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Since starting the graduate program at Webster, it has been smooth. There has been no major issues or set backs. The advisers and mentors are truly helpful. And their response to your emails are in great time.
Professors vary depending on the class. So far, I have encountered professors who wants you to understand the material and pass the class. We all know "life happens". They are conscience of this and ensure many pathways for their students to turn in their work.
I would only which to have in-class lectures as well at a campus site near my location. Other than this detail, Webster University is a great school.
Great University - especially for an international experience. The professors are diverse and very helpful. Student life could be better- but if you are there for academics, you will love it!
I am currently an online student and I love that I can go to school on my own time. Have a full time job and a family I just didn't see where I would have time to go to school and still spend time with my kids. At Webster I don't have to worry about that because I can do my classwork with my feet up on the couch.
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Webster University is a very caring diverse school with great academics, and caring individuals. Going to school here has made me grow into a strong selfless leader, and become a well rounded global citizen.
A lot of things could be better. Professors that have very little teaching experience are the toughest classes that you can take. Very little sympathy for those going through mental health issues. Food is good but too much grease. Atmosphere is good if you want a small town small school kind of vibe. Students and peers are very stuck up on some levels but stuck up in high school in a way.
I haven't started attending Webster yet, but I'm already in love with it. The atmosphere of the college is one like no other. It's a smaller school so teachers will be one on one with students. They have a great study abroad program as well.
I will be moving into Webster University in a few weeks. I have spent a lot of time at campus getting everything set up for when I start school. Everyone I have called or emailed has responded immediately and been very friendly and helpful. Everyone on campus has gone out of their way to not just help with the questions I had but with questions they saw coming up for me.
The primary reason I chose Webster was because of the classes they offered and the convenience of it's location. However, as soon as I stepped in on my first day I was greeted with the nicest most helpful administration staff. The classes I took were small so I was able to get personal instruction and bonded with class mates. I networked with many of them and was around a lot of military folks. The instructors were very good, personable and seemed accessible. They all had their own individual style. I enjoyed just about each course I took and frankly am not that eager to graduate in December because I'll miss attending Webster!
Don't expect classes to be easy here. Professors know how to challenge you. The food was terrible but they're revamping everything for next year, so we'll see. The Conservatory is pretty cliche-y.
So far Webster university has been a wonderful and inviting place . I'd recommend Webster to anyone everyone there is extremely helpful and welcoming I couldn't be happier with my college choice
Webster is an amazing college. I have made many connections and friends here at the university. I would recommend webster to any student that is thinking about transferring here.
I lived on campus all four years at Webster. I had a job on campus and was very involved in campus life and different student organizations. That being said, I can confidently say that Webster's has a diverse, intelligent, passionate and welcoming community. My issues with Webster arose with the administration and organization as a whole. Although it's probably true for many institutions, I felt that the administration didn't really care for the students. I felt that most of Webster's care was toward prospective students and alumni. Teachers and professional staff did not give me this impression, but the president/provost/ top positions did.
It's a small and cozy campus. The Conservatory of the Theater Arts is a very strong program that produces talented artists who are ready for the professional world.
The New Student Orientation from the Department of First Year Experience is a great program and greatly helps students to become acclimated to being in college. The advising process needs greatly revamped! While I am on trac with my degree, I do struggle getting accurate help and information on the next step in my plan of study.
All the instructors work hard to help the students progress and generally care about students. The school is diverse and accepting of all races, religions and cultures.
Webster University is an excellent school to begin and continue study. The professors and administrators do a wonderful job of welcoming you to your new life as a college student and helping you adjust to being on your own while juggling academic life. The school provides not only a very strong academic program, but a firm knowledge of expanding global citizenship. The school really works to make you not only better at your area of study, but a better person in general.
The school is great. It is located in a quiet, safe, residential area. It has some international students, but not too many. It has a fine clean fitness center, tennis court, pool, and gym, but no football field or athletic ground. Dormitory buildings are fine, but food options are not so excellent.
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This school has been a fantastic experience. It motivates and pushes you to think outside the box, for reasonable prices.
Webster's college life is exactly the experience I was hoping for. They have small class sizes, approachable and knowledgeable faculty, most of which are still working in their industry so we received current and up to date information from them. Their study abroad options are some of the best I've ever seen. They have Webster campuses around the world, which guarantees that your tuition never changes and all of your financial aid and credits transfer. There are over 100 different nationalities on campus and everyone is very open and accepting of each other. It's the perfect atmosphere and I am so glad I decided to attend this institution.
My fellow students are welcoming and friendly, creating a safe and exciting community, and my professors are truly passionate about their courses and students. They want to see their students succeed. The only downside I've found is the cost of tuition, which seems absurdly high. Yet I wouldn't trade it for another school.
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