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Weber State is a great school for the college student living at home. It is relatively cheap and a degree from a college is worth a lot. However, the student involvement, growth opportunities, and quality of education are very poor.
My time at Weber State has been enjoyable. I really enjoy the professors and acedemics in my specific major. I feel that they genuinely care about you as a person and want you to succeed. It is an older school and there has recently been a lot of construction and development to modernize the campus and create the most comfortable environment. I would like to see Weber State’s social atmosphere and student life improve. It is a school that most people attend because it’s local so there is not very much involvement.
Weber has great staff for teaching the classes, and a lot of the teachers are very willing to help you succeed if you talk to them. The engineering department especially is very inclusive, and professors who I had never taken a class with were very welcoming and quickly became acquaintances interested in my academic success. Hagen was my favorite professor there, and has the air of that strict grandfather that will always help out. Even if he seems like a grumpy old man initially, he has a warm personality.
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AS a high school student, I really enjoyed weber state because they included me in their events even though I wasn't actually a full time college student yet.
It is a great campus! Great resources and opportunities are available for everyone regardless of major and background.
I'm a freshman at WSU, the school has a great academic structure, they have a lot of diversity on campus as well as the campus is beautiful. Very spacious they have maps on campus to help you get to class. Everyone is very helpful when your lost or just needing help finding.
Weber is a definitely more of a commuter college, with a majority of the student body being "nontraditional" students. The social life, therefore, is a lot different than the other universities I previously attended. It is a very affordable school, and the professors are excellent.
Weber is a nice university and it is cheap compared to other universities out there. The business program is super good at Weber and its been super fun. The thing I would change at Weber is the fee they add for each credit you take from the business program.
I am a Student Ambassador for Weber State University, which means I go to high schools to recruit for my school as well as I give plenty of College Tours. I LOVE my school. With a 21:1 student-to-teacher ratio I feel like teachers actually CARE about ME. We are located 25 minutes away from 3 ski resorts. Weber State University is located in Ogden, Utah which includes over 200+ miles of hiking and biking, with a hiking trail beginning right off of our Stewart Stadium football field. If being outdoors is your thing, we are one of the only schools in Utah to offer a Outdoor Recreation Community Education degree to get involved in the multi-billion dollar industry of the outdoors. There is never a dull moment. There are kind people, lots of diversity, plenty of activities and dances, an amazing business, nursing, engineering, and teaching programs Weber State University is indeed a hidden jewel located in Ogden, Utah. I love my school and my experience here.
I really liked the calm atmosphere about the college. During finals week they would bring in therapy dogs which really helped with student's anxiety. The layout of the building was very simple so I rarely got lost. The professors are professional and teach the material well. The testing center is also great, and they work to make your testing experience easy.
I love Weber State University! It is the right place for me. The class sizes are small the professors are all very personal. I have had so many opportunities to be involved and it has made my college experience a great one!
I honestly love Weber State, they’ve been pretty good to me. The campus is nice and clean, teachers are generally friendly and well spoken, especially when in the medicinal field. Weber is considered to be a commute school, meaning that people come for school and leave, so school parties are almost nonexistent. Diversity is celebrated, and I have yet to see any direct issues on campus, but it doesn’t seem to be a big push for funding for our diversity programs. General advisors are not great, I would recommend meeting with an advisor familiar with your major. Overall, pretty good experience
I really like how the campus is so localized and not so large, because it creates a more friendly atmosphere and personalized experience for each student. There is more room to connect and reach out to the professor, as opposed to a bigger university where the professors don't know your name or care if you show up to class. I like that being more connected with your professor gives you motivation and confidence to do your best.
I love Weber State University. It is a wonderful place. It's not too big, and not too small. I started out in the musical theatre department where the experience wasn't the greatest. I was told by professors I needed to quit my job in order to be successful in the department. I was also not allowed to audition for shows outside of the school unless I had special permission. I felt trapped in that department. I felt like they owned my soul, and I didn't like it. This was my first impression of Weber State. I decided to look at other possibilities and I've started in Exercise and Sport Science. I love learning about what I love and since changing my major, Weber State has become an even better place for me. I would recommend it to anyone.
Weber State is a great school for academics. They are very easy to work with and help you to reach your potential. However the social life on campus is just mediocre.
Weber State is an amazing School! You are available to have 1-1 time with your professors, class sizes are reasonably small, and it tuition is reasonable! I love the experience I have been given, and the individual help that is available from your professors
Good education, but it a commuter school. not a lot of activities for younger students. Campus grounds are upgrading pretty quickly. Nice place to be and to go to school.
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The cultural diversity of Weber is amazing. The professors want to see you succeed and will do all that they can to help you succeed. Its very spread out which means a lot of walking. There isn't enough parking on campus.
Good school, a lot of programs and a lot of clubs. really good diversity. There are times where I ask for help and reach out to advisors only to be shot down. They are honestly a hit or miss. but other than that, pretty good.
Weber State University is an amazing place to get both a good education with a reasonable price as well as learning more about your place in the world. They have so many events and I have attended most of them. I can't think of anything I would want to see changed.
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