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Waycross College is a great place to start out to get used to college life and academics. It has very experienced professors that are willing to help you in every way they can.
On my first day of classes, I was just like any other "new" or "transfer" student; scared, lost. Its safe to say, I felt like a "fish out of water". I didn't know anyone. This was hard for me because, my whole life I attending school where everyone knew everyone, perks of living in a small town your whole life. After attending classes each day, I started to make friends and get to know the professors. Things weren't so bad anymore, and I began to realize that Waycross College wasn't as big as I made it out to be, it was just bigger than where I came from. I started to enjoy school, and for the most part it's a great college. Overtime, I would like to see Waycross College expand and offer a more variety of classes and degrees. I believe this would be both beneficial for not only the students but the school itself.
I really never took a online class but when we have to turn in homework online or get an assignment online the teachers don't communicate well to me.
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The gym and library is very nice and big. I love the campus its very relaxing to me as well.
Student body is really not that bad every one is basically acceptable.
ITs very good and teachers and all are very helpful and its just the best.
We do a lot of campus actives which the students really like
There are a lot of great resources on the campus and you should really utilize them and get your moneys worth
There are plenty of computer labs but know he have to pay for printing I don't really like it or the wepas.
Ive had a great time at the school, there has been confusions in some of my credits that are keeping me from gradating when im suppose to but other than that its fine.
I started talking a online course but dropped it because I didn't like the subject. They way the school administers online courses is fine though.
The financial aid office use to be great it still is although most stuff happens on the Douglas campus instead of the Waycross campus now which makes things a little more difficult
I don't really know how the post-grad services are at my school because I have not graduated yet..
College is still kind of Clicky, since it is a small college close to home. The Clickyness is not as bad as highschool though.
We need more biology classes offered but it is only a two year school so its fine for what it is.
The teachers are good you just need to know how to learn by their teaching methods or teach yourself a different way
The school was much easier to deal with until we consolidated, now there is a little bit more of a hassle with things
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The computer network is great. There are computer labs in every building and in the library. You can print from any computer and go to a WEPA station and get the print file by a release code, log in, or by a usb. It is a very convenient way of being able to print something out because all you have to do is pull it up on a computer and print it or plug in your usb and print the file.
The education I am receiving is more than worth the amount of money I pay for tuition. As long as you put in all the paper work in on time, the financial aid process is mostly painless.
My school consist of mostly traditional students who are seeking to transfer to the school of their choice. You will find most of the students socializing in the Student Services building.
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