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I had a good experience with this school. I attended a satellite location and did not have to go to campus very often, but it is a nice campus in a better part of the St. Louis area.
It seems there is a lot of "office politics" between the Professors. After you go in debt to get your degree, either they are so busy trying to oust the Director, or they are so busy gossiping that they aren't there to help the student. One teacher NEVER gets things/approvals done on time, so you're lucky if you can get into class at all. This same Professor unwilling to work with entities outside of the local city, so if you don't live in the city, you're out of luck.
Well I love Webster U. and the campus life it is a whole lot of opportunities here. Also the professor are very involved with helping you learn.
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Webster university isn't a small college, but it's also definitely not a big one. The people are friendly and it is an extremely accepting environment. While the campus itself is small the rest of St. Louis is at your fingertips.
Webster is a really good school if you're looking for a business, art, or performing arts degree. The students are always nice and the campus is very walkable. Unfortunately, it has some problems with accessibility for those in wheelchairs. The class sizes are small, so it's a great place to meet people and form lasting connections.
The Professors get to know you on a need-basis, so they'll notice if you're struggling, and most of them will reach out. A lot of them are willing to cut you slack if you're going through a rough time. The online portal is hard to navigate at first, but not bad. Res life is my favorite part about Webster.
I just attended Webster very good location and academics I would recommend Webster University especially someone who is looking to studying Biology. Webster University is situated in a great neighborhood and quiet area.
Easy to apply and register without taking dreadful tests. admissions was slow, classes are enjoyable
Webster University is a great school. Webster is diverse and offers many clubs. The Conservatory of Theatre Arts is absolutely amazing and gives the students great opportunities. I am very thankful to attend Webster but I am having a very hard time being able to afford the tuition.
Webster has given me so many opportunities to meet and talk to people within my interested professions, develop skills needed for my intended career, provided courses within my interests, and so much more. It has also provided me with the chance to participate in events to help expand my resume and portfolio for future employers to see all that I've done.
Webster was a school that I visited and it was very delightful. It became one of my top schools in Missouri and Most of my teachers go there and recommended that i go. So far it is really good and I hope to further my studies in Webster.
I love the staff in the professionalism of the campus in the adviser's a very helpful in they understand the needs and commitment of parents especially single parents who do work a full time job so that commendations happen support and the learning environment also
Very good experience thus far. I am taking classes at a satellite campus. Military friendly. Will work around your schedule if you take online classes. The classrooms at Ft. Sill are very nice everyone has their own computer.
The campus was very beautiful. This is where I will be hopefully going to college at Webster University in 2019/2020. I hope to study music and I have heard that their music program is excellent!
There are numerous opportunities for internships and plenty of resources. The professor to student ratio is about 1:18 it just depends on the class. Webster improved their cafeteria this past year and added a science building which is amazing. There is a club or group for everybody to join and be apart of. There are also a lot of campus activities and chances to take advantage of Webster's benefits.
The professors and staff at Webster University are great! In my experience, all of my professors were very friendly and approachable. The advisers truly have your best interest at heart. However, my student life experience was not the best. The campus is very small. There is hardly any Greek life. Clubs and organizations were limited. I think I was hoping for a more traditional college experience, but Webster could be a great fit for you.
Excellent professors, small class sizes, and an inclusive environment. Webster truly has professors who are experts in their field. the campus is located in a safe town, but only 20 minutes from down town St. Louis and about ten minutes away from The Delmar Loop. The campus is dead on weekends though, absolutely nothing going on. The food service could stand to be improved as well; they need to have better hours of operation. All in all good academics, average campus life.
It's a fantastic school with so many resources and a great atmosphere. I love it here. Everyone has been kind and helpful. As a transfer student I was wary of returning to complete my degree but Webster has offered me nothing less than a positive experience so far.
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I love my classes and professors in the department I am in, but there are a few issues with Webster's diversity mission statement. Webster claims diversity as one of their main values, but the diversity is actually sorely lacking when it comes to cultural opportunities, disability accessibility, linguistic training and understanding in staff and faculty, responses to political actions in the country and city, and whitewashing or westernization in course loads in many instances. I love my experience here, but they could improve in their value set.
Outstanding experience taking courses at Webster University. The degree program covered areas such as Management, Human Resources Management, Strategic Management, Organizational Development, Managerial Leadership, Organizational Behavior, Finance and a Capstone course in addition to four electives of my choice. I found good networking opportunities with my peers through sharing real-world experiences and best practices as class discussions were focused on applied management and leadership situations. It's a graduate degree and I logged in plenty of time creating presentations, analyzing case studies, writing essays, doing primary and secondary research, and even using spreadsheets in the Finance class to analyze which companies had optimal capital structures and were better investments.
After attending community college for 2 years, I found Webster to be the perfect four year college for me. It is a small campus, and the teachers are extremely helpful.
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