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I graduated from Waynesburg University in 2015 with a BS in Nursing. The School was excellent and I could not give a more positive review. The other students seemed to be of a much higher caliber compared to previously attended schools. The faculty exemplified what a college professor should be. I loved the small school design as it gave a welcoming atmosphere and the christian values seemed to be portrayed throughout the campus. I cannot speak for other majors but after graduating from this university I felt extremely well prepared to be do my job.
My experience at Waynesburg was very boring. The food here is really good, but the cafeteria is not open all the time so I found myself hungry most of the time at school. The sports here are not that great in a succeeding way, but the friends I made were long term. The campus itself is really pretty and hilly. You pretty much get a lot of your exercise going to class. There is not much to do on campus so you need a car to have fun off campus. The education here is really good, but this school was just not the best fit for me.
Waynesburg University is a fantastic school to attend. The campus is beautiful and the community is outstanding. The campus is very safe with several majors to choose from. There are several different dorm options and meal plans as well. I definitely fell in love with this campus and I strongly think you should look into this school.
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I loved the staff and students there. Had some circumstances not come up (non-school related) I would have definitely stayed and continued my education at Waynesburg. It felt like a second home to me.
I want everything to change here. The food was terrible and constantly upset my stomach. The nurse is a quack. The administrators are unhelpful, and sometimes not even for your major. The town school barely salts the sidewalks, they just leave all the salt for an entire sidewalk in little piles every twenty feet or so, this way you fall down the stairs of your dorm but no one cares because they “salted the sidewalks” the town doesn’t care to salt the road until it’s too late and you slip all over the place. There’s no parking, the upperclassmen are rude. Honestly, just not worth it.
Waynesburg is a small, friendly, happy campus. From the first day I visited I felt at home. Most of the campus knows each other and are friends with each other, it is truly a family on this campus!
I loved the academic atmosphere at Waynesburg. The professors are willing to go out of their way to help you succeed, and the classroom environment is very dynamic. The student life could be improved by diversifying activities on campus for students. The dorms at Waynesburg are very nice and the staff is very accommodating. I do think living off campus would help students to better prepare for the world after college. The athletic environment is very popular and if you come to Waynesburg to play sports and get a good education you will most likely enjoy your time. However, Waynesburg is lacking in extracurriculars besides sports.
Waynesburg is a small, private, Christian University, and it has such a great atmosphere. Everyone is so pleasant and friendly, and they are always welcoming. I have loved every second of being here since I first stepped foot on campus 4 years ago on a tour. It is reasonably priced, and the academic programs are outstanding. Really, you can’t beat Waynesburg University. I could not have picked a better school.
The second you walk onto campus, you feel welcomed and at home. People greet you as you walk by, hold open doors, or just give you a smile. The small campus allows people to build lifelong relationships with one another. I love that Waynesburg is so focused on giving back to the local community and international community through volunteer opportunities and service trips. It's a truly unique place that is continuing to grow and improve more and more each year.
I LOVE Waynesburg!! I wouldn't trade my experience here for the world. The people are truly amazing, and I love that our campus really comes together as a family. My faith has grown so much, and I owe that to this campus!
I love Waynesburg! The campus is small and has a strong community atmosphere. It is a Christian school, but they don't shove religion down your throat, which I think is nice! My experience has been great so far!
Waynesburg University provides a place where students can grow in a Christian environment and have the opportunities to succeed. The professors and staff members genuinely care about your education and personal goals. The campus community is supportive, loving and helpful. Overall, I was able to be apart of many extracurricular activities on and off campus and had a blast over my tenure at Waynesburg.
I love the small campus atmosphere and tight nit community! My professors know my name and care about my learning. I have had such a great experience at this school for not only my undergraduate, but also my graduate degrees.
Students come first! That's the motto of Student Services and Academics. Student Services creates lots of activities on and off campus. The Mission trips and academic trips are awesome!! Our professors really care about preparing WU students for the real world. The dining hall is pretty good too! Surrounded by the beauty of rolling hills and in the fall the trees are full of beautiful color!
There needs to be more parking for students and the food isn't that great. I like how small the class sizes are and just that it is a small private college.
At Waynesburg you have the chance to get to know your professors because of the small class sizes. Your professors you your name and know who you are and are willing to help you.
Waynesburg is a beautiful, welcoming place where everyone is welcome! There is an overwhelming sense of community to be found by anyone from any background, and academics are challenging and prepare you for anything you may want to pursue after college. The atmosphere is always lively, and it's an overall great place to be.
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Really great place. It will challenge you academically and in your faith as well. I visited campus once and knew immediately that it was for me. The campus is small enough where I feel like I am part of a close community, but large enough where I actually feel that I am at college.
I love it here! It is like a family. Classes are small, the community is great. Only thing that I don't like is that there is nothing to do and no where to shop in town, but it is easy to travel nearby to get out of town!
Waynesburg University has a fantastic academic atmosphere, especially in the criminal justice department. Although the athletics are lacking, the sports teams will still support the rest of campus. The party scene is virtually nonexistent, but campus is not far from WVU and the rest of Morgantown, WV.
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