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What I like about Wayland Baptist University is that the professors will help you be successful in there class, or make sure you are getting help. Another thing I like is that the classes are small so the professors will know you personally and are easy to reach if you have questions. The only thing I would change is have more places to eat because it is a small town so there is not a lot of choices to eat out here.
This school has a great atmosphere and is very welcoming. They have a brand new nursing program that is separate from the main campus. This makes learning more enjoyable and understandable when it comes to technology. Most of the professors are well rounded on their subjects and are willing to help their students no matter what.
Positive and supportive experience through the application and registration process. Received good information in regards to financial options. Course workload is what I would expect.
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One thing that I really enjoy about Wayland is how close the school is. It is a small private university, which means a lot of us know each other and we have a 1 on 1 with professors or anyone who will help us in any way. I've gotten closer to God thanks to my school. We have chapel every Wednesday and that helps many of us stay consistent with our religion.
All the professors I've had are extremely helpful. My academic advisor is friendly and proficient in helping me choose my classes. Registration and financial aid are easy processes! I can't wait to graduate and get a job with a company I'd love.
I enjoyed the time I spent there so much everyone was so nice and helpful I loved the baseball coaching staff and the campus and the location of it !
Wayland Baptist university provides a great learning experience, in a small focused learning environment.
I love how welcoming the staff are and how straightforward everything is. The Wayland staff and teachers are all very welcoming, helpful, intelligent, and accommodating. The whole school is very student oriented and the path to getting a degree is far simpler than other schools that I have looked at.
It's a small campus yet easily to get around. The teachers help you by gathering up a study group to make sure you wont fail in their classrooms. On the other hand you begin to meet foreign students and learn from different backgrounds in their communities.
Wayland Baptist University is a friendly on campus community. It is a wonderful place with great teachers and friendly students. The academic experience there can put into words as hard working and interactive, with both the teachers and the students.
Many campuses. Will work with military. Professors are diverse. Mostly self taught is involved depending on the professor.
I had a great experience while at Wayland. I took concurrent classes during my Junior and Senior years at Plainview High School. Wayland was small enough to get around easily but was big enough to have the classes I needed. The professors I had were extremely knowledgeable and personable.
Wayland, and it's staff has been of great assistance in helping me to achieve my degree. When I first enrolled, I was unsure of what path to take. Wayland has assisted me in choosing a path I wanted and helping me to get there. It is a wonderful and outstanding association.
I enjoy attending Wayland small classes, and working with some of there warmed staff at times. Wayland allowed me to experience and explore my experience and learn while enjoying being educated. Wayland is a wonderful place to pursue your education. One thing I wish for the other half of staff they collaborate just alittle more so that the students are more confident about what they want to follow through when considering their degree! their career! Over all I am grateful that I was able to hold it all together being the first of 16 siblings to graduate and set the example for all of my family members. It has been and challenge. I want to continue to be that example .
Mrs. Tiffany Sheppard-Warren
My experience at WBU has been amazing. It's is very beneficial for a student that has a busy schedule and needs flexible class hours. It's is a faith based university, although you do not need to be of a certain religion to be apart of the community setting. The staff welcome you with open arms and are always there to help you with your classes and any home issues that may arise.
Wayland is a university that has smaller branches in rural areas, which is why I chose to attend. They offer in class and online courses to suit working students. They are always polite when you call with questions and try to assist students with their needs. The only thing I would change is the price of tuition. It is a little higher than some colleges; however, the courses are 11 weeks.
Haven't started here yet but am looking forward to my Freshman year here.
I have loved meeting the coaches and some of the players.
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The staff and professors are all very kind and helpful. The course catalog has many options that the advisors can help you to plan out your degree. There are several campuses that you can attend and also online classes. I am very pleased to be a Pioneer.
I liked how small the campus was. I also liked that the teachers were willing to help me with any problems I may have.
Wayland is a great university with very flexible course availability and works with you to attain your education goals.
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