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I take classes online and I like how the professors explain everything clearly and it’s easy to follow along.
During my first year of college I had a lot of things going on in my life so this rating could have been improved if I was in the right mindset. I am hoping to improve my experience at this school this year through more participation and being more active in studying activities as well as the learning activities provided by this school. My rating is kind of based on my rating of college overall, not weber state personally.
Overall, my entire experience with Weber State University has been exceptional. This university is allowing me to pursue my educational ambitions, with involved instructors that exhibit an emphasis on individual learning and an understanding of the concepts introduced. Weber State truly is great!
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I rate this school neutral because I haven’t attended there yet, but I am in the fall. What I can say is my heart has been feeling so much to a point where at Weber I’ll feel most happy and satisfied. It’s not the best, but it’s not the worst in my opinion every college is the same, just the names of it is different. Weber State I feel will be great for me and for others and is recommended for all.
Weber State is a pretty good school. It's mainly a commuter campus, so if you're looking for the "real college experience" this probably isn't the school for you. I never talked to people outside what was required for class. Everyone is there to get their degree and move on. Classes are average sized. The student services and Financial Aid offices could be a little more helpful. Trying to get information from them was like pulling teeth. NO ONE IN THE FINANCIAL AID OFFICE KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT. And they never return your calls. But other than that it's a good school for hardworking students just looking to get their degree and not party too much.
I've had a great experience at Weber State University. It is a little hard at times to find ways to socialize, but thank goodness for the LDSSA club that I am apart of. I love the small class sized and for the most part, my professors have been really responsive, engaging, and caring.
I have loved my experience at Weber State! The campus is absolutely beautiful and the surrounding community is filled with great school spirit and endless adventures. They have great academics with wonderful professors and engaged lectures. They encourage every student to perform to the best of their abilities and show that it is possible to graduate and that everyone can gain success. Their tuition is reasonably priced and they provide ample financial aid opportunities. I have really enjoyed my experience at Weber so far!
Weber has been a great school so far! The advisers are very kind and helpful. But the financial office is not good at explaining anything or how to go about payments or scholarships. The information navigator teacher is also very hard to deal with, she was not helpful. I felt like I had no teacher at all.
Weber State is a great university to attend with many degree options to pursue a career in. I have enjoyed my time at Weber State and look forward to finishing out my schooling here. I would encourage all who are unsure if they want to attend this university, to do so.
I am an early college student, so my experience will be different from other people attend Weber State. The teachers are very good, and the school does offer a lot of opportunities throughout each school year. I've enjoyed being a part of this school.
Great education, small classes, good spirit. Not a lot of people know about this school. The people that stay there and get their degree are fiercely loyal though. It is not very expensive and the return investment is just as good as anywhere else. It is a complete university with a new science lab that unfortunately I was not able to enjoy.
Weber State University is a great school. There are lots of degrees offered. It is mostly a commuter school. Online classes are great!
It is a great school, I don't have any complaints. You get out what you put in and Weber is a great school to start.
I love the class sizes. They aren't to big so if you have questions you can connect with the professor ten times easier, campus is very beautiful.
I wish the housing was better and there was a little more options.
I’ve taken a few online classes through Weber State and I’ve liked them all. The teachers were all very kind and easy going and willing to work with their studants.
My experience at Weber State was pretty decent overall. I was able to learn a lot at this school and I met some pretty cool people. The atmosphere and people were decently nice. The only problem I had was with the advisors. They were not very good at helping me and could not answer my questions. It would be nice if they could get some advisors who could really help with the important questions.
Weber is a great school, especially for “non traditional” students. A majority of the student body are individuals with families who are returning to finish their degrees, so the student life and social scene is a little different than your average university. But it’s very affordable, and they have great programs and professors.
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Weber State is a great school for the college student living at home. It is relatively cheap and a degree from a college is worth a lot. However, the student involvement, growth opportunities, and quality of education are very poor.
My time at Weber State has been enjoyable. I really enjoy the professors and acedemics in my specific major. I feel that they genuinely care about you as a person and want you to succeed. It is an older school and there has recently been a lot of construction and development to modernize the campus and create the most comfortable environment. I would like to see Weber State’s social atmosphere and student life improve. It is a school that most people attend because it’s local so there is not very much involvement.
Weber has great staff for teaching the classes, and a lot of the teachers are very willing to help you succeed if you talk to them. The engineering department especially is very inclusive, and professors who I had never taken a class with were very welcoming and quickly became acquaintances interested in my academic success. Hagen was my favorite professor there, and has the air of that strict grandfather that will always help out. Even if he seems like a grumpy old man initially, he has a warm personality.
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