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West Chester University of Pennsylvania Reviews

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As a parent, West Chester University of Pennsylvania is excellent with Student Union, Counseling and Placement. Academic work is excellent.
I transferred to West Chester my sophomore year and I had such a great experience there. Professors are great, the campus is beautiful, and there is so many amazing organizations to be apart of here.
The campus is gorgeous especially in the spring, and the some of the buildings which have been around for a long time are a nice sight to see. The food in Sykes is pretty good and it is just a phenomenal campus. As for my major, the teachers and classes are all great and they are perfect for cultivating music educators for the future.
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The campus overall is great. You do not have to go far to get to any buildings for classes. Overall campus life is excellent as there are plenty of clubs/organizations to join and there are always events happening on campus. Campus is surrounded by a great town with a lot of places to eat and shop. Not too far away from big shopping malls. Would love to see an improvement on the dorms/housing.
My first year at West Chester wasn't the best, but it brought me out of my comfort zone. I met with a lot of different people that I would've never met in my high school, and overall, I felt some sort of comfort there, as well as feeling welcomed.
West Chester is filled with good people including students and professors. Great clubs and organization to get involved in and plenty and activities throughout the year. The one thing I would wish to change is that they accept more students who plan in living on campus because sometimes on the weekends and night it can get quiet and lonesome. Other than that WCU has helped me get on the right path to my major and help me create new friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.
I am having a very positive experience being a student at West Chester University. West Chester has an amazing campus that offer a wide range of extra curricular activities for students to become apart of. My experience with my professors has also been very positive.
West Chester is an amazing school. The academics, professors, & staff are amazing. The student life is incredible & its in am amazing location. there are plenty of opportunities for everyone.
A few things I like about West Chester is the area is in a nice location. Meaning everything for the most part is in walking distance and its easy to get around campus because the public transportation system is good. The professors are very challenging which I like because it makes you become involved with your classes more. The student life is great at West Chester because there are so many clubs and fraternities/ sororities that it becomes hard to choose which one to choose from.
I have had an amazing time at West Chester thus far. Their are many different programs available to students that allow one to explore themselves in different ways. The staff is very helpful as well and people are always open to discussing ideas or helping one another through the difficulties that college brings.
I had a great time at WCU! The campus is growing and expanding. The teachers are wonderful and programs are developing.
Great school. As a student it is very easy to enjoy your time at West Chester. Whether on or off campus, there is always something to do. It is an easy 30-45min trip to Philly if you want to go by car or train. Plenty of other stuff to do in the surrounding areas as well. Great professors and buildings seem to be always improving so that they have the historic look while keeping up with modern technology as well.
West Chester University is such an amazing school. It has such a great business program and they have recently built a new business building. This inside is beautiful and everyone on campus is so welcoming and friendly. I have visit many colleges in my life and West Chester is my most favorite school ever, academically and socially.
West Chester is an excellent school for teaching (my major)! Top of the line for teaching and criminal justice and for a great price! Excellent student life, great education and lots of fun!
I am a current sophomore at West Chester. I love the town, the restaurants, and the student life. There’s a lot to do in west Chester like town events, nearby land reserves, and close shopping places. It’s very close to Philadelphia as well. The professors and classes are amazing and very helpful. I really enjoy it here and recommend it to everyone.
I toured West Chester twice as a high school student and was incredibly impressed with the University. The welcome ceremony was breathtaking with the marching band playing as we processed into the auditorium. Everyone with whom I interacted was very willing to answer my questions and show me around campus. The students and facility was also very impressive as well.
West Chester University is everything that I hoped it would be and more. The campus is beautiful, the people are great, the facilities are to die for, and the classes are very informative. I could not have made a better choice with where I attended school.
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West Chester is an amazing school from the academics to the overall environment of the school. All of my professors have been amazing and I have learned so much being here.
I enjoy the community, the campus life and most of the professors and faculty. I have overall enjoyed my experiences at this school so far.
West Chester is impeccable when it comes to accademics and challenging work load. Campus scene during the day is gorgeous, with lots of study/hang out ares inside and outside. The safety isn't the best for people who live off campus and commuter to school. It's very much worth the money, and I would gladly recommend it to my friends.
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