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I love how West coast does not have any waitlists or lottory system. All you have to do apply and get strated with you program.
the nursing program is amazing and i recommended it to
my cousin who also enrilles in the program. Its intense but the program is very good. i wish i enrolled after high school and i should be sone by now and started working. My parents are both nurses and i wish i listened to them.
I like the organization of WCU's admission process and the environment of the school is clean. I went through the admissions process in about a month, which began with an information session, tour of the campus, entrance exam, interview with the admissions officer and meeting with a financial aid officer. I haven't met any of the staff or professors, but I am excited. I am going to be a nursing major and expected to graduate with a BSN in 2021.
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West Coast University is a great school that produces the highest quality of nurses! Over the past few years, the NCLEX pass rate has raised from 80% to an astonishing 92% passing rate! The professors at WCU have much experience in the field, and they share their passion and knowledge to their students. The staff and administration are there to help provide resources, such as PALS tutoring (Peer Assisted Learning), Career services and more. The clinical rotations have been such a great learning experience, and the hands-on experience we have is priceless! Nursing school is very difficult, but with the resources we are provided with, it helps make the experience a little less stressful. Since this is an accelerated program, it is very difficult to maintain a full-time job (which I have done up until now). It's difficult, but definitely manageable!
As long as you get involve and ask questions about what is important to you, you can succeed and transfer to the university of your dreams. Talk to the right counselors and professor they can point you in the right direction.
The advisors really make you feel that they are trying their best to get you in the program. They return your email right away and also let you know if they need anything else from you.
Your experience here first depends on who your admissions advisor is. Some of them are very nice and helpful, some are trying to sell you a house or a car. It is all up to you how you succeed the program.
Since I have started attending this college I have really expanded my knowledge and have made connections with professors and students.
So far, I have had nothing but great experiences with West Coast University. Everyone is very friendly and attentive.
West Coast University staff has been very helpful. I never took out a loan so when it came to taking out twenty-eight thousand dollars I was scared. They walked me though the whole process and made sure I understood everything that I was signing. They have been really helpful in furthering my education.
The application process is simple and efficient. The resources and information from the staff is very informative. Through the application process there is a team assigned to each student helping them every step of the way. You can even text message your advisers if you have any questions or concerns! The staff is extremely helpful and dedicated to making sure you succeed with the tools you need.
I transferred from LACC to WCU. I choose to come here because it is hard to get into private schools these days. One of my favorite thing about this school is that they offer classes every 10 weeks so you can apply for any terms. Public schools usually offer only Fall transfer. This is why I chose to come here too!
Great campus with wonderful professors who are passionate about their job. The campus has a competitive pharmD, PT and OT program that i highly recommend for oncoming students to apply too!
Everyone is very helpful and motivational. Success is the only thing that wants to be achieved at this school.
West Coast University offers programs catered to you. The financial aid, transfer, and student councilors are excellent and will help you out along the process of going throughout the university process.
It is the fastest way to get a bachelor's in nursing. However, it will cost you. Teachers are good. Administration is poor.
It's a small university which helps students become well acquainted with the professors and other students there. The faculty is very warm and have large smiles at all times of the day.
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I like the real life experience that is given to us Nursing students so that we can be prepared in a real life situation.
Everybody is in it together. This means that student knows exactly what everybody is going through and can relate with each other. This allows us to support each other.
I have not started my school year yet, but this school made me feel a family already! The staff knows their environment very well and seems eager to make their students to learn and achieve their goal.
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