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Great school in the perfect location. Mandatory co-ops set you up well for your career, and the school provides plenty of extra curricular activities to entertain any type of student.
I chose Wentworth not only because of the many possibilities and opportunities the school provides, but because of the many positive stories and experiences that I have been told by alumni and friends of alumni. In my experience, it seems like a great learning environment. The staff are all friendly and helpful if you have any questions. The campus is small but that's the beauty of it because all of the school's buildings are within a 10 minute walk from each other so there is no need to stress about getting too much exercise! There are countless activities and stores within walking and biking distance of the school if you decide to wander and explore the great city of Boston. Move in day was a breeze and the staff was very helpful and organized to make it as easy as possible. My recommendation would be to consider Wentworth because everything from the location to the academic possibilities are amazing.
Great location, 10 minute walk from Fenway Park. Classes are pretty rigorous, but that's to be expected for an engineering school. Has a mix between antiquated and modern buildings. Lovely quad, but being blocked off until new building is complete.
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The small class sizes allow us to be close to our classmates and professors, which helps everyone excel. The classes are difficult, but you learn so much.
The teachers are great the the community in and around the school itself is amazing. The city of Boston never fails to have something to do or to see.
There's a lot of great things about Wentworth that makes it a good college, especially if you're interested in learning about specific areas of technology.
I've enjoyed my first year here and plan on returning for fall but there are a few things that I was not fond of in my first year. I had problems with few of my teachers and felt as though the workload was too big and they moved too quickly. Also on a non-academic note, the food court was not too great and i felt as though chartwell (the food service) was not too people friendly.
I visited Wentworth Institute of Technology as a prospective Freshman. I was impressed with the small class size. The ratio of student to faculty is 15 to one. There is a focus on engineering, and other tech fields, which is what I am looking for. The location is great, right off of Boylston St in Boston. There are five other colleges right in the area, and I would be able to take classes at any of them. I also ate in the dining hall, and there was a good variety of foods. The dormitories are clean, and everything is within a small footprint. It is an expensive school costing more than 50K/year, and that is the only negative that I can see.
I love Wentworth Institute of Technology, the location is perfect. It is right in the heart of Boston, so there is no need for a vehicle. One can walk anywhere or use Boston's great public transportation system to get around which is wonderful. As far as I can tell the Academics are great, if someone were having trouble keeping up Wentworth has a Center for Academic Excellence which is designed to help the student excel. The Professors are willing to work with their students to help them. They have a great public safety department and police all over campus to help keep students safe.
Wentworth is not a party school. If you are looking for a place for a "typical college experience" then this is not the right school for you. However, if you are looking for a school that will prepare you for your post-grad career, this college is a smart choice. Students graduate with a minimum of 2 internships. Classes are tailored toward your career, so you can be sure that you'll know what to do when you enter the workforce.
I am a Freshman at Wentworth, I have enjoyed my time so far at the college. The teachers are amazing, Knowledgeable and always open to communicate and help with any issues. I highly recommend this college and look forward to the next 3 years as a student.
The school is pretty good so far, but it is not very diverse, consisting of mainly white, male students and professors, and some of the professors are a little "iffy" with their teaching methods, but it is fine otherwise.
It good have more professors who are eager to help students get to their right career.
People from all over the world comes here .
Rarely students use, take, or drink any form of drugs and alcohols
Wentworth has some of the best connections with employers in MA. And they host several career fairs which are super beneficial..
Some professors you can tell loves their job, others seem to dislike working. Classes are pretty small, no more than about 25 students per class.
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WIT does what it can.
Living on campus is great. You're minutes away from your classes and you get to meet more people from school and ultimately you will be able to be more efficient in getting work done since you won't have to worry about traveling back and forth on public transportation.
One thing about my school is that there is little to no school spirit. The athletics at WIT aren't much of a big deal as it would be at a D1 school. At a normal D1 school, the very first home game of the season would normally rack in the whole campus in attendance to the game. But at WIT, we wouldn't even know when the game was and no one would really be eager to go unless you personally knew someone on the team and went for support of a friend.
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