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Wesleyan has great academics. Though they do get watered down to include the student athletes who unfortunately represent about one third of the student body. I would like to see more resources shift away from athletics.
Political correctness is out of control. Don't come here to be enlightened, come prepared to be judged. There's no diversity to be found amongst the student body.
Hard core drugs are rampant, esp the white powder. I believe admin knows it's an issue but doesn't want to address it and risk exposing their reputation. Wes likes to think it's Ivy strength academics with hipster liberal thinkers. I'm not sure either of these can ever be true as there are so many superficial students.
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Love it. Best place on earth. Highly recommend to those who are driven to make the world a better place.
Wesleyan is truthfully one of the best places on Earth. Those who want to spend four years completely inspired to do good in the world should apply. I think its the best school in the world. Would not want to go anywhere else. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.
Wesleyan's professors make the school. These instructors are passionate, knowledgeable and more than happy to interact outside of class or school hours. Take advantage of the opportunity to work with these experts!
Wesleyan needs to address the substance abuse on campus in a meaningful way. There's the obligatory poster or mention during freshman orientation but nothing lasting.
I can quite honestly say that coming to Wesleyan is the best decision I've made in my life, as of yet. Wesleyan's vibrant and eccentric culture, its rigorous academics, and the multitude of opportunities it offers to its students makes Wesleyan a great university to attend. Its small campus size (and generally small class size, depending on the level of the course) makes for a good environment in which to create lasting bonds with peers and professors alike. Wesleyan offers need-based financial aid, and will do what it can to prevent you from taking on a loan to attend. I personally feel that it is a very nurturing campus, because of its emphasis on inclusiveness through its financial aid practices, psychological services such as CAPS, and campus-wide dedication to teaching each other about diversity and how to fix social ills we may have found ourselves unknowingly assimilated into.
Wesleyan was a very welcoming campus with a good tour. Connecticut is a beautiful four state. The school has a decent diversity especially considering the majority of students are wealthy.
Wesleyan is very highly regarded. I'm not sure that, so far, it has lived up to it's reputation for me. I haven't found the course load to be particularly challenging as of yet. The students are a bit self important. In the small class setting this can be a real hindrance. I have some hope for things to turn for the better.
Visiting Wesleyan I felt, extremely welcomed into their community. There is not one person on that campus that is unwilling to help another student. Students on the campus are generally satisfied about their campus life.
There is a strong alumni network from Wesleyan University. Although there have been ups and downs to the school's publicity and reputation throughout my career here, Wesleyan seems to prioritize its students and alumni to the highest regard.
There is such a thing as too liberal I've discovered. Too much PC grief and judging. Wish there was a traditional Greek system and more of a sports environment.
I really love Wesleyan because you can basically find any resources you need on campus. Professors are helpful and courses are interesting. Totally worth it.
Very good school only thing is White students can be very judgey and of course political correctness is shoved down people's throats rather than discussing the basis of beliefs and how people's circumstances can affect them. For example, it is hard for students from conservative cultures to wear revealing clothes. Certain groups of students don't understand this. At the same time it is possible to find people who do understand and appreciate your morals and values. Just be prepared to look further than the first group of friends you make.
I really enjoy Wesleyan and all it has to offer. The campus is small but not so small that you'll keep seeing the same people over and over, unless you take the same classes with them. The classes offered are super interesting, and there is usually activities to do on the weekends.
Wesleyan is the most intellectually and socially stimulating place I've ever been in my life. It's truly the most amazing education you could possibly imagine. Wesleyan is 100% worth the education. However, in a lot of ways, because of Wesleyan's sort of incubator environment where cool, passionate, and intelligent people all get together in the middle of nowhere and try to think of whatever ideas they possibly can, there's potential to be overwhelmed and sometimes feel trapped in a bubble. This is not necessarily a bad thing depending on who you are. But if you want a small liberal arts experience with amazing people and great education, there's really no other place you'd go.
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Not only have I become less judgmental of others after being here for two years, but I have become less judgmental of myself. I have learned more about who I am, and have learned to like who I am. I am able to do what I like here, which has helped me figure out what makes me happy- which is what I feel like is what college should be. It's a great place.
I love how I am encouraged to try a variety of things here in respect to classes, clubs, and even what I wear. Very knowledgable professors and intelligent students. I don't think I would have gotten as great of an experience elsewhere.
Wesleyan is the best!!!! I loved it here, I would certainly recommend it to anyone who is considering attending!
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