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My first year experience in this college as been okay. I like the college experience we get and i like the variety of activities they have.
I love Wesley College. I do wish that they had more financial options available for students who do not have their parents help. That is the main reason I am applying for so many scholarships. Academically, Wesley is amazing and they have a wonderful Nursing program which definitely challenges each individual and makes sure that you are prepared for NCLEX. I do recommend Wesley College, I just wish there were more financial options available.
I love it there . The staff members are very helpful and everyone wants you to truly succeed. It is small so it is easy to get any type of help from anyone. The location is good with lots of places to eat. I love the flexible classes and everything. The food is okay, but better then I thought. The people are very nice and I have met some very nice people since being here. I love to come to school daily and I have thus far learned a tremendous amount, and I am glad I became aoart of the esley family.
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Very supportive and very serious professors.
You know what is expected of you in every class. Students are polite and most if them are ready to learn. The environment is quite and condusive for learning
Welsey is awesome. I transferred last year for the Spring semester. Everyone I came in contact with was so helpful and nice.
Here at Wesley College I am provided with a friendly and home like environment. I chose Wesley because of how small the school this way you get a chance to meet everyone at least once. There are no unfamiliar faces and College never seemed as scary as everyone made it. I like the fact that Wesley gives each student a chance to have their own identity. This is a school for students who want to improve themselves socially before stepping foot into this big world. I would like to see a bigger improvement in diversity here at Wesley. Students have to learn that they will not always be surrounded by people they are familiar with, a big part of life in networking. Getting to know different people who can help you be a better you.
I only go to Wesley for football . Are football team makes the playoff every year . The school it self is ok .
I like how small the campus is, as well as, the class size because it encourages dialogue between students and brings us closer together. The teachers not only care about students succeeding but also push us to reach our full potential.
I love the campus, it's small and it is in a nice part of Dover. Meeting with the financial aid people and my admissions counselor was really easy.
Not the ideal school I had hoped for. More if anything a school for athletes, since it basically is a JUCO. Food is okay. Student life is terrible. Teachers are okay, just depends on who you got and if they like you.
Without question Wesley offers a lot of great opportunities, a good education, and our athletics are kick-ass for a small school. Students take pride in being Wolverines, which is awesome. Of course there a a few things that could be updated and changed to be better. But, I see that Wesley is committed to us and they are always working to improve the campus and college life. College is what YOU make of it.
A very good school, I would recommend any upcoming college student attend. especially if you want to achieve. I made deans list twice and I am very happy about that. I have created unique relationships with my professors which has led me to learn to the best ability I can. Overall Wesley is a good college fr anyone to attend.
Honestly Wesley is one of the worst schools that you could choose in this area. The professors don't care at all, the advisors are only there to sit around and collect a paycheck, nothing in the school works, the walls are literally crumbling down around the school, and the classes are there just for you to waste your time. They are easier than my high school level classes were and if you want to be prepared for any work force you're going into, these classes will provide nothing for you.
My two years at Wesley College have been a good experience for me as a student and a person as well. I am learning new things from Kinesiology and I think I have done a good adapting to my enviornment and staying on my own. At Wesley I am on the football team and was selected for National Honor Society for Leadership and Success
I love the academics, and how small the classes are. Also the one on one with professors. The campus life is good. The food would be at the bottom of my list of things I like at Wesley. Overall it is a great college.
I liked Wesley because it was close to home but yet far enough way. The professors are so cool and the advisors have helped me so much. Everyone is so nice and helpful. Living on my own for the first time has been the best experience at Wesley
Going into my third year at Wesley College I have grown to embrace the small atmosphere that is provided to us as students. At Wesley College I have watched myself grow in many aspects whether it was mentally, physically and even academically. My first year at Wesley College I earned a 3.47 GPA and as the criteria has begin to become even more difficult, I was still able to maintain a good grade point average. Earning a 3.07 for the fall semester of my junior year. Knowing that I have found success academically motivates me to finish undergrad strong and get into the field that I desire.
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I like how diverse Wesley college is . The students and staff are very nice and friendly . I don't like that the nursing building is so far away from the campus . And there are no vans that run there at night so i have to walk and i feel very unsafe
Wesley just seems like an all around fun experience. I haven't yet got there but I will be there in the spring smesterm0f 2018 and I am super excited. Also I will be on the football team.
I like the fact that is a different experience from high school, there is more diversity and more chances to join in an activity, im still pretty new so there's a lot for me to learn, but so far i enjoy it.
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