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West Georgia Technical college had an amazing educational program. I am currently enrolled in Esthetics and was impressed about how professional this program was. I was able to do hands on practice and learn more about my future career in esthetics.
I have gone to this college to do state testing for my school the past few years. Great campus, great people that work there, super good environment.
West Georgia Tech is a place where you can work towards getting a certification, degree, or diploma. Whether you intend to stay at this technical college or move on, it equips you with the basics. It has been a good college albeit lax at times.

I applied at the Lagrange campus. Here, I wish there were more willing (and understanding) instructors at times; especially in the case of core classes. However, thankfully the tutoring system that the school provides -- both online and on campus -- has proven to be a lifesaver. Take advantage of it!
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WGTC is amazing for those not interested in the wild college party life. It is very down to earth and best for focusing solely on your academics. I believe that sometimes with the sororities and fraternities that universities offer, it distracts from focusing on academics. I wish we had dorms/housing arrangements and definitely a cafeteria.
West Georgia Technical College is a very affordable educational institution. They offer small class sizes with several campus options.
West GA Tech has very useful classes but lacks caring teachers and staff who value their students. The campus is somewhat small yet comfortable.
I am a current student at WGTC and like it a lot. I am a nursing major and love classes. I also feel very safe on campus, and love how kind the campus police are.
During my first two semester at WGTC, the academics was kicking my butt. Just because it is a technical college doesn't mean they won't challenge you academically. I can't wait to transfer but I know I made some life long friends with other students and some professors during this chapter of my academic career.
I like the campus, the library, and the break area where you can hang there until it's time to go to class. I do recommend this college for those who want to go to a 2 year college.
My experience at West Georgia Technical College was exciting. The professors and staff was very kind and helpful. The students were considerate, they helped me with many assignments when I didn't understand the material.
I like attending West Georgia Technical. I think it is a good and quick way to get a college degree. I have been going there for 2 semesters and it has been a good experience.
The Murphy college campus for West Georgia Technical College is a nice, easy to navigate campus. It's easy to find where you're going without getting lost due to how condensed everything is. The service staff in advisory are kind and polite while they take their time to help you figure out what you're trying to do. This college campus also provides students with your basic academic subjects of study while also providing some other areas of study for you to dwell in for general core credit.
Great school with small classes. Teachers care about your success. Lots of different possibly for a successful career in many different fields. Go for all you can get within the time allowed.
My experience here is alright. I would like to see the professors care about their students. I would also like to see less favoritism.
I don’t really like West Georgia it’s very racial I experienced it first hand when I decided to go to the Murphy campus
This is a great community college for technical and trade programs! They have a large variety of degrees and certificates available. The best part is that it is super affordable!
West Georgia Technical College is a good place for someone who does not want to go to a big university straight out of high school. That’s what I decided to do and it’s been great because you feel closer with your professors. If there is one thing I say change is the number of workers you have in financial aid because there is not enough.
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Attending WGTC allows to me further my education while working full time no matter if I choose to do online learning or attend another campus site.
The courses online were excellent. The entire staff and teachers were courteous and always ready to help you succeed. Also, the tuition was very affordable.
My experience at West Georgia Technical College has been nothing short of a "God send". They have extremely flexible hours, amazing staff that are dedicated to the student, clean facilities, and multiple locations to fit most needs. I work a job that requires 130+ hours every two weeks, and this college and the faculty have been able to adapt my schedule to fit my needs as a student, parent, and worker. The only issue I have with the college is that there are times that due to the personalized attention to each student, there are waiting periods of up to an hour to get individual attention.For those of you who think, "What is he complaining about, he gets the attention", be aware that I have been somewhat spoiled by this college in a way that I believe all college students have the right to be spoiled.
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