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Wells does not have a ton going on. The food is decent and there are a lot better schools out there. That being said, Wells is a fantastic place to keep playing your sport. The turf field is much nicer than many college's facilities. Wells is ideal for good athletes who aren't "stars" but want to continue playing the sport they love.
My experience at wells was great. Classes were going great, besides a few bad professors. My only problems were the people thereally and the location of the school. There is nothing to do if you're not a nature person. Some of the staff were not very helpful and were a little distanced which made some things difficul. Say for example I needed paperwork to be filled out and I had some questions, some of the faculty members either didn't answer my question or just not answer for a really long time.

Some of the majors offered were lacking, like the Computer Science department. They had to go through four professors before sticking with the one they have now but there is a chance he can leave to pursue a better paying position.

All-in-all, if you are looking into this school make sure you visit the school and talk to the professors in you major. It will help give you better perspective of what you are getting into.
Wells College is a different school. It has has many traditions that are fun, wacky, crazy, and a little weird. Although Wells isn't for me there are many people at the school that love it here. #KeepWellsWeird is a common hashtag used at the school. Many alums are extremely prideful to have graduated from such an institution. The down side to Wells is the food. There is little places to get food that isn't at least 20 minutes away and the dining hall is disgusting. It is in the middle of no where which can get pretty annoying. Lastly, there are some amazing professors here, however like with most things, you get the good with the bad. Lastly, the administration is a little chaotic. They can be quite disorganized and this can get frustrating especially for already stressed out college students.
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Wells is one of my top college choices for school next year. It's a beautiful campus, in a great location, and every time I've visited I've felt welcomed and right at home!
Wells College is changing my life, one day at a time. I've made the most incredible sisters, met the most amazing people, and learned things I'd never even imagine thinking about. As a freshmen, I remember sobbing in the parking lot, begging my mom to take me home because I couldn't possibly see how I could be happy at a tiny liberal arts school in central New York. Now, as a junior, I don't see how I'm ever going to be able to leave. I've become a better, more thoughtful woman, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Aurora is small, but with a little imagination you can have a fantastic time. If you get enough people and a speaker into a room, you can have better parties than any of the bigger schools we visit, simply because you can dance wildly with the people you love. When it's warm out, dock parties are a must. ODD/EVEN is the best decision you'll ever make. Shoutout to Sister Wells for everything, basically.
Wells is a very small school located in the rural area of Aurora, NY. The school has a very close community and numerous ways to get involved around campus. The school overlooks beautiful Cayuga Lake has some of the most pristine sunsets in New York. Wells College is perfect for students looking for a small school, close relationships with their professors, and enjoy tranquility.
As a junior, I can say that coming to Wells was the best decision of my life. I could not have asked for a better college experience. Though there isn't much around Aurora, you have to create your own fun. That's why Wells offers so many different activities and leadership positions. If you don't get involved, it will be difficult to acclimate to the school. The professors care about the education they provide their students and are willing to work to the best of their ability to ensure all of their students succeed and while there is not much of a party scene or any little bit of Greek life, there are numerous events at Wells that can satiate those needs. Wells is a community driven school and it is a school that definitely requires students to be motivated and determined. Traditions like Odd/Even are unique to the school and are only some events of what makes this school truly one for the books. These traditions keep our schools community together.
The college is pretty small and it's in a rural area, so it takes some getting use to, but everyone here is super friendly and the Professors are great. There could be more clubs to get into, but then again it's up to the students to start a club if they are really interested in getting involved in something. Overall, I don't regret coming here, it gets better the longer you're here and the more you get involved, so you have to make the experience worthwhile.
Overall, I enjoy being a student at Wells College. There could be some improvements in housing but other than that, everyone here is super nice and there's always something to do on campus.
Did not cover emergency room bill $1400 when jumped at college party. Jaw broken missed 3 weeks of school. Teacher promised via email to change grade. No longer works at the school. The president Gibraltor did nothing. My gpa now I cannot play my sport. The food is like jail food horrible and its in the middle of no where. If your a city person this place is not for you. Or a student athlete.
Overall the school is very nice and personal. You get to meet friends and the academics are very good. The professors are great. But the school is very small and this makes the drama on campus obnoxious. They love drama.
My overall experience has not been the best. There are somethings that I wish could change about the school and something that I would like for them to stick to. There have been instances where I wanted to go somewhere to clear my head, but there are no places FOR ME that helped. Even when I did accidentally break some of the rules, I thought they did not handle the situation well and were not very considerate of my feeling and situations that i was in when i did break those rules.

I chose this school because it was my "safety' school for when none of the other colleges accepted me. I come to realize that this school was not for me, so for caution do research and take a tour of the school before accepting.
My boyfriend graduated this year and, with his major, has to travel far and out of state for his job. I believe the worth of the degree from this school is not that great due to the fact that is a liberal arts college and it is not a university.
I am not to sure about how the school handles sexual assaults on their campus, but the safety is pretty okay. I am a woman, i feel okay to walk from one of the study spots to my dorm at night.
Be prepared for hot days and cold nights because a) there are no a/c in any of the building, fans and maybe a dehumidifier are highly recommended and b) the heating system gets way too hot for comfort during the cold days. The rooms are small and there is not a lot of space for ALL of your stuff, especially if you are rooming with someone. The lottery system is a pain, and it also depends on if there is enough space for you anyways! This year, we had people waitlisted for rooms because of how many students were coming. The campus is old and so are the dorms so if you are into the "antique" setting of the building then you will love these houses, especially Glen Park house.
The school provides a good amount for their athletes. The gyms are not the best quality but they are not the worse either, along with the equipment. The athletics department for this school is still expanding, with just adding baseball as a sport at this school.
Coming out to this school on the whim was a bad idea. I do not recommend going this school if this was the only school that accepted you. If you plan on coming out to this school, be prepared and do research on the school and how the policies are. You might slip up and not even know it, especially with the food plan that they have for this college.

Other than some bad instances that I have experienced from this school, the learning environment is not all that bad. The class sizes are smaller, giving students the one-on-one experience that some prefer. The teacher are very quick to respond if you have any questions or concern regarding school or other business that you have and would like to discuss with them. Faculty members are also quick to respond when there is an issues as well.

Another thing to consider whether to come this college or not is the location it was in. The school is very isolated and does not have a lot in the sense of entertainment wise around the campus. The same goes with the food if you do not want to eat on campus. There is a little restaurant off campus but that is the only other place to eat. There is a beautiful lake in front of the school that students can jump in. And with permission, students are, i believe, allowed to use one of the canoes for the lake.

All in all, the school was not for me after two years here, but that will depend on the next freshman that is accepted by this school
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Support from students, not from staff.
Professors are good, administration sucks
Lots of them, but there are favorites
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