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Great school, tuition is a bit high. But what can we not expect every university is expensive . Overall good school
They have good customer service, and the staffs are polite, and friendly. I always wanted to go to the school to get my degree.
Since I have shown interest the school has been there for me and helped me out with anything that I needed. They stayed consistent and have helped me figure things out financially. The nursing program is very hands on and helps prepare people for their nursing career. You also don't have to worry about fighting for your classes because they have availability and you don't have to worry about not taking any of the classes that you need.
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Everyone made the process very easy. The staff is always very helpful and most important are willing to explained step by step. Its an overall great experience, and would recommend this school to everyone interested in continuing his/her education.
My experience has been pleasant. Though the campus is small, I have been able to find quiet spaces to study.
West Coast University is a nice school. The state of the art equipment eases my nerves when it come to interaction with real life patients. I love how fast they are with all my documents and information to get me started for class. When ever i have a question I can always reach someone to help me.
A few things that I enjoy about West Coast University is that it is a fast paced program and there is no wait list. Something that I do not like is how courses are blended. Some teachers still lecture and help you understand the concept, however, some teachers do not lecture and leave it to you to teach yourself the material.
The staff is friendly and they try to explain everything so that you have a clear understanding. It’s very expensive.
Great school, a little pricey but worth the accelerated program. The general ed classes are go by quickly and help prepare for the Core nursing classes. I am currently in the fundamentals portion of the program where we begin rotations and clinicals. It is difficult but very helpful in preparing for the field. There have been great professors and very few poor professors. The environment provided makes it easy to create relationships and trust with the faculty as well as your peers. I have made many friends and helps with studying for study group purposes.
Great resources and professors. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Challenging, but certainly doable if you put in the time and effort. The fast pace is ideal for those who like a challenge and can keep on top of their work.
The purpose of this school is to finish your BSN quickly. It's fast paced and if you can't handle 12 week terms then this might not be the school for you.
Great college, could improve their tuition rates by lowering them for the amount of help we students receive.
It is an intense and rigorous course. However, there are many instances when teachers are switched out midterm or they are thrown into teaching a new class that they didn’t have experience teaching before. Sometimes it seems that are leading along with us. Don’t get me wrong though, there are some exceptional instructors who are passionate about what they do and it shows.
I absolutely love West Coast University & by far the best decision I have ever made regarding my education & my future. West Coast is known to be the “expensive” school that everyone talks about when it comes to nursing. Sure, it’s intimidating when it comes to money, but there is no price limit when it comes to the kind of education & dedication the students & professors put into the program. What you put into the program is what you are going to get out of it, & if you don’t put in any effort at all the program won’t feel sorry for leaving you behind. As a student, you have to want being a nurse & take the program seriously. Being a nurse isn’t just a normal profession with good pay. The profession is about caring & understanding that it is up to you as a nurse to change a patient’s life for the better.
Great professors, top notch simulation center to practice nursing skills and care, and faculty devoted to hearing from students. Curriculum is good, rules are fair. They’ve added clinical partners for us to work at. They are military friendly. I’m still in the reserves and they have worked with my schedule. I’ve had some issues with the student/career services not having accurate info on available scholarships, work study programs, and programs outside the school, but I understand there are many hospitals and lots of people to keep up with in those networks. The school is insanely expensive. There’s a room to eat but only has vending machines. It’s a career college, so don’t expect a lot of student involvement. The campus is nice overall. There are no athletics.
So far this seems to be a wonderful school. They are very proactive and pleasant to work with. The counselors are very helpful and are quick to respond to emails or questions you may have in the enrollment process.
West Coast University has supported me through everything and has given me the resources to succeed.
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Everyone from students to staff is friendly and helpful. The campus is beautiful and clean. its is just an all around friendly and comfortable environment to be in.
I have enjoyed every experience here so far. The people are very friendly and they seem like they are always on top of their game. I have yet to start my program but I really cant wait to.
This is my second term at WCU, so far I am excited as the terms are flying by. I enjoy the fast pace of the accelerated courses.
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