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All the instructors work hard to help the students progress and generally care about students. The school is diverse and accepting of all races, religions and cultures.
Webster University is an excellent school to begin and continue study. The professors and administrators do a wonderful job of welcoming you to your new life as a college student and helping you adjust to being on your own while juggling academic life. The school provides not only a very strong academic program, but a firm knowledge of expanding global citizenship. The school really works to make you not only better at your area of study, but a better person in general.
The school is great. It is located in a quiet, safe, residential area. It has some international students, but not too many. It has a fine clean fitness center, tennis court, pool, and gym, but no football field or athletic ground. Dormitory buildings are fine, but food options are not so excellent.
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This school has been a fantastic experience. It motivates and pushes you to think outside the box, for reasonable prices.
Webster's college life is exactly the experience I was hoping for. They have small class sizes, approachable and knowledgeable faculty, most of which are still working in their industry so we received current and up to date information from them. Their study abroad options are some of the best I've ever seen. They have Webster campuses around the world, which guarantees that your tuition never changes and all of your financial aid and credits transfer. There are over 100 different nationalities on campus and everyone is very open and accepting of each other. It's the perfect atmosphere and I am so glad I decided to attend this institution.
My fellow students are welcoming and friendly, creating a safe and exciting community, and my professors are truly passionate about their courses and students. They want to see their students succeed. The only downside I've found is the cost of tuition, which seems absurdly high. Yet I wouldn't trade it for another school.
I attend Webster University at the Space Coast - Merritt Island, Florida campus. I enjoy the intimacy of the small campus and small class size. The advisers are committed to providing the information that the student needs to optimally satisfy all the requirements of their particular degree. This campus can improve on providing more classes on this campus and not ferrying students to the Melbourne campus.
Webster University may be a small school but it is filled with big-hearted people. I love the small class sizes and intimacy the school provides. You will never walk down the halls and not see a familiar face. My biggest complaint? Webster needs to slow down on the opportunities or else I'll never graduate on time.
Great for a liberal Arts and Business. Great overseas campus and beautiful tiny main campus. Tuition isn't too expensive for a private school and most of the faculty are great. Getting around to the local spots such as the mall can be challenging without transportation.
Webster University is a great college. Great achievements. It is focused on academics and has a very diverse population. Webster has strived on making each individual student succeed and to make sure that it is possible that when they graduate they will enter the work force well prepared and ready to start their careers.
I really loved Webster University. When I visited there, the staff was so kind and welcoming. The college had everything I was looking for. The dorms are very nice and clean. All grade levels can bring a car to campus. The school size is not too big but not too small. It's perfect for those who want that "home away from home" feeling.
Webster is primarily a small school in terms of the amount of people who attend and if that's something you enjoy then you will love being here. Everybody is really nice and respectful and many of the professors are very knowledgeable and the do care about you. They also love for you to be engaged in class more.
Flexible schedule for installation workforce. Helpful administrators.
I don't live on campus bud it looks nice
I have had great experience at Webster and I'm considering them for future degrees.
My professors care about their students inside and outside of the classroom.
Most students don't take advantage of the opportunities set forth by career services but they have plenty of help to offer.
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There have been issues but, I have definitely seen a clear movement by campus administration to help prevent anymore issues.
I have no complaints about housing. A great roommate, makes for a great experience!
Greek life may be small but has built a great relationship with the rest of the student body and the community.
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