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The school itself is great. However the borrow only cares about making money and doesn’t care how they do it. Parking is non-existent and police will be at your door for the slightest amount of music. They would rather worry about these things versus actual crime, such as robberies which are increasingly more common. Really made me resent my time here.
Love this second home. You will love this school and have a fun and rewarding experience. Classes are good, student life is good, and the overall town and campus is amazing.
I have visited there twice. It's a beautiful campus that is currently under construction as they are constructing a building designed for their competitive nursing program on campus. Not too small, but also not to big, which I like.
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A very friendly and homelike university and everything is available and close to you.
I do not like the lack of parking there.
West Chester University has that "large university" feel- with an active night life and a large gorgeous campus. Really though, it more resembles a close nit family. Your name and face is remembered by other students walking the streets, and the professors in your field of study. You are an individual at West Chester, whose passion and opinion matters. I honestly love this school and would not want to obtain my degree anywhere else. The cost of the school is extremely reasonable, while still getting an incredible education.
West Chester has offered me many opportunities to expand my horizons both as a student and as someone looking to have the career I want when I graduate. The programs offered allow students to discover ways to learn and grow and gain experience outside of the classroom, and that is something I find very important. The faculty here is extremely supportive and I feel like my professors really know me. I also really appreciate the vast number of clubs and organizations I have to opportunity to be a part of to expand on my interests outside of my major.
I loved campus. I liked my professors and all the good people I met. I was with students with learning disabilities and I got untuned tests with a distraction free environment. The coaches and tutors were wonderful. Because of West Chester University I am able to help kids in need.
I love my college. The experience has been wonderful. My academic adviser has helped me with arranging my classes and directed me the best way I should go. She even reached out to me during the summer months that we were not in session. Living off campus helped me save some money. The campus housing was great the first year, but the charges are more than the tuition paid and they charge you again for registration when you plan to stay the following school year. It doesn't seem right. This is the only reason I would rate it a 4. It would be a 5 if they had a better system without picking the pockets of the students.
This institution allowed me to explore opportunities that I was interested in and helped me develop as a student and a person. I am graduating in one year and will miss this place dearly!
I had an excellent experience at WCU. It makes you prepare for life after college and that's what I wanted. The campus life is something I will never forget. I would refer future student to WCU.
Most of the professors are great and really care about helping you succeed. The dorms are pretty nice and the food is okay but my experience here has been great.
I had a great time at WCU when I went there last year, I would recommend to anyone that if they are looking for a great education at a cheap cost, go here?
West Chester University has everything you could ask for in a college. It is a beautiful campus with a great sense of community situated in a bustling neighborhood with easy access to an incredible downtown area with endless restaurants, bars, and shops. There are plenty of programs for students to get involved in on campus as well as in the community and the professors and campus faculty truly do care about helping students succeed. Best of all, it is super affordable in comparison to other universities and provides great value for the relatively low cost of tuition.
The campus is beautiful. Professors are talented and helpful, and the band is tremendous. Academics are above average and the multicultural student body make WCU are great place to get an education.
Beautiful campus, great area, but the dining hall and food choices especially for those with gluten allergies needs to improve.
As a parent, West Chester University of Pennsylvania is excellent with Student Union, Counseling and Placement. Academic work is excellent.
I transferred to West Chester my sophomore year and I had such a great experience there. Professors are great, the campus is beautiful, and there is so many amazing organizations to be apart of here.
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The campus is gorgeous especially in the spring, and the some of the buildings which have been around for a long time are a nice sight to see. The food in Sykes is pretty good and it is just a phenomenal campus. As for my major, the teachers and classes are all great and they are perfect for cultivating music educators for the future.
The campus overall is great. You do not have to go far to get to any buildings for classes. Overall campus life is excellent as there are plenty of clubs/organizations to join and there are always events happening on campus. Campus is surrounded by a great town with a lot of places to eat and shop. Not too far away from big shopping malls. Would love to see an improvement on the dorms/housing.
My first year at West Chester wasn't the best, but it brought me out of my comfort zone. I met with a lot of different people that I would've never met in my high school, and overall, I felt some sort of comfort there, as well as feeling welcomed.
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