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Very good school only thing is White students can be very judgey and of course political correctness is shoved down people's throats rather than discussing the basis of beliefs and how people's circumstances can affect them. For example, it is hard for students from conservative cultures to wear revealing clothes. Certain groups of students don't understand this. At the same time it is possible to find people who do understand and appreciate your morals and values. Just be prepared to look further than the first group of friends you make.
I really enjoy Wesleyan and all it has to offer. The campus is small but not so small that you'll keep seeing the same people over and over, unless you take the same classes with them. The classes offered are super interesting, and there is usually activities to do on the weekends.
Wesleyan is the most intellectually and socially stimulating place I've ever been in my life. It's truly the most amazing education you could possibly imagine. Wesleyan is 100% worth the education. However, in a lot of ways, because of Wesleyan's sort of incubator environment where cool, passionate, and intelligent people all get together in the middle of nowhere and try to think of whatever ideas they possibly can, there's potential to be overwhelmed and sometimes feel trapped in a bubble. This is not necessarily a bad thing depending on who you are. But if you want a small liberal arts experience with amazing people and great education, there's really no other place you'd go.
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Not only have I become less judgmental of others after being here for two years, but I have become less judgmental of myself. I have learned more about who I am, and have learned to like who I am. I am able to do what I like here, which has helped me figure out what makes me happy- which is what I feel like is what college should be. It's a great place.
I love how I am encouraged to try a variety of things here in respect to classes, clubs, and even what I wear. Very knowledgable professors and intelligent students. I don't think I would have gotten as great of an experience elsewhere.
Wesleyan is the best!!!! I loved it here, I would certainly recommend it to anyone who is considering attending!
I love Wesleyan, I feel so lucky to be here. The student body is very diverse, a lot of people are also into arts, and everyone's nice and respectful. People know how to have fun, but also how to work hard.
Every day I spent on campus I felt intellectually stimulated. The courses I've taken so far have been so enlightening and I'm taking classes in disciplines I thought I never would again. Everyone is very accepting of others you can feel it. Even though it has a bit of a run down campus, the academics make up for it.
Wesleyan University is notoriously liberal school, known for being very progressive and full of student-activists. It's low numbers allow students and teachers to build a strong relationship as well, which has been a huge help to me so far in my career their. However, there is serious issues with the high-administration, which would include our President Michael Roth, Anonio Farias and numerous others who allow students to be pushed around as long as they are appealing to the board of trustees. They allowed a sexual predator to come in and become one of the Deans who deals with title-9 issues, as well as let an entire school go without serious mental health support, because they have refused to hire a psychiatrist full time, which has left so many frantically looking for help outside of school.
The students' commitment to social justice was enlightening and empowering. The small size of the school allowed me to make connections with many different people, including staff and faculty.
Great academics, extremely challenging, however this is a huge disconnect between students and staff
I like that Wesleyan has WesConnect where students can connect with alumni, and I also love the professors give students information on summer and yearly internships. I also haven't had a problem with my work study boss. However, the reason why the rating is great and not the best is because the career center essentially generalizes opportunities and is more helpful for a student in the arts, businesses and natural sciences.
I like wesleyan because the professors genuinely care about the students, they go out of their way to try and help the student understand the material and succeed after college. I like the class sizes because I can learn everyone's name and can study together.
I don't worry about the people on campus, but the residents of middletown is a different story. I worry about them a little, but I haven't had to fear them. Nothing bad has happened to anyone I know or myself.
I've only lived in the dorms, but for this up and coming semester I will live in the apartments, which are heard are a way better option. I've also heard that the freshman dorms are great, they have AC.
I haven't really differentiate greeks from other students
I haven't really used the facility, but it seemed okay when I looked at it.
Review Wesleyan University
I was worried that in college I wouldn't be able to fit in because I'm socially awkward and a huge nerd, but I find myself fitting in fine. I love the professors, classes and I love the community.
The career is good place to start but they could be more helpful.
most of my professors were very helpful and great to talk to outside of class.
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