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West Coast Baptist College is an excellent place to be trained for ministry; whether that be in music, secretarial, missions, pastoral, or theology.
If you are not going to be a Pastor, after you graduate they could care less about you. The Executive Vice President and the Vice President are great. The pastor will not give you the time of day unless you are a missionary kid or a famous Pastor kid. When you graduate, he forgets you
West Coast Baptist college is a very good training ground for those who feel called into the ministry. They have many different areas that they specialize in, and are growing too. The best part about this college is that it is focused on sending laborers out for the cause of Christ.
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Great if you want to go into ministry. This school has a limited number of degree options that is specifically geared toward people who want to go into ministry. If you don't see yourself going into the ministry, choose another college.
This college has allowed me to grow closer to the Lord in many ways. Their faculty and staff truly love and care for the students and they show it through their actions and their prayers.
West Coast Baptist College is a great place to train for ministry under the local church. WCBC equips students with the effective tools needed in ministry, and helps develop you into a better Christian and soul winner. The Harvest truly is plenteous and the laborers are few.
I am currently a sophomore at West Coast Baptist College, studying secondary education. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at West Coast so far. The teachers have an open door policy which allows us to go speak to them at any time about anything. It gives the students and professors more of a personal relationship, which allows for better learning to take place. If you feel that God has called you to ministry, I urge you to consider coming to West Coast and taking the One Year Bible program. It will give you a firm foundation in the Bible for whatever you decide to do your future studies on.
I have learned so much from WCBC. The teachers are very experienced, and they have personally made time to talk with me individually to answer questions or help in any way needed.
What I liked about West Coast is that all the professors truly care about you. They are not there only because it is their job, but also because they want the very best for you. They have an open door policy in meeting them in their office and constantly let you know that they are always available to help you in any way they can.
West Coast Baptist College is a tremendous college to study the Bible and prepare for ministry. The professors are men and women with years of experience in ministry. Men that are teaching pastoral counseling have years of experience as pastors. Those teaching education majors have decades of teaching under their belts. But most importantly they have a real and fervent love for God. They aren’t teaching for a paycheck but to make an impact. They invest in their students knowing the future of Christianity is in their classroom.
I enjoy attending West Coast Baptist College immensely. The teachers not only effectively teach the material, but they also practice what they teach in their every day lives. I have never been involved with staff and faculty that are so involved and passionate for their students. I feel like at West Coast Baptist College, I daily learn skills that will help me in my future ministry.
I have thoroughly enjoyed being in school at West Coast Baptist College. The opportunities for ministry and academics are endless. Frequent and diverse activities make interaction with fellow students a treat while studying here. Also, I personally appreciate seeing ministry first-hand, by coming alongside the members of Lancaster Baptist Church. I rate West Coast Baptist College with five stars, because of its aquipping academics and its first-hand ministry opportunities.
I believe West Coast Baptist college has the best environment for students. I also believe it teaches unbiased truth to its students. I believe it is the best college in the United States.
I loved WCBC. The people there are super friendly and encouraging. Each one of my teachers showed genuine care in interest in me and my friends. It was at WCBC I met my best friends. The college changed my life in so many ways.
West Coast has a caring staff and is a great place to train for the ministry and to be serve the community.
WCBC is a great place to prepare for future ministry! You will be challenged and stretched in more ways than one.
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