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The academics are good, the proximity to Boston is nice. There is a social divide though. Many Caucasian girls are unwilling to include or befriend women of color, unless they're Asian. Other than that, Wellesley is good.
Wellesley is the most beautiful campus I've ever seen-it's covered in flowers during the summer and looks like a winter postcard in the winter. The community is supportive and open, the alumni care, and there's always some sort of event going on. It's the sort of campus where you feel safe any time of day and know if you have a problem there will always be someone there to help. The local area is a little boring, and the athletics department could definitely have more variety, but the dorms are nice and the environments amazing. The professors really, truly want the students to succeed and will do everything they can to ensure you do. At the same time, I'm finally someplace where I have to study to get good grades and people talk about what is going on in the world rather than who is dating who. In a word, for me this campus is "Heaven".
Wellelsey College is one of the best schools where any motivated student is able to reach their full potential and be helped by some of the most talented professors and fellow students. It Is truly a special place where an individual is able to explore their passions and learn some impressive lessons along the way.
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I took a tour and spent a night on campus was taken good care of by the admissions staff and all students. They love "prospies" or prospective students and did their best to portray an accurate sense of the school
Challenging environment, but worth it. A bit tedious to go into Boston can make social life a bit isolating. Amazing professors.
I love Wellesley and all of the passionate students who come here, they are all going to make their mark on the world in their respective fields. I chose Wellesley because it is academically challenging, has amazing opportunities for internships, and the sense of sisterhood(and the amazing alum network that comes with it).
I love the community and the support at Wellesley. From the moment I set foot on Campus, I felt to natural to be in this community. I am currently a freshman but I think Wellesley is growing to be my home. Food is amazing and since we have five dining halls, we can choose to go anywhere. The campus is stunning and is such a safe place to walk around even at like 2 in the morning. The professors are all passionate and willing to give the most in every class. The work load is not small but manageable. They are setting us up for success!
Alumni network is very very strong and many internship or job opportunities are shared easily throughout campus. Also this school has a huge reputation so i feel confident about getting a job following my graduation.
Professors are so passionate and intelligent that I have a lot of respect for them. The courses are not very varied but all of them are rigorous and inspiring. The class sizes are perfect for students to actively engage in, which is a big part of learning in my opinion.
I feel very safe on campus. There's always a variety of staff who care about the students' well being in all kinds of ways. I feel very supportive by many services provided by the school.
The resident community is very supportive and strong. Some dorms are very old, so many of them are not so clean to live in. I wish there were more housing products given in the dorms like paper towels and more often cleaning for the bathrooms.
We do not have Greek life, but we have many different societies and sisterhood that are big on campus.
The school is a Division III school, so sports aren't too competitive. However, the sports facilities are new and nice for both athletes and non-athletes. The school also wants you to find a balance between academics and self-care to make sure students get enough exercise.
This school is very supportive of its students. It's heavily student-oriented and wants the best for its students. Small classes work better because professors can get to know students better and these relationships lead to healthy class environment.
While world-class faculty can be found at any top institution, the expectations of the professors and the self-imposed high standard of achievement among students makes Wellesley intensely and exceptionally challenging. Thus, it's easy think of Wellesley as Hell(esley), but there is a reason why students affectionately refer to their home as Swellesley. Students take pride in how difficult their school is: they don't want an easy degree sending them into a demanding world. Often alumnae credit the academic challenges they faced at Wellesley as fundamental preparation for the challenges they faced in their often accomplished careers. Wellesley's motto is sed ministrare non ministrari, not to be ministered unto but to minister to. Wellesley is not where girls become women, but where women become leaders. Certainly, there is no room for slackers at the top college, but there is also no limit on the achievement of the ambitious, intelligent, and lauded women who continue to attend.
The classes are extremely engaging and there are a wide variety of classes to choose from. The professors know what they are doing and seem to want to help every student. Class sizes are small, so all students have equal opportunities.
The Center for Work and Service is a great resource for students and allows students to have personalized premed advisers. The alumni network is extremely strong and their are many opportunities for research on campus.
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I feel extremely safe on campus. All of the paths are very well lit and crime is not common.
Housing is extremely pricey and the meal plan is necessary for all students. The rooms are a little small and some of the buildings are starting to show their age.
There are many opportunities for students to participate in sports on campus. The equipment and facilities are well kept.
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