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Wesleyan University Reviews

692 reviews
Wesleyan has a strong community of talented individuals with incredible passion in whatever they pursue. There are good resources available to students and the professors are great.
I think Wesleyan is definitely worth its while when it comes to academics and being able to learn and discuss various different topics. All of the courses I've taken during my freshman year all dealt with subjects I had a personal interest in (post-WWII Japan, African-American literature & history, French language, etc), and the professors I've had for all of those courses all, at the very least, demonstrated immense interest and knowledge of what they were teaching.

With that being said, I will say that Wesleyan could do a lot better when it comes to supporting low-income students and students who belong to marginalized groups (race, sexuality, etc.) when it comes to issues on campus (the process of paying tuition with scholarships, for example).
I LOVE this school! Couldn't be happier with my choice to come here. The students are incredible - everyone is interested in such a wide range of subjects and activities and they're all so passionate about what they're doing! I have friends who are chem majors who also star in plays, film majors who are also varsity athletes, bio majors who are in mock trial, etc. Everyone feels free to be themselves and do what they love and it's such an awesome environment to be a part of.
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