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Attending WGTC allows to me further my education while working full time no matter if I choose to do online learning or attend another campus site.
The courses online were excellent. The entire staff and teachers were courteous and always ready to help you succeed. Also, the tuition was very affordable.
My experience at West Georgia Technical College has been nothing short of a "God send". They have extremely flexible hours, amazing staff that are dedicated to the student, clean facilities, and multiple locations to fit most needs. I work a job that requires 130+ hours every two weeks, and this college and the faculty have been able to adapt my schedule to fit my needs as a student, parent, and worker. The only issue I have with the college is that there are times that due to the personalized attention to each student, there are waiting periods of up to an hour to get individual attention.For those of you who think, "What is he complaining about, he gets the attention", be aware that I have been somewhat spoiled by this college in a way that I believe all college students have the right to be spoiled.
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The thing I like most about West Georgia Technical College is that there are several campuses. This makes things very flexible and gives you a bigger variety of instructors. If you don't like the instructor's for a certain class on one campus, you can always look into another. Also, the e-mail communication is usually good. I can e-mail advisement and expect to get a response pretty quickly if I need help with something.
I am a starting freshman and so far my experience has been mostly positive. I do wish there were more programs of study however and more opportunities to take a foreign language. Overall I think this school is a perfect start to higher education!
My overall experience has been great. I have learn a lot at this school and I have fun learning new things. The school is quiet enough to focus on your schoolwork.
This year is my first time attending this Campus of West Georgia Technical College. This campus truly does care about the education of the students. Everyone here is always so friendly and makes sure you know exactly where you need to go and what you need to have in order to be successful. They go the extra mile and go out of their way to provide excellent service and provide a clean and safe environment for us as students to learn in. This is by far an excellent college and i would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a nice, caring, and safe College.
Dual Enrollment and other great opportunites
I have not transfer any credits yet, but I will in the future. The classes have been flexible to the time I have.
I don't have any experience with the career services, but it is offered at this school.
My experience with online courses have been great. The online courses are a little different from the traditional classroom, but the workload is the same.
It's okay. I don't have any experience with student career prospects. The school does offer it, but I have not been their long enough to look into it.
My experience with the courses and the professors have been great. The quality of the courses and the professors are great because it makes you learn the courses so you can get a good grade in each course. Their are a lot of different courses offered and all of the class sizes have been great because the class is not overcrowded.
My academic experience has been okay. The facilities are are well lay out so I can get to my classes easily and the workload is alright.
My overall experience at school have been great. If I could do it all over again, I would choose the same school.
the flexibility is amazing wen taking classes and west ga tech . this school has the classes perfect for a working student .
i enjoyed taking my class on line . i loved that it gave the freedom to work when i had time and helped with my busy life . i would advice other students to take there classes online .
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In the field i am going there will all way be a need for teachers , but for know i am just starting with getting my ttc then i will get my assignations then on to my doctor
i have really enjoys the class sizes . last semester i took 2 classes and in one call there were 3 counting me and in my other class there was about 13 . i learned so much with the classes being smaller . i was able to really be one on one with the teachers
the career internship is amazing i am hoping when i get farther in my degree i could to an internship at a school to see first hand how a class room works .
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