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standertized test we're really defficult to pass. there was help from brush up classes to help further achieve the appropriate, scores need to pass. satistified with the overall experience.
Decades ago, I graduated from the Wayne County Schools Career Center. Changes in the computer world inspired me to return to further my education through the Adult Education program. While that proved beneficial, I am currently pursuing another career change in my life. I wish to return to the school that made this possible years ago.
They accepted all my previous college credits from all institutions.
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I cant comply to this except for what other previous alumni have said to me. They said it is excellent
They have combined the LPN with Stark Universities LPN to RN program and they take great pride in helping students achieve their goals. Great Career center and they help get jobs after you graduate
I have not started but previous students I have talked with highly recommend it
Wayne County School LPN program has a joint agreement with Stark University for a LPN to RN program and I think that is worth every penny spent at this school. These two schools have put together an excellent affordable nursing program. At a very reasonable price.
The program seems very fluid and well set up . The internship seems very thorough. I have talked to several students already in the program and they all agree that it is a very well thought out program with a workload that is equal to any other nursing program. I have not started the program yet but, I have attended ITT Tech nursing school and from what the curriculum is showing it is equally as good.I am excited to attend Wayne County Schools LPN program this year!
Overall this school is dedicated in helping adults further their education whatever that may be. I found the LPN program and the people/teachers very helpful and had a lot of insight into what each students needs are. They staff is very friendly and knowledgeable.The price for the LPN was by far the cheapest I could find. I had previously attended ITT for nursing and it was double the cost and I changed schools and very glad I did.
Some of the credits transferred but only after I tested out in those core classes.
Post-Grad Help – While I cannot speak from experience, since I have not yet graduated, I believe this school is enthusiastic about helping all of their students, even the ones no longer enrolled. They have asked several alumni to speak to my class about their experience with the school and with finding a job upon graduation, and each of them have spoken highly of the school and it's educational leaders.
High School Students Welcome! One unique thing about the Wayne County Schools Career Center (or, WCSCC, as most people call it) is that it also acts as a high school. They offer high school classes with focuses on one of dozens of certifications, such as Dental Assistant or Carpentry. With this interesting aspect of the school, high school students can both graduate high school and become certified in their career choice.
More Than a Class – There is quite a lot of diversity in the student body; for instance, there is a large percentage of working students, and many of those have children in the home as well. Also, there are some students fresh out of high school, and others who have been laid off from their long-time jobs and are currently on unemployment. But despite all the differences in life situations, there is not one person without a friend in the class. Perhaps it is their differences that bring them closer together, but this class is more than just a student body; it has become a close-knit family.
The WCSCC Opens Opportunities – I chose the Wayne County Schools Career Center because I wanted to take a class in electronics. It ended up being the best decision I have ever made while choosing a school. Not only do I spend half the day doing something other than normal schoolwork, but I also gained more confidence socially. The classes are amazing, and most of the teachers are extraordinary!
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