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Weatherford College is the perfect place to begin your education journey. I began college at seventeen, so I wanted to stay closer to home and not spend a fortune, as I was paying for tuition myself. The faculty and staff was incredibly welcoming and friendly, working hard to help me find the scholarships and classes I needed. The professors are down-to-earth and willing to work with you to achieve your goals and succeed. I am grateful for the time I had at WC, I now feel totally prepared to enter into a university setting to finish my degree.
Weatherford college is very clean and well put together. The staff and faculty are absolutley outstanding, kind, and very helpful when needed. They never turn down when someone has a question. The campus and buildings with the classes are nice and the staff's way of teaching seems awesome as well. Ive always heard really good things about their teaching and always being there when students need help or tutoring. They never leave anyone behind and are very welcoming.
The environment I am in is great, it is a very clean and fun campus I never have any problems. The school gives very many different routes to take for your education field. This college is not very expensive, it works well with low income people like me.
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This is a great starting college! I am currently in high school but I do dual credit classes on campus with the rest of the college students! It's a friendly campus and the teaching staff has been good and helpful, the librarians are awesome at the main campus library!
My experience so far at Weatherford College has been pretty great! All of my professors so far have been extremely dedicated to my individual education and always willing to help me. I am leaving with a 3.6 GPA from Weatherford and am transferring next fall. This is a fantastic community college.
MY experience at Weatherford college has been great for me. It has been a good transition from high school to college. The college is small but yet you get a big school experience. Classroom size is about the same as my high school and professors seem to really care about the students and actually care about teaching. The faculty seem to want to help whether it be financial aid or advising whatever they are always available any time we need their help. I live on campus in the dorms and that has been a good experience for me to live on my own and develop friendships. Overall experience is great no complaints here.
Weatherford College offers high level courses at an affordable cost. The class hours are flexible and most courses offer online options as well. The class sizes are generally small and allow a more personal interaction with the professors. The staff at Weatherford college are helpful and willing to take time to explain things to struggling students and get them where they need to be. I definitely recommend them.
Weatherford College Wise County is a small and comfortable campus and offers great opportunities for great prices.
I graduate in May and my experience so far has been wonderful. Every professor I've had has been knowledgeable and professional. The Veterans office is always willing to go above and beyond for their people. The only thing I would have them add is on site daycare, maybe by starring a child development course.
I have learned a lot while being enrolled here and it is a nice two year college. Professors are great and are almost always available. Communication with the students on upcoming events is excellent. The people that go here are awesome. Overall, it is a great place to get on the right track and get what you need done.
The college is in the middle of no where. I attend here just because I was able to get into a nursing school since in the DFW is saturated with individuals interested in nursing. Some good aspects of the school is they encourage the students to try again, and be lenient with any course test or class work.
Weatherford College is an awesome academic establishment. There are immense opportunities and a great atmosphere.
I would like to see more cultural classes. The professors are very understandable and communicate well with you. For a community college they offer university level teaching. I have always been impressed of the way Weatherford College includes their students in activities such as 5k's, theater, clubs, and lets them be their own individual.
I love attending Weatherford College, I have met people from all walks of life. The education I am getting at the price is unbeatable. The campus is smaller, meaning that you are put into a smaller learning environment, which for me, is amazing. Being comfortable to speak to my professors has been amazing.
I have been going to Weatherford for one year and I enjoy going. The teachers are helpful and the class sizes are small so you get a lot of one on one. I like the convenience of how close it is to home so I'm able to save money. The administration and staff are very helpful.
The majority of the teachers i have had really seemed to care and went out of their way to help students. Many offered to help do career counseling or schedule counseling.
I love Weatherford College! From the professors, to the environment, to the resources available, it is a wonderful campus. Not to mention the cost is well worth it and doesn't break the bank! I love being a student here and I strongly recommend taking classes at this campus for anyone looking to start his/her college education, especially if he/she is looking for flexibility.
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I had such an enjoyable experience here at Weatherford. There are many resources available to the students around campus, and the staff is friendly. There is so much diversity.
I've gone to Weatherford College for 2 years now and I can say that the professors are what make this college worth coming to. Its small classroom environment and the one on one time the professors are willing to give really give this school a small town feel. Its not the most expensive school to go to which helps the less fortunate, like myself be able to attend.
Weatherford College, though it may be a community college, the opportunities are endless. With the outstanding math department and top ranked baseball team, you have a greatly diverse school. Weatherford college is a place where students can stay close to home, yet go far in their acedemics.
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