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Positives - some of the hardest working professors at WIT who actually want you to learn and see you pass.
Some professors dont care whether you passor not and egos are too big to be proessors. Some are filled with hate too and i've ran into this issue countless of times.
The food is terrible
There is NO diversity - we're unwanted outcast here
Social life - there should be some social life, you should be able to enjoy college while still being able to work hard.
Local area - i grew up here, we're surrounded by hoods who shoot every other week

Honestly if youre okay with being anti social and learning a shit ton by YOU putting in straight work wentworth is for you.

If you would like to enjoy your college experience and still be able to reieve a decent education go somewhere else.
Very good focus on school work, all about hands-on work experience. Food is not amazing but the ability to eat at the other colleges of Fenway is a great. Location is amazing as it lays right in the heart of Boston giving yo uplenty of oppurtunities to go out and experience the city life.
the school has the best programs and the educators are so respectful. the eduactors will sit down with you and help expand your mindset and help you the best way they know how. the students are nice and helpful. the campus isnt too big which is a plus in terms of intergrating into a unfamiliar place.
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Wentworth Institute of Technology is a great School. Right in the heart of the fenway area, the school is right next to many other schools such as Northeastern University and Simmons college. It is a small school with a big school feel to it.
What I like about Wentworth is that they are very career focused. They set up your college path for you and as long as you follow that path you will have a great job waiting for you when you graduate. I think they could improve their curriculum and update their software. I feel they are falling behind the times in terms of the technology that is being used in the field
Wentworth has a wonderful Computer Science program that includes two internships and you still get to graduate in 4 years, but includes a summer. You really need to make sure you take advantage of the professor's office hours to stay on top of your grades.
It was an extreme challenge and while there was some help it didnt seem like the right type of help. I kept meeting about making a plan to get my grades up and go to tutoring and making sure i see my teachers when that didnt help me at all.
I have gained so much knowledge studying in the Construction Managment Field. The hands on labs, co-op opportunities have been a great privilege. The professors are great, helpful and willing to work with you all the time. The campus is friendly and easy to get around. So much to do in Boston on time off!
A school meant for learning, you have to try but if you do the pay off is worth it. Each major has its own struggles, architecture has time consuming work, engineering has harsh tests, management has a lot of areas of focus. Despite this almost everyone I talk to says they made a good choice coming here because it prepares you for reality.
The Institution in the sense is quite good at educating the incoming freshmen and they value education over anything else which gives all student fair amount of help and services.
Wentworth Institute of Technology is a small Engineering and Design based institution that is quickly rising as one of the more respected universities in the region in terms of job placement. Wentworth gained university status this year, and as a current engineering student at Wentworth, I would recommend any student who is serious about their career to considering attending Wentworth. The professors work at Wentworth to teach, not to do research, which makes them particularly invested in their students. The Co-op program also sets Wentworth apart, requiring students to work real companies during their time at Wentworth allowing students to potentially leave Wentworth with a degree and a year’s worth of work experience between three different companies. The social life and "Party Scene" many students look for in their college search is not great, but you are living in Boston. Dorms could use some improvement, but overall, I highly recommend Wentworth for its educational value.
Wentworth allows great opportunities for hands on students to be able to acquire the knowledge for their area of interest. Minor changes would be how the curriculum is set up so the student doesn’t feel pressured or overwhelmed.
Wentworth is a pretty good school I decided to attend here mainly because of their big influence on Co-Op opportunity that they offer. They enforce greatly to have work experience before graduation. I would like the college to have better food.
I have visited wentworth which is located right in Boston. It looks like an amazing school, everything is close by and the facilities look amazing. It is my top choice.
I am happy with my decision to come to Wentworth, playing a sport definitely helps you get connected around campus. Really nice living conditions for freshman and even better for sophomore, junior and senior housing. Love being in Boston, there's always something to do and really good restaurants to try.
I'm studying Construction Management at WIT and I really enjoy it, their program is the 1st one in the nation and the teachers have a lot of experience.
Overall, the food is average, teachers are good, and the dorms are okay. I live in a quad in evans way and its a little small. id suggest a double to anyone else trying to live in evans way. The other dorms are alright but they only get better as you become an upper classman.
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Very career oriented school. Small campus in the heart of Boston. The city is accessible by a short train ride. Not perfect, but worth it.
Wentworth programs are very good at preparing you for your career. The facilities are up to date and you have many opportunities to learn and develop there. The school is also located in Boston, where technology jobs are on the rise so finding a co-op won't be hard. Co-Ops are very important to Wentworth and are a requirement for students. The only downside to Wentworth is the campus life is a bit boring, luckily you are in Boston.
professors are good, food is OK, dorms are nice, in Boston, high average starting salary, two semesters of coop to graduate,
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