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I have not attended the school yet but the process has been very easy and the staff very helpful. I really enjoyed my visit to the school! However, I am considering not attending now that Delaware State University might take over the school. I'm asking everyone to write to these places to voice your opposition:

Middle States Commission on Higher Education
3624 Market Street, Suite 2 West
Philadelphia, PA 19104

U.S. Department of Education
400 Maryland Avenue, SW
Washington, D.C. 20202
I am a prospective student. I have not attended classes yet but have visited the school and spoke with the staff
I haven't quite taken any online classes at Wesley College however contacting my admissions counselors throughout the pandemic was very quick and simple and no matter what she answered my texts or emails to answer any questions or concerns I had!
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No matter what the admissions counselor will make you feel at home and comfortable! No matter how nervous I was she always reassured me that it was okay and she was extremely patient with me. Walking on campus, each student you run into will make you feel welcome and apart of the family. If you have any questions students on campus has no problem lending a helping hand or just being there to lead the way until you feel completely comfortable on your own. I loved being on campus and honestly its the only school my parents felt comfortable with. They get right to the point and no matter what will let you be you and take accept you for you no matter what color, race, or gender identity you can be you!
I love Welsey College. I am currently a student there majoring in nursing. I love how small the classes are. You are recognized as a student and not a number. All the professors know your name. All of the faculty at Wesley College wants to see you succeed! That's what I like most about Wesley. All faculty know you personally and I have no problem talking to someone about my issues no matter what it may be. They supply you with the right resources as well to help you well after you graduate. They set you up for life past college.
When COVID-19 hit the U.S. and we had to opt for online classes, the professors were really wonderful regarding how quickly we had to adapt to an online class environment. I was pleased with how flexible they were and understanding if I was not able to understand an assignment.
Wesley College is a great school for Nursing and Education majors who want a small school. There is not much social life but my professors do put a lot of time and effort into their classes.
Wesley is a pretty decent space for someone who doesn’t want to attend a HBCU and party everyday. It is small, be ready to know everyone lol, and the parties suck.. We have to work on the Student life and make things better
Great school, Nice teachers, expensive but lots of financial aid. Tutoring service and counselors are good help.
So far, Wesley College's admissions department has been fantastic. I think one of the most important aspects of college is communication with staff, and I have been extremely impressed.
If Wesley college really cared about the safety and well being of their students, the amount of professors they have, slightly better dorms, better food, and student life. The school would be so much better. Because not as much students would be leaving the school at the rate they're leaving at if the school actually cared about their students.
What I liked about Wesley College is that most people here are friendly. If I had trouble finding a classroom or a certain building there was someone always offering to help me. Wesley does have some events, but not everyone comes out to them or know about them. Wesley College could get better with advertising events and providing better safety for their students. Over the pass 7 years at least 5 students has passed away here.
It was a great experience. The dorms was nice and so were the people. They was lit and i actually had a good time.
My friend attends there i haven't started college yet but i'm looking forward to going to visit to see if i would like it there
I personally love Wesley College. I have had such a positive experience while being here so far. I have made so many life long friends and the professors here are always so helpful. I love the small class sizes because it enhances my learning experience tremendously because I am not just a number in the class, my professors actually know who I am.
I regret allowing my 2 kids to go to Wesley. I am sorry for those attending & pray future students reconsider. Major issues with admissions dept. & don't support students at all. Health clinic has poor record keeping resulting in blocked transcript requests a year out. The athletic dept, a great recruiting ability & poor retention. The school wont maintain 0 drug tolerance program so use is free among students, can be found in most dorms. the impression was another way to make money the policy to fine student with drugs, increasing fines with each offence with out notifying parents. Academics is mute subject since this school fails kids miserably. As one parent to another, dont let your kid go here!
I went here for one semester my freshman year and it was one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made. The school is dirty, homeless people sometimes wander through campus which should not be allowed. The food is the same thing everyday which would not be a problem if it was good, but it is not. nobody finishes here after 4 years. Everyone has to take an extra year at least because of classes. I came for baseball which was the only saving grace for the school. The party life is fun if you are old enough or look old enough to go to the bar.
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My first year experience in this college as been okay. I like the college experience we get and i like the variety of activities they have.
I love Wesley College. I do wish that they had more financial options available for students who do not have their parents help. That is the main reason I am applying for so many scholarships. Academically, Wesley is amazing and they have a wonderful Nursing program which definitely challenges each individual and makes sure that you are prepared for NCLEX. I do recommend Wesley College, I just wish there were more financial options available.
I love it there . The staff members are very helpful and everyone wants you to truly succeed. It is small so it is easy to get any type of help from anyone. The location is good with lots of places to eat. I love the flexible classes and everything. The food is okay, but better then I thought. The people are very nice and I have met some very nice people since being here. I love to come to school daily and I have thus far learned a tremendous amount, and I am glad I became aoart of the esley family.
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