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I have had a pretty good experience. It can be frustrating to find information sometimes because you have to go to each department for answers. However, i have always been treated fairly. There are the typical choices of programs for a community college in a small town and the campus is well maintained.
WVC is a great place to get your feet wet before heading off to University. It taught me a lot about the process, study skills and provided me with priceless connections.
I really enjoyed the atmosphere of WVC. I found that it really supports learning. I also liked how small the campus is. It helps to get from one class to another, especially if they are right after each other!
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Some of the professors are driven to teach their students, while others are not fit for the job. It's a decent place to get an associate degree should you plan on transferring to a university.
The professors are overall super nice and really care about their students. The classes are small (usually 30 students or less)and make it easier to get all your questions answered during class.
I really enjoyed my time and experience at WVC. I enjoyed the small classes and the affordable price as well. I highly recommend attending Wenatchee valley if you don’t know what you want to do, and you aren’t wasting time either.
There is so much diversity, in the students, professors, and teaching methods. To me, this makes everyday something new and fun!
WVC has the amenities of the larger colleges but with the small town attention to detail. The classes are smaller and there is more time to spend with instructors which is helpful when test time rolls around. Everyone knows each others names and uses them, which makes it feel very comfortable and at home while on campus.
Great professors, interesting classes, student body is very diverse. Had a good time in running start while I was there. Enjoyed my time with their study groups.
I enjoyed Wenatchee Valley College, as a first-generation student there was a lot of assistance in my first year. The resources are there to use, such as the Writing lab and Tutor Center.
Being a smaller school the professor are a lot more willing to work with you and are very personable. It's a campus where it is easy to make friends and run into familiar faces so you are never really alone. Here we have a campus ministry called Connect that meet every Thursday at 7 p.m. and it's a great way to find some roots here in the valley. Sports are very popular among the students, during most games the student section is packed with people who are there to have a good time and are very friendly. Another nice thing about this campus is you see the variety in weather: rain, sun, fall colors, and snow so it's a great place to figure out what kind of place you would like to live in the future.
My experience at Wenatchee Valley College was very average. It's exactly what you' expect from a community college. The class sizes are small and there is ample opportunity to meet with your professor if you need help.
I am a transfer student from Utah attending Wenatchee Valley College in order to play basketball and pursue a degree in Nursing. The education at WVC by my experience has been pretty good. The teachers seem invested for the most part, and they do a great job of involving the community in support of our education. There are many opportunities to serve and participate with those who have similar interests and skills. It is relatively cheap, and I believe the faculty has the success of it's extremely diverse student body as it's first priority. I would like to see the hours of operation and availability changed. The office and staff and library and various other facilities don't stay open for very long, which at times can be an inconvenience. Additionally, It's software and ease of online use could be improved. Payment plans and financial aid accessibility and tracking should all be available online and should be easier to navigate.
I really enjoyed the courses and professors I received while doing my two years at Wenatchee Valley College.
I like the small classes that make it easier to reach out to instructors. I like that it feels a bit easier to interact with others and express ideas. I really enjoy the fact that there are a lot of people on my level but not on an overwhelming level.
I liked the personality and willingness that the professors enacted with the students. One thing that I would like changed is the teaching of more engineering classes.
Wenatchee Valley College is an outstanding community college. The campus is beautiful, the professors are knowledgable and helpful, and the students are friendly. From fencing to baseball, there's something for everyone at WVC. There are also tutors available in the library and professors are always willing to go the extra mile to help you succeed.
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I have done both online and on campus courses through this college and have always worked with great professors. They have always taken their time to ensure that I have all the resources that I need to succeed.
My experience at Wenatchee Valley College was excellent. The professors were helpful and knowledgeable. The small classroom size allowed opportunities to interact on a better level with peers and instructors.
I have attending the LPN-RN transition program waiting to go into the 2nd year RN program. All the staf have been very supportive and the instruction meteral have been very easy to understand, I recommend Wenatchee Vallley college to anyone who is interested in attending
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