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Very expensive. They have high end equipment everything is update in the nursing program. It is a private institution so tuition is expensive, in my opinion too expensive! However it is fast paste and you learn a lot. WCU is ranked #38 in the nation. WCU nursing program operates on a 10 wk schedule 10 credit classes. Be prepared to work hard and study harder.
Very good but expensive school. If prerequisites are not complete then you can take then here, only setback is that you are only allowed to take 3 courses per term. School is located in a leased building and West coast takes up part of the first, 5th, and 6th floors. Classes are fast paced but not hard to handle as long as you do your work every week.
They're are very motivated and always there to help you out whenever needed. Admissions advisor are so kind and do whatever is best for you and to satisfy your need at West coast university
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The thing I liked most about West Coast University is everyone was polite and very interested in your future. I would like to see night classes begin that way students can still maintain their jobs while going to school.
The staff was very helpful and informative throughout the whole process. They provide a prep class for the hesi as well as a book to check out from the library free of charge and they also payed for the test as long as I took it with them. The financial aid process also went smoothly, and I was awarded all my funds in a timely manner. I highly recommend this school.
I was very excited to start in an accelerated bachelors program. At first the GE course were great. Then once I started the core nursing classes I realized how unorganized the school was. No one seems to communicate and they double book your schedule. Then when there is a student issue they seem to dismiss it and not investigate.
West coast university is all about the money, the administrative faculty is not there for you and they make that known. Dr. Munchel is so unprofessional and ignorant, and this campus morale will continue to suffer as long as she is there as the Dean!
Learning a lot just at a very fast pace, the cost is very expensive but the return to have great job when completed is worth the cost. There is no waiting list, no lottery, just first come first serve. Love it.
West Coast University has helpful instructors that want students to strive and succeed. The environment is amazing for students who are trying to learn.
My overall experience with this school is that they want you to succeed in your education. So, they give you resources and help as much as possible. My favorite experience was when I emailed my professors, they always responded the next day. I would choose this school again specially if I have money to afford the tuition.
Career Services is very helpful and places you with a job that is in your desired field.
The admissions office is very hands on and tries to ensure the whole process is simple for students.
Very hard and fast paced but worth it.
The campus is small, which is beneficial in the ways that you have a community of people who understand your struggles and will help you achieve your goals.
The online classes are structured very well and provides a lot of interaction with other students. I sometimes have a difficult time with online classes but not sure exactly why.
Student success center is available to help assist you with your decisions.
Professors are great! Class sizes are reasonable and professors answer any questions by students.
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They have a student success department to help assist you with career choices.
They really compliment class room learning with ATI NCLEX prep along with clinical skills.
Overall I'm happy with my experience at West Coast University and would recommend it to other students.
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