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I love the friendly atmosphere of the I structos, staff and students and the programs that the college offers. It empowers individuals and prepares people for the workforce and future leaders.
It was a great experience to be at Wayne Community College. Great staff, amazing students, and a lot of opportunities that the school offers to become a successful person for the future.
Plenty of online choices and excellent professors with quality teaching that makes achieving a degree at WCC a fluid process.
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I like that WCC has a very diverse campus. As a result , as a student, I am able to connect with different students of different ethnicities and cultures. I also like that WCC is geared towards those of the working class which enables students to attend class and still work.
When transferring from other colleges it is very hard they want official transcrip from every school ,even high school. Financial aid -don't like to do extra work.
Teachers are excellent lectures are easy to understand.
what i like about wanye community college is they are not so tight about gpa's and the SAT scores and the college is very welcoming and alos the programs of studies are very nice and everyone is welcomed to the college
I like how family oriented the college is. There are teachers, students, and tutors all willing to support you in your academic goals. Additionally, Wayne also offers personal achievement coaches and therapy for those who need one on one counseling or support. I hope in time the college will offer more diverse foreign language programs and more extracurricular clubs to join.
The campus is safe and there is a lot to learn. I learned a lot more than i thought i would and more than i did when i attended a previous university.
A wonderful college all around! From the professors to the administrators! My favorite thing about Wayne CC is that they have plenty of good FREE resources for students to access.
Great school with great programs. There are multiple different career options to choose from. The campus looks very nice with the fountains and how the buildings were built.
The students weren't very helpful when I went and visited the college. The teachers were all boring as all get out.
The campus is great for eduation and some of the professor are great also. I have meet some of the best and some of the worth professor within the pass year in a half.
So far I have really enjoyed all that WCC has to offer. The program that I'm currently enrolled in is fantastic, which is the Continuing Education NA 1 program.
I like the fact that Wcccd eastern campus's financial aid office fully supported my request for enrollment. The entire staff on different occasions as I visited a number of days to gain enrollment. Where professional. They urgently guided me through every system I needed to apply information to,which got me enrolled immediately. The one thing I don't like about wcccd. Wcccd is not a four year college. I prefer to begin and end my college major at one college. Now I want to focus on a high GPA while iam attending wcccd, so I can gain favorite among universities.
its a great learning oppurtunity
Sorry to say, I haven't taken an online course.
As graduation comes closer you get excited and ready to take off. There will be different alumni network offerings, and career centers that will contact you.
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There are certain courses offered at different campuses or different semesters, which makes things a little more difficult for others. By this being so, you would have to wait an extra semester for the certain class that you would like to take. The classes sizes are not that big, being so you have access to the teacher when needed. Every teacher teaches different ;so you may have to adjust to their teaching style.
During the school year, the teacher will offer his contact number for when internships and other job offerings come around to help you in your career field. The biggest problem for myself was trying to remember how certain machines are setup.
Overall, its school. You have good days and you have your bad days, but this school helps you whenever you need help. You can talk to any teacher or faculty about your problems.
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