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Being a student at West Coast, has changed me for the better. Not only have they provided me success for my future but have allowed me to build a substantial platform for my life and daughters as well. The amount to detail and organization that they provide has made my learning experience flourish. Given me tools to perform, to be confident through education, persistence and passion in the Sonography world. I've found a different part of myself that I never knew existed. To me that is the most crucial part of attending college. I feel not only confident but educated that I will over succeed in the medical industry. Putting in constant effort and being given the same in return has been a dream come true. Every day I wake up extremely overjoyed to go to class and learn.
I liked the personal family feel that grew to be. The knowledge of the teachers was amazing as they all either work or have worked for years in the field. They could be better to have more and newer equipment, The Echo lab was sparse and hard to get enough scanning during class time.
Although the school is completely an all for profit and in my opinion not as concerned with the success of their students as they should I have enjoyed learned about ultrasound and the lab courses providing real hands on experience.
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There are some instructors who are just amazing and make the entire experience worth it, but there are others who are very discouraging. On top of that most if the administrative staff cannot get anything straight or fair.
I really enjoyed my instructors however I think that the program should be changed for students to take all of the lecture classes separate from the lab classes.
what I like about west coast ultrasound is that it is an accelerated program with no wait list. So you can get started right away vs other colleges you would have to wait a year or two to get started. Instructors are nice and seem to care about students. That being said, The things I would like to see changed to the administrative facility is different doesn't really help or do what they promise. When a student is in need or trying to get set up with tutoring. They pretty much tell you your on own on if you can bend to their schedule which a lot of students can't due to life, child care, work, ect.
I love this school. MOST of the instructors really care. They take the extra time to make sure you’re really understanding what’s going on.
I attended west coast and had a great experience. I did my MRI short term program and teaches everything you need to know when it comes to MRI. Adam Wootton is one of the clinical lab instructor and he is very helpful and knowledgeable. I would recommend this school to anybody interested in the field of MRI.
I love this school. The teacher are awesome and the labs are great. It’s very hands on. The faculty is amazing, they worked so well with me in two situations. One time where my uncle passed away and another when I had to take a leave of absence for medical reasons. They where very helpfully and so understanding.
In October, I will have attended this school for a year. I really liked that it was quick and easy to be accepted in to the school. The classes are a little tough, but the instructors are very good and most of them make the learning fun and interesting. One thing I would like to see change, is for the staff to all be on the same page about information that is relayed to the students. Also, just to provide more space for students to eat lunch, it would be nice if more covered tables were available since more than one class goes to lunch at a time.
I like the hands on experience with the machine. Also how helpful the professor's are when needed help.
really awful and disappointed environment with extremely unprofessional teachers and crews. do not recommend at all.
This school has amazing teachers that have the knowledge of the material being taught. They are will to help any chance they get to see the students succeed.
Not organization. They charge u for everything. U cant get a break.
The people there are very friendly and seem very willing to help out students
instructors are very savvy and class sizes are good lab ratios are 7 students to 1 instructor
the teach student ratio, our ability to practice scanning (lab) there are many job opportunities
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I like the workshop that offer certification
no athletic center , no student center,
It was great experience, I received the classes with ease and my schedule was exactly the day I wanted
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