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Wesleyan College is a small, private women's school. However, it has such detailed diversity with the students and the cultural backgrounds of the students. It is a wonderful place to attend school and grow as a person!
I find Wesleyan to be a very inviting college, and I love the academic atmosphere. I enjoy living in the dorms here, although I dislike that you have to buy a meal plan when you live on campus.
This is my Senior year at Wesleyan and I couldn't have made a better choice of schools. The fact that it is an all woman's college is definitely a plus for me. I have made many friends here that I'm sure I will stay in touch with after graduation. If you are looking for a small school with small classes and great academics then Wesleyan is for you.
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The education program is great. I know I will graduate with a great amount of quality knowledge. I also know having Wesleyan on my resume will be a good thing as well.
My professors are great but everything else isn't. The school costs too much and makes you pay for things you may not want or need. I don't care for all of the activities there school puts on and charges us for. I also hate the convocations. Every student is required to attend eight convocations a semester or will be charged ten dollars for each one missed. This is an attempt to get students involved in the campus. Wesleyan is great for education, but if that is all you want then go somewhere else because there is too much forced involvement and charges.
This campus is safe. I don't feel any threats on campus. We have campus police walking around and if something does happe. The Macon police will come quickly.
I am on the equestrian team and it is part of the athletics. Not many people appreciate us and I am not sure how supported the rest of the athletic department is supported. Our facilities are not up to date at all.
Wesleyan is a special place. I am sure other people fit in more, but I came for the Wesleyan education not the experience. I have gotten a great education so far, but the forced involvement is not my cup of tea. There are too many fees and some are unexplained and unnecessary. I can't say I would recommend Wesleyan to many people.
The students that attend the school is very diverse but I wish there was more diversity in the staff.
I love this school and the vibe of it
People work with you towards your goal
I feel safe in campus, there is survelliance 24/7
The buildings are in poor condition
We have sisterhoods!!! I love it!!
As part of the soccer team, I love the program.
Great valus are learned here, great academics :)
The professors are very helpful and always available when you need their help. Not to mention encourages us to ask many questions if we don't understand something.
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We get emails about jobs/internships that fits our field of study.
It is encouraged to walk with a group of friends when walking off campus to the store. I do feel safe on campus because we have several campus police officers patrolling the campus 24/7.
I don't live on campus but the things I heard, the housing needs to be worked on more.
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