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I love the teachers! They are so kind and understanding. Some tests are harshly graded though. That is what Im having a hard time with.
Overall Weber has been a great place to be. They've made a lot of improvements and updates to old buildings on campus and they invest a lot into the Ogden community. Through the efforts at Weber there is a connection between Ogden residents and Weber students. The only reason there aren't 5 stars is because their math program is terrible.
Weber State is an opportunity school. I loved the feeling that it presents. It has 26,000 students yet it feels like you are the only one in the classroom. Would recommend this wonderful university to anyone.
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This school offers the highest quality education for a reasonable cost. This school really cares for their students, and wants to see all students reach their highest potential. I am so happy that I chose to attend this school, and I can't wait to see where my education through Weber State will take me. Go Wildcats!
I am getting ready to go to Weber State University, and they have been really helpful. I receive information above and beyond what I need in order to be successful and have full knowledge of what I need to do, whether it be housing, scholarships, financial aid, etc.
Starting soon but excited going for dental hygienist. Looking forward to being there. Seem like a great program and great people.
Weber state is great!! The campus is right by the mountains so there’s things to do all year long plus it looks beautiful. The professors are there to help you succeed and they’re usually available to talk to. As long as you work hard, Weber State can help you achieve your dreams.
I love the small class sizes and so far I have loved the teachers. They really do enjoy what they teach and you can feel it as they do so. The facilities are pretty modern and have lots of amenities. There are a lot of benefits associated with being enrolled. I especially love the outdoor program. There are really cheap and sometimes free weekend trip you can go on.
I love Weber State University. There is a great atmosphere for learning within each and every one of the departments. Class sizes are small which provides for better professor to student interaction. The teachers are great here because they really care about you and your success. Weber State University is one of the best universities in the nation.
I have really enjoyed my experience at Weber. The school has such a variety of classes and programs and the diversity is great. It is a great place to start your college experience :) Professors there are fantastic and very helpful as well!
Weber State is a University that has not only numerous programs offered to help a person graduate, ready for their desired career, but also a great community atmosphere that makes attending the school very enjoyable. In my time here, I have yet to experience a professor that wasn't fair. Each one I have had the pleasure of attending their lectures has been very informative and in most cases offered very interesting and enlightening classes. Not everything is perfect about the school, there is always going to be something to nitpick about, but overall Weber State University is a great option for anyone looking to further their education.
I really like the testing centers they have lockers for your things and you are able to go to the same testing center every time for conformity. This university is redoing a lot of their older buildings which is nice because the new buildings have tons of space to study alone or in groups. The university's advisors that I saw were less than great and I was very disappointed and frustrated. Their math department needs better professors. Overall with this university, you get what you pay for its much better than a community college but could use some help in terms of four-year colleges.
Weber State is very welcoming to all who are interested in applying. The are also very aware that the students cannot do it all by themselves, they need a little assistance every now and again. Weber State recognizes that students have jobs, or are in need of job opportunities, and are willing to work with the students no matter the circumstance.
My experience at Weber State University was thrilling! I met a variety of different people from all over the country and have became really good friends with. I love the campus and my professors and recommend everyone to go to Weber state.
I have loved my experience with teachers at Weber State. Their focus is really on helping students succeed and I’ve always had an easy time receiving more assistance from them when needed.
Weber State University is a great school to get a college degree for a good price. There is a wide range of possible degrees you can get. It's definitely a commuting university so I don't feel that the college life is as good as other schools where more students live on campus. I'm happy with my decision to attend Weber State University and I think if you want to get a good college degree for a low price, you should come to Weber. You won't have the same college experience compared to other schools per se but you will have a lot of opportunities to join clubs, become close with your professors, or even study abroad through Weber's great study abroad program.
I have had the opportunity to take classes that have changed my life, and broadened my perspective. I have been challenged in my education and because of that challenge it has pushed me to grow! The tuition is lower than most colleges and universities around.
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All around good experience. Most of the teachers are easy to work with and there's plenty of extra programs to help you out. They're currently working on updating their campus in multiple ways. Buildings mostly. The biggest complaint I have is that parking is awful. Terrible.
My friends and I really like the atmosphere at Weber State. It’s clean, up-to-date, and has a wide variety of activities to participate in. My only concern is that you have to be actively enrolled in classes in order to use the gym facilities, rather than just being a registered student at the university...otherwise you have to pay the fee(s) associated with whatever athletic activity you are trying to do.
The MHA grad program is extremely diverse and dynamic. They quirk extremely hard to improve and deliver high quality programs with the initiation of some of the reasons top members of the healthcare field. Each professor has been a member of the healthcare system, and has many connections to organizations surrounding the area that they use to deliver highly effective learning environments.
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