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This place is an unprofessional mess. They will do anything to make a quick buck off a student even if it makes their institution look bad. I've taken classes from several colleges, and this is the far worse of them all.
It is a very small and intimate college. I feel safe here, however some of the advisors and teachers can be a little clueless sometimes. No one seems to be on the same page. The classes are good and the teachers will work with you if you need it.
Welch faculty offers top scholars in several academic fields, and a Word-oriented approach to life and ministry.
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Welch college offers a unique experience with a lot of one-on-one attention from staff, faculty, and professors. My advice when considering this college is to know how grounded in grace you are because legalism is an issue at this institution. I gained so many good things from my time at Welch and my faith grew and solidified but it was a trial in patience as well. Be humble and extend a LOT of grace.
I like the small school atmosphere. This gives you an easier chance to have one-on-one with the teacher no problem. The teachers make sure that they can help you in any way necessary. The only thing I can truly say needs improvement is the food. They need to find a different way to enforce better/healthier food. Since the food is not desirable at all students are losing out on the food portion of the tuition and spending more because they eat out.
It's terrible. There's no room for anything.
It's called societies at our college and mines great.
The gym has no air condition or heat. The excercise equipment is falling apart.
It's good if you have friends that help you through it
My school is amazing! I feel so welcome and loved there.
there is always a variety of choices and most are very good to eat.
this is a safe place. night watchman are available if needed.
people from all over the country come here to study
I really like it around here alot better than i do at home, Great people and Great smiles everywhere u go
The financial aid workers here at welch are amazing they really go out there way to make sure you have everything in order and they are really understanding when u have an issue with something good or bad
I have never really felt like i was going to be in danger. I can honestly say i can jog a mile and an half at 10 o clock at night and know that nothing is going to happen to me. They even send an email out telling us how the crime rate in our area is.
There is a good amount of diversity on campus, and everyone seems to get along just fine. There are different races, beliefs, and backgrounds, but we are brothers and sisters in Christ and that's what makes our bond so special. Of course, we have arguments, but isn't any segregation.
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I chose Welch College because I can get an awesome Christian education while also getting my degree in Biology, which I will use in Physical therapy. Most of my professors so far have been really great and helpful. The curriculum is very similar to other big colleges, and they help you get what you need to have an adequate degree in what you are studying.
I have been very satisfied with Welch's Academics. It is very surprising because it is a small, private, Christian college, but I feel like I am learning things that I will actually be able to use in the real world. The workload is tough sometimes, but it's not too bad either.
Financial aid is very slow and confusing here. It takes a while for everything to go through your account, and it seems like there is a lot of communication problems. But, you do get the financial aid that you need, usually.
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