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I attended as a graduate student and my son is there now. I have never met professors who were more passionate about their profession. I loved every one of my classes and was so inspired. My son is having an even better experience than I did. He has loved every moment of his college career.
Thoroughly outstanding university - dynamic student body, far more diverse, international and interesting student body than any of the other NESCACs, which are pretty conformist and traditional. Great arts and sciences in particular, which a strong connection to the film-making and theatre communities (Mad Men, Perfect Storm, Hamilton musical, Bourne Identity, etc. all created by Wesleyan alumni....
Wesleyan is full of bright and interesting students and professors who care deeply about leading a meaningful life and having a positive social impact.
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I have really enjoyed my time at Wesleyan because it is a small liberal arts school but has a lot of opportunities for science research. I’ve been able to work in a lab for 3 years, with fully funded summers. The party scene is touch and go, and improves markedly as upperclassmen.
The university has done a super job in the faculty they have on staff. Faculty are very supportive, and brilliant. I learned so much from the classes I have taken. The school
One of the best decisions I ever made!

Wesleyan is like a giant sandbox where passionate people get to test drive all their crazy ideas. We plant gardens, run food co-ops, volunteer at prisons and schools, build art installations on campus, write plays, print sex-themed magazines, lead is a great place to discover how your personal interests intersect with participating in and supporting local communities. If you have a cool concept, there are the resources and people who will encourage you to make it a reality.

The academics are stellar because of the professors. Besides being knowledgable, they are incredibly accessible: you can always stop by their office to ask for help on a problem set, discuss a topic, or just chat about life. They are there to help you learn and succeed.

If you are an open-minded, curious person looking for an intimate, quirky, intellectual college, I encourage you to come to Wes :)
Awesome academics and community atmosphere. I feel safe on campus but you can't ignore the substance abuse issues. I wish administrators would address it and promote awareness.
Things I like: Academics are strong and the professors are very enthusiastic and knowledgable about the topic they teach. Campus food is great!
Things I wish improves/changes: I wish there was more of a united school spirit, more diversity in the student population, and improvements made to some of the older dorms/houses.
It’s an amazing place to be! It is a small school, so the community is very small but I personally prefer that. School spirit is great, athletics are great. I play on the women’s basketball team and I’ve loved every second of it so far. The food gets a little repetitive but I think that’s true for any school. I’ve made relationships with professors that have completely shaped my education and had such a positive impact, the staff is amazing and caring and small class size really lends itself to these kinds of relationships! Overall, and incredible school and well worth it.
Wesleyan is a place where anyone can find community and feel welcome. Students at Wesleyan are incredibly passionate as a whole and invested in almost all of the things they do. My academic and work experience was definitely amazing, but what made me who I am today was the people I met there. I've never been in an environment since with the quality of people you find at Wesleyan. Highly recommended.
Love it. Would highly recommend. The sense of community is really what makes it special. So lucky that I got in.
Classes are great, athletics are great, professors are great. But the students are what make the school amazing.
Love it. Best place on earth. Highly recommend to those who are driven to make the world a better place.
Wesleyan is truthfully one of the best places on Earth. Those who want to spend four years completely inspired to do good in the world should apply. I think its the best school in the world. Would not want to go anywhere else. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.
Wesleyan's professors make the school. These instructors are passionate, knowledgeable and more than happy to interact outside of class or school hours. Take advantage of the opportunity to work with these experts!
I can quite honestly say that coming to Wesleyan is the best decision I've made in my life, as of yet. Wesleyan's vibrant and eccentric culture, its rigorous academics, and the multitude of opportunities it offers to its students makes Wesleyan a great university to attend. Its small campus size (and generally small class size, depending on the level of the course) makes for a good environment in which to create lasting bonds with peers and professors alike. Wesleyan offers need-based financial aid, and will do what it can to prevent you from taking on a loan to attend. I personally feel that it is a very nurturing campus, because of its emphasis on inclusiveness through its financial aid practices, psychological services such as CAPS, and campus-wide dedication to teaching each other about diversity and how to fix social ills we may have found ourselves unknowingly assimilated into.
Wesleyan was a very welcoming campus with a good tour. Connecticut is a beautiful four state. The school has a decent diversity especially considering the majority of students are wealthy.
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Visiting Wesleyan I felt, extremely welcomed into their community. There is not one person on that campus that is unwilling to help another student. Students on the campus are generally satisfied about their campus life.
There is a strong alumni network from Wesleyan University. Although there have been ups and downs to the school's publicity and reputation throughout my career here, Wesleyan seems to prioritize its students and alumni to the highest regard.
I really love Wesleyan because you can basically find any resources you need on campus. Professors are helpful and courses are interesting. Totally worth it.
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