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Weber State has been great! It's a very affordable way to get an undergraduate degree. My professors have been fantastic as well. One word of caution - the general education math courses are awful. But if you can get past that, everything else is great!
My experience at Weber state is OK. They have excellent programs. The students keep to themselves. You have to be apart of a club or sports to make friends at weber. The campus is beautiful. Parking absolutely sucks so get there early.
Weber State is a smaller university in the state. They have great programs with national attention. I love WSU.
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WSU is in Ogden, a picturesque city at the base of the Utah mountains. There is easy access to outdoor recreation including hiking, Skiing and boating all within 15 minutes.

The class sizes are smaller than your standard University. Some people feel like this results in the school having a high school like feel to it. However, I enjoyed the class size and I had a better experience since The faculty was more accessible.

Weber Basketball is a blast, the school has a phenomenal nursing program, and the business school is entrepreneurial. I loved my time at Weber State and recommend it to anyone looking for a high value education.
Weber state is an amazing and ethnically diverse campus with excellent professors. The food on campus brings a smile to everyone's face and the campus is absolutely beautiful.
I attended Weber state, before I did a service mission for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints. It was a good school, besides for the aspect of a social aspect was very empty making it hard to be there, because you would go to school and then come back home without making ton of friends. Besides that the school was great and beneficial in a lot of ways.
I love Weber State very much. I am able to live at home with my parents and go to an affordable school that's just 20 minutes or so away. I would only wish there was more to get involved in and activities to participate in.
Teachers that are dedicated to taking their dedicated hard working students to the finish line. The teachers are knowledgeable.
Weber State University might get a bad rap that is isn't the best school in the state of Utah, but I think it is a wonderful school. I have had such a good experience here. The professors really care about you and they know your name. This school also provides the necessary requirements and resources to do well. I love this school!
I have had a mostly positive experience with Weber State. The amenities available to students are awesome: stress relief center, gym, bowling alley, tutoring services, and much more. The majority of the professors are amazing and genuinely care about their students. One problem that I have ran into however, is that many of the student services people suck at answering their emails/phones. This makes it really hard to get information and can be really upsetting.
Perhaps one of my favorite things about Weber State is the Professors I have had the honor to be taught by. Most, if not all, of the ones I have had, are so passionate about what they are teaching that you cannot help but be sucked into the subjects!
Due to the fact that I am barely within my Sophmore year of College, and as such have not explored all the ins and outs of the campus, I do not truly have much to say towards what should change! Perhaps an increased amount of "no smoking" areas that explicitly say "no vaping" as well?
It is a great school. Lots of classes that work around busy schedules. I love the atmosphere and how close it is to home.
Weber State is a great school to get your general education. However, they also have fairly good Associate and Bachelor Degree programs. It just depends on what you're studying.
I am having the most amazing experiences at Weber State. I love learning and everyone around me has the drive to success. Coming to Weber was the best decision I ever made.
The classes are smaller so you can always ask any questions and all the students are super helpful when asking directions
I love this university! It is small yet has so much to offer. I love the teachers here. They are dedicated and most are on the students side. You can tell they love to teach and are happy to be there. Really great experience here.
Weber State is a local school and is able to provide many additional college credits to high school students. I love attending Weber State University for football games, athletic events and other events. Weber State University is a great and affordable way to achieve a four year education. I am able to earn my Associates Degree in General Education because of Weber State University. The campus in Ogden, Utah is beautiful year round. New accommodations have been added in the previous years to make the facilities even better. Weber State University is a tradition for my family for generations of graduates. I would recommend Weber State University if you wanted to go into General Education, Teaching, or Nursing.
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the campus atmosphere is amazing and well accommodating to the students. Each department has their own great aspects that allow students to be flexible. Their prices for tuition along with other aspects are very accommodating and well planned out. It has everything that you could need to be successful in life.
I absolutely loved taking classes at weber. The professors in the philosophy classes are very good and really know what they are talking about. The campus is very small and easy to get around as well as the fitness center is very nice. I liked staying in the dorms and the close proximity to places to eat and the grocery store.
It’s an overall easy school, it almost seems like an advanced high school. The student to teacher ratio is relatively low and it’s easy to get ahold of your teachers. Some of the requirements for certain classes are very particular and specific which is a blessing and a curse. The area around is pretty cool, it works well as a college town which is what I appreciate about it. It’s easy to commute to is you’re not living on campus and it’s not too expensive! The academics are worth it and they have many courses to choose from. The campus is easy to find your way around and the atmosphere is easy going so if you are lost it’s easy to ask for help.
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