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Wesleyan is a great place with some good people, and while I truly believe I am getting a good education, and have had access to resources such as free textbooks for few hour loans at the library, it’s still a high price tag and I can’t give it five stars. Some people can also be overly bougie but you can ignore it.
As with many courses online, this shift was unexpected. I had many hands on courses like labs and dance classes, and while there are some professors who struggled with this shift, others went beyond expectation. As with how your professors are in person, it’s a case by case basis
Slow learning curve for students and faculty. Should get better. Overall I liked it because it was easy and the professors were very understanding.
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Like any school, there are ups and downs. However, Wesleyan was constantly a good time. Favorite part is the sports and dining hall.
As a rising sophomore, I really enjoyed my first year at Wesleyan -- even though it's disrupted by this pandemic.
Had a positive experience with academics as well as social life. The school has a wealth of resources and a community of students that care about learning. Lots of fun classes I recommend the sociology department <3
I love going to school here at Wesleyan. It's such a great learning environment. I love to learn and it's a lot of fun getting to go to class with other students who truly enjoy expanding their horizons as well.
I love Wes, and I really couldn't imagine being anywhere else. It's full of the most passionate, intelligent, and genuinely curious people I've ever met.
pros: a liberal liberal arts college. ie one that has an extremely flexible system that encourages exploration and academic inquiry. promotes diversity even amongst its domestic student population (ie racially, religiously and socio-economically diverse as opposed to just a white upper-class demographic). fosters dialogue as opposed to argument allowing people to learn the importance of agreeing to disagree.
cons: somewhat lack of directional guidance (too much emphasis on passion, not enough practical information). still an elite institution that is predominantly white so despite its diversity, minority groups still need to actively make space for themselves.
I found my passion for dance and acting, as well as my voice in poetry. I have also met some great professors and lifelong friends, but that is also coupled with thousands of dollars of debt and other student life grievances. For example, your room and board fee goes up as an upperclassmen, even if you still live in the dormitories, and some of the houses are so old that parties break the floor.
I strongly believe my experience at Wesleyan University has made me a better person. I have developed immense skills in my chosen field of economics and hope to continue on with what I learned in a related profession. The campus is diverse and welcoming. There is something for everyone!
Wesleyan has a strong community of talented individuals with incredible passion in whatever they pursue. There are good resources available to students and the professors are great.
I think Wesleyan is definitely worth its while when it comes to academics and being able to learn and discuss various different topics. All of the courses I've taken during my freshman year all dealt with subjects I had a personal interest in (post-WWII Japan, African-American literature & history, French language, etc), and the professors I've had for all of those courses all, at the very least, demonstrated immense interest and knowledge of what they were teaching.

With that being said, I will say that Wesleyan could do a lot better when it comes to supporting low-income students and students who belong to marginalized groups (race, sexuality, etc.) when it comes to issues on campus (the process of paying tuition with scholarships, for example).
I LOVE this school! Couldn't be happier with my choice to come here. The students are incredible - everyone is interested in such a wide range of subjects and activities and they're all so passionate about what they're doing! I have friends who are chem majors who also star in plays, film majors who are also varsity athletes, bio majors who are in mock trial, etc. Everyone feels free to be themselves and do what they love and it's such an awesome environment to be a part of.
My experience at Wesleyan so far has been great! There's a really great student life at the university, and because it is such a small school you feel more at home since everyone knows you, even your professors. However, some dorms do not have AC and the bill is pretty expensive.
Wesleyan is the perfect school to attend for anyone looking for the preparation for the rest of their life. You will learn from some of the most brilliant minds in every field and although you will work extremely hard, the reputation and experience will prime you for the real world.
I've been terribly disappointed by the GLS program. Rude, primadonna professors out of touch with adult learners' needs. Entire office staff are bafflingly incompetent, not to mention cold, and strangely jaded. It's reminded me of everything I disliked about academia in the first place and why I avoided grad school for so long. It's accessible though as far as MA programs go so I can see why it stays alive.
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I love the welcoming and supportive environment that Wesleyan provides for its students when you first arrive on campus.
Amazing place. Intellectually alive and engaging. Biggest of the “little three” and has more resources and activities than the other two combined. The diversity is real not just tokenized and students genuinely care about each other. There are so many great programs but the work is hard and the expectations are high so you have to put in the hours. English majors often have a book a week to read while science majors are engaged in research with their professors that routinely get published in peer reviewed journals.
Wesleyan is recognized for it's thorough academic achievement, but more so by the drive and ingenuity displayed by the students there. Best described as "not what you know, but how you use it".
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