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West Chester is an amazing school from the academics to the overall environment of the school. All of my professors have been amazing and I have learned so much being here.
I enjoy the community, the campus life and most of the professors and faculty. I have overall enjoyed my experiences at this school so far.
West Chester is impeccable when it comes to accademics and challenging work load. Campus scene during the day is gorgeous, with lots of study/hang out ares inside and outside. The safety isn't the best for people who live off campus and commuter to school. It's very much worth the money, and I would gladly recommend it to my friends.
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I love the campus and the atmosphere I am in. Ive made some great friends and have gotten very involved with the organizations at school. However, sometimes I wish the professors were more hands on. I have encountered great professors but then I have had some that werent to helpful. Overall, West Chester is a great school.
The University itself is fantastic. Wonderful professors and an excellent level of education. Something to consider though is that the law is geared against students here. Parking tickets, noise violations, and other (often made up) charges are used as a source of income for the borough. I have not yet gotten a fine (out of extreme caution), but there are some real horror stories of how students get treated here. I came on this site to warn anyone that you are not protected here as a student and treated like a second-class citizen by those who should be securing your safety.
I’m transferring to west Chester as a sophomore but I am at west Chester every week! It’s a beautiful campus and offers a lot, and even more for my major which I love. I feel at home when I’m on campus as well.
WCU has been great this year! I have made a ton of friends at Goshen Hall! I like living in the Traditional dorms because not only are they cheaper, you really get to know people.
I am a Psych Major and I like all of my Psych Professors and the classes that I have taken in my major have been really interesting.
The football team and basketball team were great this year. Both went to championships. We have a very spirited band that plays at the games!
I would consider my experience at WCU to be a positive one. As a transfer student, I ran into some difficulties that others might not have experienced However, it was relatively easy to go online and appeal almost ten credits that were labeled as electives when they could also count towards my major, History Education.
The housing and food options on campus are above average. Most places are located on either North or South campus, which are a five minute shuttle ride apart (or a 15 minute walk on a nice day).
The town of West Chester is also a bonus. There are plenty of places that hire students during the Summer and academic year, ranging from upscale boutiques and bars to quick hole-in-the-wall spots to eat.
One thing to keep in mind is that there are a lot of students that West Chester needs to cater to, and the staff/departments sometimes seem overworked. If you can't get a hold of somebody via email you will probably have to show up in person or get them on the phone.
Food could be distributed better at different times of the day, but overall great school with great academics and athletics.
The quality of education I received from West Chester University is unparalleled, especially for the price. The professors are all highly qualified, encouraging, and willing to help you succeed. I have spent the last two years of my education at this institution, and it has surpassed my intial expectations.
Parties are pretty good, town is really nice, academics are good, they can either be really poor or really good depending on professor.
I love the atmosphere of both West Chester University and the town! The town is beautiful and has so many great restaurants and experiences. The school does an awesome job at interacting with the town too! Also, professors are very nice and available here. They have plenty of office hours where you can see them for questions. Tutoring is also very available here and offered to everyone for almost all classes. West Chester is a great school that pushes you to achieve to the best of your ability!
West Chester University gives student the opportunity to grow and develop. The faculty and staff are friendly and always willing to help. The institution also offers several study abroad opportunities.
I love West Chester University! I love it so much I'm sticking around an extra year in order to complete my grad school. I have met some of my favorite people here, and most of my professors have been amazing. I'm so glad I chose West Chester to pursue my college degree!
West Chester is a great place to attend school but it does have its faults. The town is beautiful and the bar scene is excellent. Housing is hard to find and expensive though and we don’t have a homecoming concert like a lot of other state schools. Professor are great especially the business marketing ones. Scheduling is competitive but they offer a nice variety.
Haven't attending West Chester University yet but will be in the fall of 2018, I am very excited. I loved visiting the campus and the people seemed very friendly. I will be playing on the Women's soccer team there and can't wait to further both my soccer and academic careers there for the next four years.
It is close to home and has a great town along with the college. People are always out and about and it is a great environment.
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So far my experience at West Chester University has been a positive one. As a graduate student who works full-time and commutes, I appreciate that West Chester University offers numerous evening classes, with students like myself in mind. Parking passes are reasonably priced, considering it costs more to pay street parking just for the 4 nights/month that I typically park on campus. Therefore, I would recommend taking advantage of the university lot parking if you commute. My experience with professors within the Early and Middle Grades department, has been exceptional thus far. My current professor is clearly well-versed in the field of education, with years of experience teaching across age groups and a dedication to keeping up with advancements in the field. I also feel as though the professors I have had so far make it a point to get to know their students as best as they can, creating an environment in which students feel known and valued.
Not only does West Chester University provide you with everything you need academically, but also the amount of resources and involvement in the community it provides for every student. There is a specific club that fits everyones wants and needs, especially getting involved with your major. West Chester does an amazing job with including their students with the community outside of campus. The architecture of West Chester University is spectacular and is talked about worldwide. It gives their students a feeling of being their home away from home.
I love being so close Philadelphia, but also being surrounded by the great town of West Chester. I also love all of the clubs and organizations they offer. I have been a part of the social work club, photography club, outdoor club, and many others. The environment is very inclusive and there is something for everyone here.
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