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I have enjoyed all the teachers i have had the chance to learn from..they were educated and they knew the material ....i have had the chance to be taught by a lot of doctors
I was lucky enough to find one very good counselor at the Downriver campus. She has presented me with enormous opportunities such as Phi Theta Kappa, I was able to participate in a Detroit water research internship. I've had good and bad teachers but the classes are small.
Wayne County Community College is like my home. I like the staff how they deal with students, and how they are prepare the students for the future job. However, it is real good college for every body.
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Going to this school is ok. Professor are pretty descent. Nice class sizes. Safety is great. Some campuses are nicer than others.
My experience at Wayne County Community college was awful, I think it's the worst college in Michigan state because I have attended 5 colleges. The teachers, student services, website, and campuses are extremely terrible. All the student cheat and the teachers know that. If you didn't cheat, you won't get good grades even if you smart. I took two courses there because it was cheap but I regret that. If you live in Michigan state, please don't attend this college. There are a lot of good colleges in Metro-Detroit aria like Macomb Community College and Oakland Community College.
Wayne County Community College was okay for me although I’ll be returning this fall. I loved all my teachers for the most part, they were understanding and simple. On the other hand the staff was very unprofessional and not much of an assistance. The front desk in student services would often be on Facebook. I also went into student services everyday from January 2018-March or April 2018 to get help with my financial aid, and nothing really got accomplished until almost the end of the the semester.
Decent school to start over after a while away from or school or if you have never been. Stay disciplined on your work ethic and you’ll succeed. I faced many challenges but learned a lot
I believe WCCCD is best community college in the Wayne county. It’s very affordable and offers many classes and most of them will transfer universities.
Wayne Community College was a learning experience and it definitely prepared me for a university. I learned how to start relationships with new people. I used to only interact with people I am already established with but I learned making new connections can be very beneficial. I also learned how important time management was in the college world. If I don't stay on top of things, it doesn't do anything but stress me out. I also learned that you have to figure out how to deal with your instructors your own way. Every instructor is different and may be more difficult to work with than others but I learned not to let that interfere with getting what I needed to get done. Wayne Community College overall prepared me to take the next step in my educational career. After being at WCC, I feel as if I am ready to attend a four year school and that I have got what it takes to finish successfully.
My experience at Wayne County Community College has been average. The Professors I've had so far has been great. But when it comes down to certain departments they aren't so helpful. Especially when you are doing everything in your power to return back to school the process can be hard but having the right people in place to guide you it could have been a whole lot better.
I love the student life at Wayne County Community College! It is very easy to talk to other students to network and make new friends. Sometimes the best support system can come from encouraging peers going through the same struggles with education.
At first I was hesitant about furthering my education at WCCCD, but i am proud to say I stand corrected. WCCCD faculty are stupendous. All of their professors are highly established individuals and have years of first hand experience in the subjects they teach.
Resources such as books and computers are available for use if needed and there are professors who will help you if you need it.
I love the diversity. I also like the size, it's not too big wherein you get lost, but it's not super tiny either. It would be better if there were more food choices inside other than just Subway.
Fairly a decent school with the best instructors and courses I love the feel of being a college student in such a growing and city life area
I like that it's small, close, and convenient. However, I would like to see a better system to work with counselors and financial aid.
My experience is that you will only learn by hard studying ,as more than half of these professors here don't know how to teach
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I like the teachers an opportunity to make a career an future. What would change is the way financial aide denies students second chance
WCCCD is a great idea to start a career. If you are interested in GED WCCCD have a aldut program in the downtown location campus.
Wcccd is a very good school. If your not ready just yet to deal with the big university life yet, this is the right school for you. They have a lot of different programs to choose from
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