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Great college, could improve their tuition rates by lowering them for the amount of help we students receive.
It is an intense and rigorous course. However, there are many instances when teachers are switched out midterm or they are thrown into teaching a new class that they didn’t have experience teaching before. Sometimes it seems that are leading along with us. Don’t get me wrong though, there are some exceptional instructors who are passionate about what they do and it shows.
I absolutely love West Coast University & by far the best decision I have ever made regarding my education & my future. West Coast is known to be the “expensive” school that everyone talks about when it comes to nursing. Sure, it’s intimidating when it comes to money, but there is no price limit when it comes to the kind of education & dedication the students & professors put into the program. What you put into the program is what you are going to get out of it, & if you don’t put in any effort at all the program won’t feel sorry for leaving you behind. As a student, you have to want being a nurse & take the program seriously. Being a nurse isn’t just a normal profession with good pay. The profession is about caring & understanding that it is up to you as a nurse to change a patient’s life for the better.
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Great professors, top notch simulation center to practice nursing skills and care, and faculty devoted to hearing from students. Curriculum is good, rules are fair. They’ve added clinical partners for us to work at. They are military friendly. I’m still in the reserves and they have worked with my schedule. I’ve had some issues with the student/career services not having accurate info on available scholarships, work study programs, and programs outside the school, but I understand there are many hospitals and lots of people to keep up with in those networks. The school is insanely expensive. There’s a room to eat but only has vending machines. It’s a career college, so don’t expect a lot of student involvement. The campus is nice overall. There are no athletics.
So far this seems to be a wonderful school. They are very proactive and pleasant to work with. The counselors are very helpful and are quick to respond to emails or questions you may have in the enrollment process.
West Coast University has supported me through everything and has given me the resources to succeed.
Everyone from students to staff is friendly and helpful. The campus is beautiful and clean. its is just an all around friendly and comfortable environment to be in.
I have enjoyed every experience here so far. The people are very friendly and they seem like they are always on top of their game. I have yet to start my program but I really cant wait to.
This is my second term at WCU, so far I am excited as the terms are flying by. I enjoy the fast pace of the accelerated courses.
So far so good. I went and took a tour of the college and sat on the nursing seminar. The most interesting thing that I really liked was the fact that the school has a simulation center. The entrance exam that I took seemed like a standard test. The Admin personnel and Financial Aid are all nice and very supportive.
West coast has a great NCLEX pass rate. They're goal is to make sure students pass the NCLEX on the first attempt. The nursing training involves realistic dummies before clinical.
West coast so far has been a pretty good school. Most of the teachers are pretty good and they have tons of options and resources to help ensure you pass your classes. Admin is very helpful and sweet and questions get answered pretty promptly. I start fundamentals for nursing in April and I hope the experience stays the same.
I just started going to West Coast University and the school is so clean and nice. The staff and students are friendly to everyone. The school is a fast paced school which I like. The teachers are very friendly and will help you with anything you need. The location for the school is kind of bad because it’s righy next to the freeway but overrall a great school.
This school is very fast pace and takes every ounce of your time to study for exams and to understand the material being taught. But hey, it’s nursing school. What do you expect?
I completed all of my prerequisite classes here, and am currently enrolled in the Nursing CORE program. I have no complaints about the education I am receiving and am proud to attend this University.
Overall easy to get into, did not choose a 5 star rating because of the tuition prices, and not many scholarships or financial aid opportunities.
West Coast University, Ontario is one of the best academic institute for Nursing students. Teachers are very smart and helpful in assisting students to reach their goal through understanding and learning experience.
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West coast university seems to go thru teachers quickly. I like to the no waitlist but feel like it is too over priced for the material that are given in skills lab. There should be more supplies and better equipment.
Once they set your schedule, it's set. You can't rearrange it. That makes it hard to work, because you're constantly moving things around
I personally love blackboard. It's easy to understand and use, that's a major plus on my side
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