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Honestly Wesley is one of the worst schools that you could choose in this area. The professors don't care at all, the advisors are only there to sit around and collect a paycheck, nothing in the school works, the walls are literally crumbling down around the school, and the classes are there just for you to waste your time. They are easier than my high school level classes were and if you want to be prepared for any work force you're going into, these classes will provide nothing for you.
My two years at Wesley College have been a good experience for me as a student and a person as well. I am learning new things from Kinesiology and I think I have done a good adapting to my enviornment and staying on my own. At Wesley I am on the football team and was selected for National Honor Society for Leadership and Success
I love the academics, and how small the classes are. Also the one on one with professors. The campus life is good. The food would be at the bottom of my list of things I like at Wesley. Overall it is a great college.
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I liked Wesley because it was close to home but yet far enough way. The professors are so cool and the advisors have helped me so much. Everyone is so nice and helpful. Living on my own for the first time has been the best experience at Wesley
Going into my third year at Wesley College I have grown to embrace the small atmosphere that is provided to us as students. At Wesley College I have watched myself grow in many aspects whether it was mentally, physically and even academically. My first year at Wesley College I earned a 3.47 GPA and as the criteria has begin to become even more difficult, I was still able to maintain a good grade point average. Earning a 3.07 for the fall semester of my junior year. Knowing that I have found success academically motivates me to finish undergrad strong and get into the field that I desire.
I like how diverse Wesley college is . The students and staff are very nice and friendly . I don't like that the nursing building is so far away from the campus . And there are no vans that run there at night so i have to walk and i feel very unsafe
Wesley just seems like an all around fun experience. I haven't yet got there but I will be there in the spring smesterm0f 2018 and I am super excited. Also I will be on the football team.
I like the fact that is a different experience from high school, there is more diversity and more chances to join in an activity, im still pretty new so there's a lot for me to learn, but so far i enjoy it.
I think Wesley college has a wide variety of professors. They offer a lot of one on one. Most recently Wesley as a school has been so accepting. We have quite a few transgender students and we redid the bathrooms for them to feel more comfortable. The athletic program is amazing. As a student athlete myself, I know for a fact all the coaches work with you to make sure all the proper help is provided for all the students.
Love the school nice small town great teachers love it, great fans and sports teams. Great support system
Something that I like about Wesley is how teachers are able to have the one to one relationship with students. Being a small school classes are not that big which allows the teacher to help students. It allows students to feel like they can go to the teacher whenever they need help
For those who are used to a small environment Wesley is the place to be. Although we are a D3 school, our athletics are tremendously fantastic! The professors are always there to help, and teach you new things. The food in the cafeteria, let's just say it has its days. Campus life is what you make it, only bad thing is, the administration tries to shut things down early. Security is always around, & they are really nice!
I attended the Wesley College Center for Adult Studies in New Castle, De. I was impressed with the cohort learning format. My job at the time did not allow for me to complete the last course of my ASB program. The professors were dynamic educators that catered to the adult learner. The facilities, staff, and curriculum are top notch.
Wesley College is a beautiful school with a very little number of people. The location of the school is just as good as the people who go there. It does not take long to get around the campus and since it is a small campus, making friends is not very difficult either. the classes I took there were very interesting and would recommend going to this college.
My overall experience here at Wesley College so far is decent. I feel like the campus it self could be a little more better and have more activities but that all comes in time. Academic wise i have amazing professors and wonderful tutors tha are there willing to take the time out to help me when i need it.
The staff is always helpful and ready to answer any questions you may have. The atmosphere is very welcoming, which was why I choose it. The school and building itself is run down and outdated. Plenty of things could be replaced in this college. For that reason, this private university is unreasonably priced for tuition for the quality you are living in. Classes were not a challenge for me, with little classroom size.
Wesley is a small school in Dover,Delaware. The experience at first was fun but then it became boring. There is very little school spirit shown in the campus activities. You are charged for almost every aspect at the school. The tuition is high for summer courses and it is very hard to transfer to other schools with the given credits.
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As a former student of Wesley College (graduate of 2016) Be very careful attending this school. If you ever need to transfer be prepared, your credits won't! Some professors can be inspiring and other's make you feel like it's another day at the office. Some professors are there to collect a paycheck. The school overall is ok if you want a small school, but if you plan on graduating in 4 years FASFA says only 26%. Retaining students is only around 28%. My degree program forced me into another year (more courses) without consent which meant more money!
i loved everything about this college, from the staff to my peers i wouldn't change one thing! everyone is just so outstanding and welcoming
Wesley College is an interesting college. Its diversity levels are very high. Its a safe place, which gives people a comfortable place to call there second home.
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