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I like the campus the space the amount of people in the place hands on and lots of activities that they have and experiments
Wayne State is a friendly and accessible university that has very understanding professors. I enjoy the openness of the campus and the many opportunities to get know the campus as well as the city. The only grievance i have is that it is difficult to navigate the financial aspects.
Great school, very diverse! Great research opportunities and lots to do both in and out of the classroom.
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I love being in the center of the city, such a cool campus. Student life is kind of dull since so many students commute. When it comes to professors, some are amazing while others are downright mean. Overall if you are serious about academics and are not looking for an active party life, Wayne would be a good fit.
I have been a student at Wayne State Univerity for at least 2 years. I started as an accounting major, but I switched due to the fact that the department is unreliable and unfair to the student. The professors are unhelpful as they rely on a useless textbook for powerpoints and homework. No teacher can conduct their own curriculum.
Wayne State is a school full of different for each and every student, and all are accepted no matter what background, race, religion, or sexuality. It is probably one of the most accepting colleges here in Michigan.
Wayne State University gives very personalized attention to their students. Every professor I have had has been able to give me one on one attention. The advisers are very knowledgeable. Once you have picked a program or major, the advisers are tailored to your needs. They are very active to make sure you graduate and are following the proper course work. Without WSU, I would have never been able to have been accepted into my Master's program. I am so thankful for a wonderful school like WSU!
Large campus in the heart of Downtown Detroit, filled with a welcoming community and student organizations for everyone.
It's honesty a great school just the prices are high for the parking pass which I feel is them forcing kids to decide to pay for them to live on campus for whatever reason. Other than that, it's realistically a great school to go and learn in with a ton of majors to choose from.
Wayne State i pretty decent. It's not too big so everything is within walking distance. Parking is a serious problem. Cafeteria food is horrible.
Wayne State University offers a variety of academic programs. It is located in Midtown Detroit with tons of restaurants and attractions. I enjoy the campus culture and the professors make sure you learn and understand the material from the classes.
I've been at Wayne State University for two years and its been a wonderful experience. The campus is very diverse and located in heart of Detroit. There are supplemental instruction classes to assist you outside of class if you need the help and all of the professors I've had have been easy to talk to, and very helpful. I'd recommend Wayne to anyone.
My Experience here is good in that you have to do what is asked of you as a student. As well, please be sure to stay focused upon what your task are so that you will not fall behind as it is so hard to catch up when that happens.
I can tell that Wayne State University is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, and to creating leaders in different specialties who make a difference around the world.
Since being admitted, Wayne State University has thus far been an excellent experience in my lifetime. Located in midtown Detroit, diversity is woven into their mission as a university. Being one of the most diverse universities in Michigan has opened up connections with students as it prepares me to build a career in a complex market. The students are friendly, and the staff/faculty prides itself in ensuring that all of its students’ needs are properly met.
What I love most about Wayne State University is its commitment to creating an inclusive and safe environment through student-organized diversity clubs, a department for disability services, preferred names, gender-neutral bathrooms, and active police officers on campus. Having autism and being a part of the LGBT+ community, these services will help me to succeed and not have to worry about safety.
Even though I haven't enrolled yet from what I have heard from family members that have gone there is that it is truly an amazing college. When I went to go visit the campus the amount of diversity was amazing. The campus itself is very beautiful and also looks like there is a lot of security. I really loved the dorms and the cafeteria and their tuition prices are great too.
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Great school, while there are some bad Professors majority are there to help you succeed! Wish there was more student involvement with the athletics and other student organizations though!
This school has amazing programs and credentials. Alongside that campus life is lively as well. The most challenging part of my experience at Wayne State, however, is financial aid.
Coming into Wayne State University was scary in the beginning because just by the name of it I got scared. Yet, when I started at Wayne I loved it I never wanted to leave, I made so many new friends, I felt so safe. The campus police was on every corner, where ever you went you weren't alone people would be walking around , or just sitting and thats what I loved about it. Especially all the things Wayne State has to offer with there organizations and the things they let the organizations do.
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