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The professors are amazing but there is room for improvement when it comes to campus activity. There are clubs and societies but the activities can be improved. People here are generally friendly so this is a plus point.
I’m a freshman here and so far I think it’s a good college. The sisterhood here is strong and I love it. There’s diversity and inclusion here. There’s respect among us. The professors are good and they are well equipped. There are a lot of tutors around to help you at any time with any problem related to a course. The food here is great, there are different options to eat in a day. The dorms are spacious too. The only thing the school should work on are scholarships for international students. They are kind of limited of the international students which makes it a bit difficult for funding.
Professors are very helpful and genuinely want you to succeed. True academic rigor while maintaining fair grading and access to
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Classes/Professors: Wesleyan is the place to go if you are looking for a small school with incredibly diversity and small class sizes. The largest class I had consisted of 24 students and the smallest was 6 students. This allowed for one on one time with professors. If you are struggling in a class, there are free tutors assigned to each individual class that are more than willing to sit down with you and help you through assignments and any questions you may have.

Student Life: This is where things turn a bit ugly. While Wesleyan is extremely open minded and diverse, there is a ton of drama that makes its way through the entire campus. If you are caught in a scandal, everybody will know. With 700 students, word travels quickly whether it be factual or not. On a happy note, Wesleyan's exchange students make up 25% of the student population and they are an absolute joy!
I thoroughly enjoy the close knit community and the sisterhood that Wesleyan has to offer. The classroom sizes are small enough to build a relationship with your peers as well as your professors. The experience is empowering and Wesleyan definitely helps in turning young girls into young women.
Wesleyan college is a great school. The professors are the most dedicated of them all. The only thing I would change is not requiring the science majors to take humanities classes. Overall good and rigorous school.
Academics are absolutely amazing. Student life, however, needs some fixing. Everyone is very very friendly though.
The professors are very knowledgeable and always available during their office hours. The professors are always ready to help if you are not understanding the material. The students are very helpful if you need help from your fellow peers.
The food is okay, it can be better but it is not horrible. The dorms are average dorm-room sized like in most colleges.
Wesleyan provides a great education to students that has a life long impact. The professors are supportive and dedicated to making sure students have resources and help to necessary material. This makes it much easier to get the required work done. Professors also teach material that is necessary to obtain a good understanding of the subject that is being learned.
I do not attend Wesleyan, however I plan on applying to it before I finish high school. I have heard good things about the school and enjoy the area, however the cost is inhibiting. Even should I be accepted, I would not be able to afford to go.
Visiting this lovely campus was great. Profs were passionate, students were engaged, campus was well maintained. Everyone is so kind and eager to say hello. The dorms are very nice and spacious while still allowing room for creativity.
Wesleyan provided me with much more than just education. It is my home, my family. Even though school is tough sometimes, I am blessed to be part of it's story.
The faculty is amazing and the courses are both challenging and interesting. The staff could be better. The college definitely caters to traditional students.
Wesleyan College has always been First for Women and they have stuck true to that saying. Wesleyan always makes sure to take care of each girls individual needs in order for us to strive for our best.
I loved visiting this college and I am so excited about attending there this fall. Everyone is so nice and so caring it's almost unbelievable. There is nothing I would change.
All Women's very empowering beautiful campus, needs more beautification and clean up. I felt at home when I visited. My advisor provided so much useful information at orientation. There's a variety of classes offered. Needs better food.
Faculty and staff are great. This school comes equipped with everything you need to succeed from tutors to teacher office hours, to weekly group study sessions. Meal times should be expanded and options in the café should also be increased. Doro rooms should are in need of renovations. Diversity is definitely a priority for Wesleyan.
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Wesleyan College is a small, private women's school. However, it has such detailed diversity with the students and the cultural backgrounds of the students. It is a wonderful place to attend school and grow as a person!
I find Wesleyan to be a very inviting college, and I love the academic atmosphere. I enjoy living in the dorms here, although I dislike that you have to buy a meal plan when you live on campus.
This is my Senior year at Wesleyan and I couldn't have made a better choice of schools. The fact that it is an all woman's college is definitely a plus for me. I have made many friends here that I'm sure I will stay in touch with after graduation. If you are looking for a small school with small classes and great academics then Wesleyan is for you.
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