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I love the size of the campus. Many of the areas are available to students and workers if needed. The food is good. the professors are good. Nice beach to go to.
Webber is a waste of money, time, and life.
The teachers don't seem to be into their jobs. They just teach and leave.
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The security officers are too old to do anything.
The boys dorm (Grace) has mold in it. The girls dorm (Camilla) is so old that the pipes leak all the time.
The athletic buildings are the best buildings on campus. The dorms, classrooms, and cafeteria are falling apart - but the athletic areas are nice.
Don't waste your time or money at Webber. The campus is run down, the staff are unhelpful, and the dorms are dank and musty. And the food sucks.
depending on what dorms you live in. . Some cost more while some costs way less; But overall, I love my f=dorm.
we don't really have a greek life here
we all could be better, but we're pretty good
It's alright. It has its ups and downs at times.
I play football and all my needs are met
Love the small classes and attention when needed
That athletics are okay. We could be better, with every single sport we have. The coaches need to focus on athletes more and stop trying to limit them to only one sport. The football coach is great.
School is ok. It has it's obvious ups and downs like anything else. But other than that it's fine.
I believe that the security should be a little younger just in case something really bad happens they are able to act on the problem faster.
Would like to see more alumni get involved more with the students.
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Class sizes are small which is good, when it comes to trying to get alittle bit of one on one time with teacher.
The dorm rooms are nice, but might be priced alittle bit to high.
We don't have Greek Life at Webber International University, but one day maybe we will.
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