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I really like the music program and the math program at Wayne State. I couldn't have found a better college than Wayne.
Wayne State College has been a wonderful experience! The atmosphere is great and is the perfect size for a college! The professors take their time to get to know you as an individual and not just a number. The campus is safe. Everyone in the town and the staff at the campus is welcoming and friendly!
Wayne is a wonderful place to experience your first few years of college for a small country girl like me. I love the campus, the people, the food, and even the community. It is not too overwhelming or too small. The one thing I would change is just that there be better places to hang out with friends. Other than that though I would not change a thing.
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I really like Wayne. The campus is really nice. There is a lot to do on and off the campus. There are also lots of opportunity to get a job.
I'm a non-traditional transfer student, and I think Wayne State is an okay college. It would be perfect for any student straight out of high school. It offers alot of variety for the college experience. It is however limiting for my own personal experience since I have children. All of the clubs meet after school hours (3-5 pm) so that makes it difficult to be apart of anything. Also, I had quite a few years in two other schools that had excellent accommodations for my learning disabilities. This school has one person running the test, which would be exhausting, and I had to be re-evaluated for one disability that I have worked with other schools for over 4 years on, and the school psychiatrist didn't see it as very prominent. So i'm more than upset that something that I've already had previously diagnosed, and worked with other professionals to overcome in my academic experience for more than a few years is being set aside.
My experience at Wayne State College has been very well so far! I love the small size of campus, I can get where I need to be in less than five minutes! The class sizes are also perfect for someone coming from a small town & being used to getting one-on-one attention when necessary!
I like the small classes and the teaching staff, it makes me feel like an individual and not as a number
I like the small town and community feel, you know all of your professors and they know and care about you and your success. I also like how affordable it is, even for out of state students. I dislike the limited food choices and limited library hours, for I would like to be able to study Friday nights or Saturday nights.
I love Wayne State College. You get real professor student relationships. The campus size is just right. Everywhere I go I see a friendly face.
I love the small classes and the professors are very helpful. Campus is easy to get around, everyone is friendly, its affordable.
Overall, I feel pretty safe, but I still won't walk around campus alone at night.
For the most part, on-campus housing is pretty decent. I would recommend providing air conditioning in all dorms though.
I personally am not a fan of joining a sorority.
I have attended a few sporting events but intramural events are more exciting.
Wayne State College has been a great decision for furthering my education. The faculty are all very helpful and knowledgeable about each subject. I have learned a great deal and have met amazing people along the way.
not all the dorms have air conditioning
not really a big fan of it.
Review Wayne State College
Great coaching staff for the football side.
It gave me hope for my future.
There is a huge career fair on campus twice a year to help students connect with employers. Career services on campus rocks.
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