schedule. I have had no problem with make a flexible schedule, but some classes are not available in other days or time of the day. I have had a good experience, so hopefully it stays that way.
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Online courses and traditional classroom experience are different. You still get to interact with other students, but not as much as being in a actual classroom. They are not hard; they are about the same as being in a classroom. It is mostly up to you to put effort into the course and no one will be keeping you on track. I do like the online courses very well.
They do help you with jobs and give you a good education. It is a small school, so to keep studying you need to transfer to another school.
There are people to help you get internships and jobs for students. They are very helpful with those things and guide you too. They like to make sure students are worry free so they can focus on their courses. There are signs everywhere that can help you know about announcements and they also e-mail you.
The course are very good and interesting. You do learn things during class that are helpful and inspiring to choose your major or career. Class sizes are not big, so teachers can help more which is good. There are varieties of courses offered, but not a lot like other schools.
It is very comfortable because others are the same major, so we get similar classes.
The teacher's are very good and helpful.
it alright considering its a 2 year college...
Everything about this is pretty great you usually always get the classes you want.
not the best because its not hands on training.
This school is alright given the fact that its a 2 year college. The only thing I don't like is that students are taking longer than 2 years to finish.
It is just an okay average college.
It is okay just a good foundation but explore all options
My teacher is very passionate about his class.
I want to finish at this school to advance.
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I prefer the online courses at this college rather than in class sessions.
A little pricey now for a JC.
They are very focused on specific transfers to valley colleges. I am not interested in those.
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