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The campus is great for eduation and some of the professor are great also. I have meet some of the best and some of the worth professor within the pass year in a half.
So far I have really enjoyed all that WCC has to offer. The program that I'm currently enrolled in is fantastic, which is the Continuing Education NA 1 program.
I like the fact that Wcccd eastern campus's financial aid office fully supported my request for enrollment. The entire staff on different occasions as I visited a number of days to gain enrollment. Where professional. They urgently guided me through every system I needed to apply information to,which got me enrolled immediately. The one thing I don't like about wcccd. Wcccd is not a four year college. I prefer to begin and end my college major at one college. Now I want to focus on a high GPA while iam attending wcccd, so I can gain favorite among universities.
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its a great learning oppurtunity
Sorry to say, I haven't taken an online course.
As graduation comes closer you get excited and ready to take off. There will be different alumni network offerings, and career centers that will contact you.
There are certain courses offered at different campuses or different semesters, which makes things a little more difficult for others. By this being so, you would have to wait an extra semester for the certain class that you would like to take. The classes sizes are not that big, being so you have access to the teacher when needed. Every teacher teaches different ;so you may have to adjust to their teaching style.
During the school year, the teacher will offer his contact number for when internships and other job offerings come around to help you in your career field. The biggest problem for myself was trying to remember how certain machines are setup.
Overall, its school. You have good days and you have your bad days, but this school helps you whenever you need help. You can talk to any teacher or faculty about your problems.
I will be entering the Nursing program for Fall 2016 as a full time student. This program is designed to prepare me as registered nurse in the health field.
As previously mentioned, this school is helpful in answering frequent questions in regards to financial aid or class schedules.
The staff is very understanding when it comes to personal problems and they will work with you anyway possible.
Online class are easy to access and the instructors always get back with the students when it comes to emailing them.
The career center is really helpful when it comes to students
The class size is small. This gives the professors time to be one on one with the students. The class style is relaxed but you still get your work done. They offer programs for some many different thins
I know that when I finish with the medical assisting program that will be able to find a job in my field. Because I will have plenty of experience from the clinics that is require by my program
I love going to school for medical assisting. The program is hard but it is worth it completely. They teach me everything I need to know in the workplace.
Review Wayne Community College
I love attending Wayne Community College the staff and instructors are friendly. They will help with you with anything you need.
I have a open schedule
I haven't taking online classes before
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