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As a current student at Wells College I could not have picked a better school to attend. Wells is a tight-knit community. It is so easy to get involved on campus through different clubs, sports, or activities that are happening. Although Wells College is particularly small, it is rare to walk around campus and not see a familiar face. This also makes it really easy for all of your professors to get to know your name and to actually take the time to get to know you as a person and as a student. Most classes are held in a discussion based setting, as professors here at Wells really encourage students to learn alongside each other rather than just holding lecture classes. There are also tons of traditions here that make Wells such a unique place. Wells is located in the small town of Aurora, NY. Although Aurora is a small and quite place, places such as Ithaca, Syracuse, and Cortland are all within driving distance. Wells College could not have been a better fit for me!
Wells College sits on Cayuga lake in Aurora, NY. Wells College recognizes how secluded its campus is and has developed shuttle services that allow students to be able to travel to surrounding cities in order for the students to shop, get groceries, and to be able to travel outside the town limits of Aurora. This shuttle service also provides weekend trips around New York to allow student to experience Niagara Falls, Watkins, Glen, and many more unique experiences that aren't found in other areas. The professors work to create a relationship with their students. Because of this, it is hard to fail at Wells. Everyone wants you to succeed. There's always a large variety of food in the dining hall, which has newly expanded its hours from 7am-8pm to accommodate all students' schedules. There are tons of wacky, fun traditions like Odd Even that really make your college experience special and worth while. Wells is definitely unique, but that uniqueness is what makes it a 5 star school.
Wells College is a great family-oriented environment great for learning and getting a jumpstart on your career. The dining is top of the line considering it being a small school. The town of Aurora is a great environment to go to school in with access to The Fargo the best restaurant in the Cayuga Lake area.
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So far Wells College has gone above my expectations of satisfaction as a current student. The campus itself is beautiful and the view of Cayuga Lake everyday is magical! Life around here is pretty soothing, in 3 years of attending and living on campus I have had no complaint whatsoever. There's always something to do at any given moment so you can always find ways to procrastinate from your studies. Overall choosing to attend Wells College has proven to be the best decision so far for my academic and social life. It is a campus where I am constantly learning every day and I cannot wait to see what my next 2 years here have in store!
I absolutely love Wells. It's a great school for those students who want a smaller, more intimate college experience. The professors here are great, and they work really hard making sure the students understand the material. I come from a large city, and I actually enjoy the small village of Aurora. It is peaceful, but there's enough going on at the college (athletic events, traditions, dances, activities, etc.) that I don't feel bored. We also have a new dining service which is way better than the previous. 10/10 recommend!
Wells college is located on a beautiful lake with woods behind it. The teachers and classes are amazing! Many students on campus run the school itself. RA's don't do their job and drink and smoke with the students they should be watching. Food is ok at first but the more you eat it, the less different options there are. The surrounding area doesn't have much restaurants so the food on campus should be good. Not many clubs or activities on campus. Club meetings are rarely advertised to the students.
A beautiful campus, however tuition is high. Teachers are wonderful and understanding, but those in the main building for financial aid, business office, Human Resources, etc need a better understanding of what students are really going through. Hit and miss with finding someone that will take the time to listen to what you need.
Wells College for me is one of the best colleges I've ever seen. The professors actually care about their students and have great relationships with all of them. The campus is small so that allows everyone to know everyone and you're bound to make friends. The campus is also beautiful and right across from Cayuga lake is you ever need to take a break. The classes are also very small and intimate, plus the food is reallllly good.
One of the best decisions I ever made was to choose Wells. I was accepted at University if Pennsylvania, Mount Holyoke, and Keuka College, but I knew Wells was the place for me after sitting in on classes, staying overnight in the form and just meeting the people. The campus is the right size without being overwhelming, excellent professors and facilities, dorms that become a close neighborhood and friends who will last a lifetime. Want an average college, go to wherever......want a college experience that will launch you prepared for the world, choose Wells. You won't be disappointed.
This school claims to be a liberal arts college; however, the administration is doing everything in its power to make sure they get rid of all liberal arts majors. The retention rate at this school is awful because they lie about the majors and courses that they provide.
As a freshman here at Wells, I feel I've made a good choice in deciding to enroll here. I found myself joining more clubs compared to my high school career, such as Henry's VIII, which is the school's co-ed a capella group.
The small class sizes do help develop great relationships between professors and students. Since this school is a liberal arts college, you do find yourself gaining knowledge in a lot of other fields such as Book Arts and Psychology. Not to mention that the traditions are pretty interesting as well. For example, I had to the chance to participate in Odd/Even, which is one of the school's biggest traditions. By joining the Men's Odd team, I feel like I didn't just join a team. I feel like I joined a family. Wells is definitely a good choice for students.
I have received a ton of financial aid from wells. Their campus is lovely and their Henry Wells Scholar Celebration was a great experience.
Wells is a beautiful school with many helpful and caring faculty/staff members, though the small size of the school and and lack of online class options makes scheduling tough.
I've never seen anything like it. It values much, however, the administration and the way the school is conducted is just horrific and a disappointment. If you want to lose alot of money and time on high school level courses and a discriminatory campus, enjoy
I love Wells College. The faculty, the staff, and fellow students are all generous and the most helpful people I have ever met. The campus is beautiful in any weather, classes are challenging but exciting, the food is excellent, and student life offers many activities for students.
Wells is incredibly unique—great academics with passionate professors, a close-knit community, and traditions that students actually care about.

BUT beware of the administrative problems. They are notorious for telling seniors they can’t graduate about 2 months before graduation because of things like too many credits in one area and whatnot (happened to me and several people I know). They usually sort it out but that’s the last kind of stress seniors in college need.
It is a very small school with excellent student lead small classes. The social life is very abstract and the party scene is taken place at small dorm rooms.
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If you're looking for individualized learning look no further. The best thing about Wells are the professors. They are invested in you and see you as an individual and not as a number. If you're not doing particularly well, they can set up time for you to review the material because they want you to succeed. Most professors also send out internship opportunities so students can immerse themselves in that particular field. Clubs like Querencia and Umoja, try to make the school as inclusive as possible by engaging students in hot topics like racism and segregation. They also strive on being active figures in the community, frequently hosting blood drives and potlucks. As an NCAA division 3 school, athletics are what you expect it to be, however, students on campus take their job as athletes seriously. Everyone tries to support each team by showing up to games especially for sports like Volleyball and Basketball.
Wells College is a great place to get an education, especially if you need that one-on-one interaction with professors. At Wells, you're not just a number and you're treated as an individual with your own ideas and opinions. The experiences that I've had here at Wells have helped me become a confident individual and the challenges that I've faced as a student have taught me how to be a critical thinker. Everyone is extremely down to earth and the environment is so comforting and inviting. The campus reminds me of a fairytale and most students refer to Wells as a "summer camp" environment or say that it's like Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.

I found that even though Wells is located in a geographically rural area, there's always something to do. Between student activities events, club events, sporting events, and theater productions there is always something to keep you busy. Wells is a great place to live and to find out who you want to become.
Wells does not have a ton going on. The food is decent and there are a lot better schools out there. That being said, Wells is a fantastic place to keep playing your sport. The turf field is much nicer than many college's facilities. Wells is ideal for good athletes who aren't "stars" but want to continue playing the sport they love.