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West Chester reminds me of home. I come from such a small town that leaving home to go to West Chester was not too far of a leap. The campus is large enough that you truly feel like you are at college, but it is small enough that it is not overwhelming. The entire WCU community has been so welcoming, and I have never felt out of place since I first moved in. Although, I would really love to see more of a focus on school pride. My high school was so proud; we were never afraid to show our pride in the Old Forge Blue Devils. For some sports, that proud mentality stands true at West Chester, but I would like to see it become a campus-wide mentality for every sport, every major, and every club. I believe showing your pride and dedication to something is very important.
So far every professor I've had has been friendly and good at teaching their subject area. Overall, the student body is pretty welcoming and it's easy to make friends. Great selection of clubs and organizations. There is also Greek Life on campus.
Great school! Great professors and student body. Everyone is constantly working to improve the school and the community.
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I love my college. At first, it was scary to be on my own and learn how to adapt to the environment, but once I got used to college, I realized how amazing my professors, friends, coaches, and campus was. We are a very spirited school surrounded by amazing athletes, coaches, graduate assistants, residential assistants, professors, public safety; the list can go on. The classes here really help you understand your major and prepare you for your future challenges in your college career.
There's not much you can do unless you have a car or money to spend. There's not a lot of organized activities to indulge in. But there's different people you can meet and simply hang out with when all else fails.
My experience at West Chester University has just begun. I am currently in my 2nd semester as a freshman. I am commuting from home and I absolutely love it. I have the ability to create the best class schedule and still have time for a part time job. The campus is beautiful and the people are so nice! I couldn’t be more happy with the school.
I have not yet begun classes at West Chester University. My mother, however, is an alumni. She enjoyed her time at West Chester, and the university has only received more prestige since she graduated.
The campus is a nice environment no matter the weather. There are many food options on campus and the town of West Chester is just up the street, encouraging jaunts to grab ice cream or a bite to eat.
It's a beautiful school and the professors really make the effort to help you. The programs are constantly changing and evolving to keep up with what we need to know for our future careers. While it would be preferable if they kept the construction work till the summer, at least they're trying to keep the school beautiful and modern in its own way.
West Chester University has given me a plethora of options past graduation, and that is over a year away! My professors have all been extremely helpful in learning new skills in and out of the classroom setting. The only change i would make is to better the food in the dining hall.
I transferred to West Chester for the fall semester and the entire university staff made the transition so much easier than I was anticipating. I applied to live on campus instead of continuing to commute and was placed in a dorm less than two months later. All in all, the university is a great environment and a thoroughly enjoyable place to be.
The town of West Chester is amazing. All my teachers left me inspired and ready to learn more. Never was one to get the best grades, but when you actually love what you're learning, it can be easy. I always feel really safe on campus and everything is in walking distance. The food is not anything special, but has gotten better throughout the semester especially once the Chik fil a starts serving milk shakes. Overall, I think there is a place for anyone at West Chester University due to its diverse and accepting atmosphere. There are a lot of ways to get involved, including greek life.
Great campus with professors who are always willing to help. A lot of things to do around the area and you meet a lot of people. I couldn't imagine going anywhere else because West Chester is definitely a top school. Weeks fly by & the weekends are always a lot of fun. It's the perfect balance for the college experience.
Overall a great school but if you hate construction there is usually always something under construction on campus, but the good thing about it is that means new renovations! Personally I don’t think there are enough food options but the campus itself it gorgeous and there are great study spaces.
The school is so nice and cute. It has a nice little town about a 5 minute walk away from the university with many shops and restaurants, many of which have discounts for students. They have recently built/renovated many building, that look very nice and are very useful, while also being Eco friendly, something the university is very avid about. There are several gardens across campus, one of which I walk through all the time being that it is right behind my residence hall. There's flowers, trees, squirrels and other wildlife, as well as actual fruits and vegetables growing there. This wasn't my fist choice school, but even after my first semester, i knew I didn't want to be anywhere else.
Having transferred from a more rural setting at Millersville University (of Lancaster County), West Chester's main street and town were the big draws for me. I had finally been saved from the monotony of rural living. Also, the professors at this school do more than read off of powerpoints. In them I have found mentors. I finally feel like my education is more than just a piece of paper.
west Chester university has A very nice campus, with a nice recreation center. I like that all the classes are close to the halls everything is like a 6-8 minute walk from each other its very convenient. most professors are very helpful with their office hours.
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The school has a lot of opportunities for everyone. Multiple Clubs and Majors to choose from. Staff Are Great. Campus has a lot to offer, as does the town itself.
West Chester University has a positive environment for students to gain a successful education. The charming campus allows students to study, learn, and advance as an individual in a positive atmosphere. Individuals seem to grasp the information in a well manner and professors are confident in their abilities.
West chester university is a nice school with a nice environment. The town is nice too with many places to eat. Professors are nice and the work load isn't bad.
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