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Wellesley is a campus full of driven women determined to succeed and make a difference in the world. There are no gen-ed requirements, meaning all classes are small and filled with students from all years. The student body in general is very liberal (it is a women's college in a blue state) and some students complain that they don't feel comfortable voicing their conservative opinions, although the population tends to be accepting of diversity. Administration is working on the current lack of social life on campus, a minor complaint from students who can take a bus to Boston to have fun.
The campus was one of the main reasons I chose to attend here. Our professors are the absolute best.
Students can be in a self-imposed pressure cooker sometimes, but this is a great place to get an education. There are so many opportunities here for everyone. Please consider attending this wonderful institutions.
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I'm a first-year student and we've been given so many resources to succeed. There's an advisor for absolutely every aspect (first-year life, academic success, faculty mentor, and even major specific advice). There always is someone to fall back on when you struggle
Wellesley is just magical. It's an amazing academically rigorous environment (which truth can be told can be brutal at times... very hard work is nonnegotiable)full of driven, intelligent women. The campus is beautiful, and the community is warm and supportive. If you're looking for party-type fun, it's not really the place for that, but if you're looking for a fantastic education, Wellesley is perfect <3.
I love being a student at Wellesley! I have made so many friends and connections, both with professors and my peers. I always feel like I can I be myself, and have seen myself grow into a passionate, confident, intelligent, self-assured woman. I have been guided in my challenges, and cheered on in my successes. The community is incredibly supportive and invested in each other.
I am a commuting student, so unfortunately I don't get to experience college in its entirety, but what I do experience is very enriching. The students have been very friendly, and the professors are brilliant in their field of study. There are so many things to do on campus. There is a club for just about every interest. This is not a "party school" which some people may find disappointing, but that's why I prefer it. Overall, my favorite part about Wellesley is the countless nooks and crannies for one to study in.
Wellesley is the best thing to ever happen to me. I feel unbelievably blessed to have been placed in this picture-perfect setting with passionate faculty, brilliant and kind students, a convenient location, incredible facilities, and caring staff. No college is perfect, but Wellesley tends to acknowledge its imperfections and actively works to resolve them. I've never felt more supported, appreciated, or stimulated intellectually. Wellesley is for you if you're an overachiever, if you value being part of a historic legacy, and if you care about what you do. Wellesley is not for you if all you care about is partying(though it's still available), social status, greek life, or slacking off. I love my community-- Wellesley feels like home.
Wellesley college is a great community full of bright, ambitious and conscientious students. Everyone is extremely helpful and understanding, including faculty and the student body. The academics is rigorous and allows students to explore in detail new areas of study.
I transferred to Wellesley after doing my first year at a large public university. I came here for the tight-knit community of inspiring women, more contact with professors, and (of course) the beautiful campus. My experience here has been incredible. Not only are the classes challenging and engaging, but the level of discourse among the students here always amazes me.
If you're the type of student who is willing to take initiative and connect with other women, you will go far with a Wellesley education. A few notable features of the college include their Career Education services, the powerful alumnae network, and the professors' dedication to teaching undergraduates.
I love being around other smart people who are respectful and love to learn. The campus is beautiful.
Campus is beautiful. Academics and ability to make connections are amazing. However, sometimes there isn't a social life, and some students here can be anti-fun. Wellesley is slowly getting better about listening to students' of color concerns.
Great place. Incredible academics, brilliant community. Intellectual curiosity abounds. Women from all different walks of life who are engaged and committed. Everyone is incredibly hard-working and goal-oriented. The rowing team is especially successful. There is a niche for everyone on the school's beautiful campus. No place like it.
Very welcoming female student environment. I enjoyed the freedom to be myself and develop into the woman I am today. I wish the school had remained woman only college forever.
I had a great time at this college. I majored in Biochemistry and was able to participate in several research projects during my time here.
Wellesley is the most beautiful campus I've ever seen-it's covered in flowers during the summer and looks like a winter postcard in the winter. The community is supportive and open, the alumni care, and there's always some sort of event going on. It's the sort of campus where you feel safe any time of day and know if you have a problem there will always be someone there to help. The local area is a little boring, and the athletics department could definitely have more variety, but the dorms are nice and the environments amazing. The professors really, truly want the students to succeed and will do everything they can to ensure you do. At the same time, I'm finally someplace where I have to study to get good grades and people talk about what is going on in the world rather than who is dating who. In a word, for me this campus is "Heaven".
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Wellelsey College is one of the best schools where any motivated student is able to reach their full potential and be helped by some of the most talented professors and fellow students. It Is truly a special place where an individual is able to explore their passions and learn some impressive lessons along the way.
I took a tour and spent a night on campus was taken good care of by the admissions staff and all students. They love "prospies" or prospective students and did their best to portray an accurate sense of the school
Challenging environment, but worth it. A bit tedious to go into Boston can make social life a bit isolating. Amazing professors.
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