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I met some amazing friends and really had a nice incubator to become more fully myself. I understand that this is not what everyone needs to get out of college, but I really needed that.
Not applicable--none were available on line when I graduated in 2017, so I'm rating it as "average" since I have no opinion.
It took me several years to heal from my experience at Wellesley. Looking back, the campus culture was extremely toxic. It wasn't just the "Wendy Wellesley," overachieving mentality. But rather, it was the woman-on-woman cruelty that made college life harder than it needed to be. Bullying was often politically motivated, although I can name plenty of campus-wide incidents that didn't fall into that category. Bullying wasn't a small-scale event, either. I saw women humiliated by hundreds of their peers, who either actively proliferated rumors about them or remained silent as it happened. Don't expect the faculty to help you, either. Wellesley College is a perfect example of call-out culture gone too far.
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I didn't take classes online. Please see earlier review for details about my experience as an in-person Wellesley student.
Professors tried hard to make the situation more adaptable, but online learning will never do in class learning justice. But the transition was very accommodating to many situations.
I love the campus environment and the people. Faculty are perhaps one of the most understanding and passionate college professors out there.
A leader in women's education and one of the seven sisters, Wellesley is a brilliant brilliant school, albeit a little depressing.
Great Great Great academics! Students are smarter and yet more humble and motivated than at nearby Harvard.
As a current first-year at Wellesley, I absolutely love the environment as a whole. The people (the support from some professors and all my peers) and the campus/lake (a beautiful natural setting to help me decompress) were the highlights of my first-year experience.
At Wellesley College, I have made ineffably important relationships with peers and professors. I have had many laughs, attended many events, and gotten to enjoy the beautiful campus. However, I have also had a lot of trying experiences.
Wellesley College, although sporting great academics, is a terrible environment for sensitive, collaborative students. Wellesley students rarely work together and are extremely competitive, partly due to the (recently repealed) grade deflation policy. Beautiful campus, great teachers for the most part, but terrible classmates. Stay away if you want a school where you'll feel supported and motivated by your peers.
The educational opportunities and academic environment at Wellesly are superb. The student body is diverse and supportive. there are ample research opportunities
I love the academic rigor of Wellesley, the professors who genuinely care about your well-being and schedule, and the traditions and history that come with being a Wellesley student!
Wellesley college is a very old college, an amazing college. The college seems like a wonderland with old building and trees and we just fall in love with the campus. It is such a diverse college, we get to meet people from all walks of life, smaller class sizes and we get good one on one attention. You feel safe as a woman there. The alumnae network is incredibly helpful and deeply loyal to the school.
I have had the best two years of my life at Wellesley College and I'm excited about what comes in the remaining two as well. It has a great environment that is both encouraging and supportive in every aspect. The size of the school is perfect. I really like the small classrooms and the ability to get to know my professors and classmates well. It also allows for detailed and fruitful discussions during the lectures and seminars. I have been in a class of eight people in my first year! Apart from academic excellence, Wellesley also offers a wide range of clubs and sports where a student can easily find a group of friends like family. I also really like the lush green beautiful campus and Lake Waban.
Loved most of the people I met there--everyone is very smart in their own way and while that definitely fosters some imposter syndrome, the level of conversation can be as intellectually stimulating as it can be delightfully absurd. However, there seem to be issues re: funding for fixing up dorms, among various social issues voiced by students. I can speak best to the dorms, though. Nothing is *broken*, but the general feeling was making the dorms shiny and new was not a first priority for administration. This is understandable, but it can be dispiriting when ceiling tiles disintegrate in the shower areas, or people get stuck in one certain elevator on a regular basis.
Great school, great teachers, great peers, but not for everyone.
I think that as a first year I have a lot of resources available to me, but sometimes they just aren't the ones I really need. Shadow grading was a huge aspect in my decision to apply and it truly helped my confidence in the college transition. You will be challenged, but it will be in a good way.
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While I was ambivalent about the social life on campus, I cannot be happier about the education I received from distinguished professors incredibly passionate about their field, and the countless opportunities I was given throughout my four years at Wellesley. Wellesley allowed me to explore my interests, supported my research and study abroad pursuits, and I continue to have strong ties to my professors 2 years after graduation. I would recommend Wellesley College to any student who is serious about academics and would like to join the ranks of driven, passionate alumna in the Wellesley network who want to make a positive difference in the world.
Wellesley has remained my dream school for as long as I can remember. Visiting only confirmed this dream of mine, as I experienced all aspects of the college experience being amongst women who are equally empowered and determined as I am.
The location is pretty nice since it's somewhat near Boston. People are super friendly and absolutely driven. It's a small school so you will definitely get enough opportunities and all the professors are focused on you and know you as an individual.
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