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Webb is a very small school 30 miles from NYC. The campus is so small that the professors really know you and the students become your family. There are so many opportunities to get involved in student life. The academics are rigorous and will prepare you to design anything. The alumni network is one of the best and makes life after Webb easier.
Thus far, my experience at Webb has exceeded my expectations. I was never particularly interested in naval architecture, but, figuring it was not too different from architecture, I decided to take a chance.
The Webb curriculum is intensive and challenging. I have learned a lot, especially through the winter work program.
The Webb community is very much like a family. Webbies tend not to take themselves too seriously. Although social aspects can be improved upon, Webb does offer a multitude of student-organized off-campus and on-campus activities (trips to the city, tickets to plays, dances).
A great education at a great price! It's not an easy curriculum, and you will find out very quickly if it is the right place for you- you start taking classes for your major on day one. With incoming freshman class size limited to 28, you are surrounded by like minded individuals who hopefully all work together to help each other learn and succeed. If you're looking for sports or an active social life, however, you might want to look elsewhere as the sports teams are more recreational and there's not exactly a diverse student body.
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I have been at webb for only one semester so far, and have already grown to love the family type of atmosphere that comes with the school. You know literally everyone on campus after a month because of the small size of the school and the proffesors know you as a person aswell
There is no college like Webb Institute, a school that's dedicated to one field with a small, talented group of students. The school is small, less than 100 total students, but everyone knows each other well enough to point out everyone's special characteristic. For me, I first thought the school was too small, but that thought disappeared as I leanred more about my classmates everyday.

The school basically study boats, but this does not mean it requires you to have some kind of background in them. I wanted to apply my math and science understanding to some sort of practical application, and I thought this school was the best place. I came to Webb with zero knowledge of boats and ships, but I now have a deep affection in learning about them.

On top of all this, it's tuition-free. However, if I ask my self would I still choose this school over other big, prestigious universities if Webb wasn't tuition free? I would most definetely say yes.
Webb is a very unique school. The work is extremely demanding and stress runs high, but close knit classes create a sense of family and everyone works together to make it through.
The real-world implementation of what I've learned at Webb is extremely unique. I'm currently an engineering intern at Vigor Industrial in Seattle, WA, where I am working on the production of a car ferry. Webbies spend winters working in the maritime industry. Transferring classroom knowledge into the real world and contributing to a team of engineers is so rewarding. Webb has given me the opportunity to travel, play on competitive sports teams, and gain lifelong friends. I recommend Webb to anyone interested in a small engineering school with a family-like environment. I am the president of the Student Organization and I am always impressed with how well students come together to self-govern and coordinate with faculty and staff. The honor code at Webb is another aspect that makes my school so great. You can drop cash somewhere on campus, and before you even know that you lost the money, the cash will have been put back on your desk before you get back to the classroom.
Webb Institute is the kind of college that really prepares its students for careers in naval architecture and marine engineering through a very rigorous curriculum and a fantastic internship program. That being said, Webb is not for the faint of heart. Expect all nighters and countless hours spent working on various homework and projects. Clubs exist but as previously mentioned, a lot of student time is put more towards schoolwork. Glen cove is rather out of the way in terms of being able to do a whole lot off of campus, but NYC is a $20 round trip train ride away off peak. That being said, the city is expensive and time is a precious commodity. Webb doesn't really have much in terms of interacting with other schools beyond the sharing of facilities and sports, though sailing regattas bring new people to campus often.
Free tuition and an excellent academic experience focused exclusively on naval architecture and marine engineering, with a focus on real world experience.
4 mandatory internships every winter (plus optional internships in the summer) allow each student to come out with a minimum of 8 months of real world experience and a little bit of cash.

Professors are incredibly invested in the students and the focus is on student success rather than research, although research is conducted in some of the facilities.
Being a school of less than 100 students allows any student to participate in athletics if they choose to. The school is supportive of new clubs bring created. The small school creates a very tight knit community. The students work very hard and long hours throughout the week, but on weekends there's always some activity going on that's entirely student-run.
Webb Institute is an amazing school if you're looking for such a specific dual major. I love the small class size because it gives it a real family feel. The school offers lots of activities. I suggest small boat sailing. I am currently having a very valuable experience at winter work, and can't wait for second semester!
Webb Institute is a great place to build character and push to improve yourself academically. The food service was recently improved and is now fantastic and accommodating for those with allergies. The small school atmosphere is magnified at Webb with only 92 current students. The athletics are weak, but the academics are strong and always looking to improve. The return on investment is without a doubt the best part of Webb. A few benefits are the 100% job placement, set-up internships, and a family of connections throughout the marine industry! The opportunities are incredible, so the toughness of the academics is completely worth it! Overall a great school!
Webb is an amazing opportunity for all students and provides a great sense of community and collaboration through its rigorous curriculum.
It's a place where you have to work hard to even make it out. It's an extremely small community which is nice but also has it's draw backs.
Amazing. Great education, great friends, incredible opportunity, and overall a fun place to be. Do not be afraid of how small the school is. In my opinion it is a major strength of the school. The alumni network is strong because of this.
Webb is a very unique school and provides an experience unmatched by any other school. The alumni connections are very strong which makes it easy to try a job after graduation
Webb gives you amazing opportunities. Webb has given me the chance to travel to multiple continents and states. It has given me job security and an amazing alumni network. It is also incredibly high stress and frustrating. The main building, while beautiful, is horribly maintained. The maintenance in general is incredibly abysmal. There are excellent teachers at Webb, but there are also some terrible ones. Terrible teachers that you will have to take 3 or 4 times leaving you deficit in whatever subject that teacher teaches.
The return on investment is really the only thing excellent about this place. That stems from the academics and the work ethic required by the curriculum. There's very little diversity compared to other schools. Most professors are willing to do whatever it takes to help the student succeed. The facilities are way below average and the maintenance needs to be addressed. Glen Cove lacks every aspect of a traditional college town. Everything just seems better than it actually is because of the small size.
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It's really nice because it's so small. The professors pay special attention to each student, and the entire faculty is focused on helping you through your college journey. The atmosphere and community is that if a family. Great educational experience as well. Also easy on the wallet.
Webb is a small school that focuses on Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. It does this well and provides a strong community of classmates who help each other throughout their 4 years at Webb.
Perfect place, school, and family!! I cant imagine spending these four years anywhere else. The heavy workload is so worth it thanks to all of the other unique oppertunities and experiences
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