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I went to Wayne state recently and I met some of the staff and they are very nice and dedicated to helping the students there. I also had a representative come to my school and the lady was ver helpful in answering the questions I had about the school. They also have a very nice campus and dorms and the students seem to be very happy their.
The advisory team here are great people and work very hard for the students. I never have an issue with receiving a response. The financial and student services department are often backed but nonetheless offers great customer service.
I really like the atmosphere on campus. It feels like you are a part of a community where everyone is family and you never feel alone. The professors are great and really helpful, and the students are all enthusiastic and ready to learn. They aren't afraid to help you if you are struggling.
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I like the diversity and the downtown scene of the campus. Every time you walk around campus you will never see the same two kind of people. There are many club, organizations, and opportunities that are on campus that are available to everyone. There is always an open door for help when you need it. Whether it be a tutor, professor or student. I enjoy attending a school in my home town.
Great campus! Very safe and a lot of good opportunities! I visited recently and the tour was very informal!
Terrible place to study. I would never enroll in this school if only it is not near where I live. Everyone in there trying to find a way to get money from students. They treated me like a toy when I went to them for a solution. I had to pay 3067.00 dollars out of my pocket for a mistake they made. I had to borrow money from so many people.
As a dual enrollment student, the classes were very interesting but not exactly challenging. Overall, I would say my experience has been positive.
I have attended WSU for 5 years . WSU is a major institution that does not focus on helping students return. I have made many pleas to get assistance and it was always a negative outcome. At Wayne State University, the graduation rate is 39 % within 150% normal time, the retention rate is 82 %, and the transfer-out rate is 38 %.
I went to a tour on the college. It was pretty great because they gave us a full tour. We saw some classes and dorm. We also saw some group houses. They also gave us food. It was an amazing experience.
Great school - I live on campus and love the feel of the downtown campus. Class sizes are smaller and its easy to get to know the professors. Professors have been very accessible for questions.
I like the campus the space the amount of people in the place hands on and lots of activities that they have and experiments
Wayne State is a friendly and accessible university that has very understanding professors. I enjoy the openness of the campus and the many opportunities to get know the campus as well as the city. The only grievance i have is that it is difficult to navigate the financial aspects.
Great school, very diverse! Great research opportunities and lots to do both in and out of the classroom.
I love being in the center of the city, such a cool campus. Student life is kind of dull since so many students commute. When it comes to professors, some are amazing while others are downright mean. Overall if you are serious about academics and are not looking for an active party life, Wayne would be a good fit.
I have been a student at Wayne State Univerity for at least 2 years. I started as an accounting major, but I switched due to the fact that the department is unreliable and unfair to the student. The professors are unhelpful as they rely on a useless textbook for powerpoints and homework. No teacher can conduct their own curriculum.
Wayne State is a school full of different for each and every student, and all are accepted no matter what background, race, religion, or sexuality. It is probably one of the most accepting colleges here in Michigan.
Wayne State University gives very personalized attention to their students. Every professor I have had has been able to give me one on one attention. The advisers are very knowledgeable. Once you have picked a program or major, the advisers are tailored to your needs. They are very active to make sure you graduate and are following the proper course work. Without WSU, I would have never been able to have been accepted into my Master's program. I am so thankful for a wonderful school like WSU!
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Large campus in the heart of Downtown Detroit, filled with a welcoming community and student organizations for everyone.
It's honesty a great school just the prices are high for the parking pass which I feel is them forcing kids to decide to pay for them to live on campus for whatever reason. Other than that, it's realistically a great school to go and learn in with a ton of majors to choose from.
Wayne State i pretty decent. It's not too big so everything is within walking distance. Parking is a serious problem. Cafeteria food is horrible.
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