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I love the diversity. I also like the size, it's not too big wherein you get lost, but it's not super tiny either. It would be better if there were more food choices inside other than just Subway.
Fairly a decent school with the best instructors and courses I love the feel of being a college student in such a growing and city life area
I like that it's small, close, and convenient. However, I would like to see a better system to work with counselors and financial aid.
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My experience is that you will only learn by hard studying ,as more than half of these professors here don't know how to teach
I like the teachers an opportunity to make a career an future. What would change is the way financial aide denies students second chance
WCCCD is a great idea to start a career. If you are interested in GED WCCCD have a aldut program in the downtown location campus.
Wcccd is a very good school. If your not ready just yet to deal with the big university life yet, this is the right school for you. They have a lot of different programs to choose from
WCCCD is the perfect accredited academic environment for adults who are displaced seeking careers in the medical field. They offer professional, state of the art hospital simulated classroom learning environment.
I love the staff and the students there. The staff is very helpful. I have gotten help with all of my needs and I am able to succeed in my academics. The teachers are insightful and I am thankful for such a great team of people. A few things that could change are the organization of the school. The school has events and are not very prepared or organized for them, so that could improve.
Going to be my 3rd year at WCCCD. Nice campuses and the professors are great! Hands on learning is excellent. WCCCD will get you where you want to be.
My school is awesome, they never give up the chance to let someone be successful. They are very attentive to their work, and the student advisors are fantastic.
When first attended wayne community college I was like a fish out of water I had been in a school in over 20 yrs I graduated last june of 2016 with a degree General education and the journey has been awesome
I like the easy access to enrollment, the online independence to easily select and enroll in classes. I also enjoy the variety of Campuses and programs available within the WCCCD District. The staff is helpful, the classes are informative and the instructors are professional.
The teachers were great. The financial aid department and also the student records department tend to be a little unprofessional but overall it's a decent school. It's really all about what you make it to be.
At wc3 you get one-on-one help from professors and develop relationships with them on a deeper level.
The school is nice. the advisor are very good and patient with students, especially international students who need so much clarification on choosing classes. the class rooms are good, the professors are good and willing to assist students.
Wayne county community college is a slighly above average educational institution where everything at this school is just avearage
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I'm only referring to the downtown location, there's a lot work to be done especially in the financial department, it takes forever for it to process, most of the staff is rude and unprofessional, unorganized, and many professors (at least the ones I had) work hard for their students and adept in their fields but their compensation is quite sad.

I'll admit, I hardly participate in other aspects of the school except for the obvious which is classes, but the TRiO program I hear is quite helpful, and I'm enrolling for the 2017 spring semester.
I have been privileged with having had some of the best instructors. Helpful advisers and experiences that would have been unavailable to me otherwise. I am thankful to be a student at this time in my life. Wayne County Community College is the best.
This was my first class. As a older adult it was a great experience and I look forward to taking other classes at this college.
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