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The application process is simple and efficient. The resources and information from the staff is very informative. Through the application process there is a team assigned to each student helping them every step of the way. You can even text message your advisers if you have any questions or concerns! The staff is extremely helpful and dedicated to making sure you succeed with the tools you need.
I transferred from LACC to WCU. I choose to come here because it is hard to get into private schools these days. One of my favorite thing about this school is that they offer classes every 10 weeks so you can apply for any terms. Public schools usually offer only Fall transfer. This is why I chose to come here too!
Great campus with wonderful professors who are passionate about their job. The campus has a competitive pharmD, PT and OT program that i highly recommend for oncoming students to apply too!
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Everyone is very helpful and motivational. Success is the only thing that wants to be achieved at this school.
West Coast University offers programs catered to you. The financial aid, transfer, and student councilors are excellent and will help you out along the process of going throughout the university process.
It is the fastest way to get a bachelor's in nursing. However, it will cost you. Teachers are good. Administration is poor.
It's a small university which helps students become well acquainted with the professors and other students there. The faculty is very warm and have large smiles at all times of the day.
I like the real life experience that is given to us Nursing students so that we can be prepared in a real life situation.
Everybody is in it together. This means that student knows exactly what everybody is going through and can relate with each other. This allows us to support each other.
I have not started my school year yet, but this school made me feel a family already! The staff knows their environment very well and seems eager to make their students to learn and achieve their goal.
My experience at West Coast University has been great. If you do your work and study you will be fine. This school is very fast paced and requires lots of hours of studying.
I am a freshman in West Coast University and I really like how the faculty and staff are ready to help you whenever you are in need. The financial aid is also very helpful. If you have questions the teachers answer back your emails within 24 hrs. Another amazing aspect about West Coast is the cleanliness of the school. The diversity of west coast is very impressive you have many students coming from many different backgrounds. The major downside about this school is that it is very expensive , although financial aid guides you through receiving loans it is challenge to afford.
I think WCU is a very professional school with students who know exactly what they want and why they are there. The school has the best faculty support, which is amazing. I love how the school has quiet rooms for students to be able to do their work and get some studying done.
West Coast University has been awesome so far! I have attended this college since June of 2016 and do not have any complaints except the cafeteria. Students spend an enormous amount of money to go to this school and there is nothing to eat on campus except for vending machines. There aren't any "close" places to eat either. The students, teachers and staff are great! Just wish we'd actually have a subway or something on campus since we have long hours spent there.
the school so far is fine I've had a good experience. Now with that being said there are a few things that i wish could change for example the fact they don't actually have a cafeteria where they sale food which really sucks when you have to stay at school the whole day.
You can transfer your credits easily and money is taken out of your tuition for it.
They give you your schedule a month in advance, everything is laid out, the course load isn't too heavy.
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They help you get where you want to be.
West Coast is an accelerated course with multiple locations. They have no wait list and it is easy to get into if your a decent to good student. Most of the professors teach at other colleges as well. They also have study abroad programs.
This school, while costly will get you a BSN quickly.
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