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During my experience at West Coast University, I have enjoyed working in a hands on environment with professors that are not only highly educated, but care to see their students succeed and strive for overall success. We are offered help in every aspect, whether it is tutoring, scheduling classes or finding financial help. There are resources all around us which help in our success, they truly do not want to see you fail. It is a face-paced program so brace yourself and be ready to work hard! It is far from easy but a career in nursing isn't just handed to someone. Overall, it is a great university!
Love it!! The campus is nice and clean. The admissions counselor was so helpful along with financial aid. I really feel like they care about the students
Overpriced, but if you are tired of being waitlisted then this is the place to be. Class are on the smaller side. There is a mixture between caring professors and some who are simply there for a check. Accelerated program, so you need orrginiational skills. There are no activies to get involved in. This school is great for older students.
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The school is beautiful. The curriculum is not that confusing. It can be challenging reaching out to some professors through email. However, some of them are really easy to email and they respond right away. I'm currently in my first term in BSN program and I'm liking it.
I just enrolled at this school. So far, the employees are great and fun. They are real. They are not scam! The downside of this school is lack of communication. I got all my paperwork signed and ready to start. Nobody ever told me that they are waiting on one transcript from the military, which by the way is not related to the degree, so I did not turn it in and the class supposed to start in 2 weeks. The advisor did not really know what was going on neither my counselor. Also, I turned in a paper to the advisor so he can sign it. I waited for 3 weeks, then I called to see what was going on. None of them even bothered looking at it. As a result, I did not get in to that particular date I supposed to start.
I am still working on the school prerequisite. But from what I heard it is pretty intense workload but study groups are the best way to help you study.
Even though they get to choose the schedule for you, it isn't hard to make a switch to particular days you prefer. Emails are answered back quickly.
I don't have much experience with online classes.
Many job prospects are waiting at the end of the program.
Every course will benefit me in my career.
They offer a great career center and will help you find a job after graduation.
The nursing program at West Coast is known to be one of the best. They have very advanced technology.
It's an expensive school, but everyone has been very helpful so far. I can tell that I will learn a lot.
From what I know, the alumni of this school has been able to find jobs and use West Coast's career services to find jobs and find other resources to build one's resume, interview skills, etc.
It's cool connecting with different students who are after different areas of nursing at West Coast. I like how I am surrounded by students of all different ages, ethnicity, and life experience while studying for the same degree in nursing.
I was so stressed out about not getting into the nursing program in my previous school and making the decision to come to WCU was hard because the school is so expensive. But the academic adviser and financial aid adviser made the process and transition to school easier and they were helpful, fast, and eager to answer my questions. I really appreciated that and valued that part of coming into this school.
This is my first term at WCU, and so far it has been okay. A lot of my courses transferred over but there are some courses West Coast requires you to take there. Parking can be a hassle at the Manchester building but if you come half an hour early it should be okay. The courses are all accelerated so it's important that if you are a student there that you do not slack off and definitely put in work. I am nervous about the clinical courses but so far West Coast has many workshops to help students in receiving good information and I know that WCU is pretty resourceful.
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Transferring credits to and from this university were relatively easy. They did require you to take a few classes on campus that wouldn't transfer but also allowed you to request another look at the course if they didn't allow it at first.
the workload is about the same as an on campus course. The professors were easily reachable and got back to you in a quick manner. Also encouraged student interaction each week.
The career services group really help out their students during their courses as well as after in finding a job. They help you after you graduate with continued studying and workshops to prepare for the NCLEX
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