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I had first nice experience there. Great from the people to the building. Very welcoming individuals and really care about you and your education. Unfortunately i got sick and missed too many days so i had to stop going cause financial aid was taken and want working to pay out of pocket. But would love to go back and finish.
I like WCTC because the instructors are very knowledgeable and the whole program in general is very hands one which is how I like to learn.
This collage is straight to the point and makes it easy to sign up and chose your classes. Unlike other collages your classes will not be spread out as they are in the UW system. As personaly I had classes within a UW system that had me getting up at 6AM to go to school and staying up tell my last class at 11PM
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The schools focus is on helping students get a great education. Down fall is lack of diversity with the students
I love my professors and the classes, as well as the students in my classes. The commuting isn't bad
WCTC is an outstanding school. The instructors care about the students and want to see them succeed.
As a student, I attended Waukesha County Technical College for three years. Each year brought new challenges as well as experiences, I had the ability to grow from each vastly different outcome. The atmosphere was very welcoming. Professors and students made sure the every had a group to join or peers to turn to.
Great school if you want to get an education with teachers who do their best to see you succeed and give you the tools to excel in your program of interest. They teach you what you need to know at a great cost as well as give you the tools you need to find a job after you graduate.
I'm in my second semester of the Interior Design program and I love it. Classes are interesting yet challenging, and my instructors are always willing to help and clarify things.
The campus is just the right size to have a large variety of things taught, but not so big that you need a moped to get across it. The food is great with a large variety of food in the lunch room area, but they also have vending machines in every building. The bookstore has everything you would need for any class. The school also has many connections with different companies that offer paid versions of subscriptions or software. This means that you can either get them at a discount, or absolutely free. The instructors are fantastic and have real world experience to share. They have everything you need to do anything you want hands on. And they even offer courses that can get you your motorcycle or commercial drivers license.
What I enjoy most about WCTC are the many programs they have to offer and how willing everyone is to help make sure you have a thorough understanding of everything. The only minor change I would make is somehow making it easier finding your way around campus. Due to this being a pretty big campus, it can be confusing to first time students here. So posting a few more maps will definitely help counter anyone getting lost.
I have experience being in class with some of the school best students and instructors
It was a great opportunity
I had the best experience at Waukesha County Technical College.
All the classes I was told would transfer did transfer. They do offer a few options of days and times for classes but there is not a wide variety
I dislike that we are charged more to take an online course than we are to take an in class course, you are not getting face-to-face interaction with a professor and you are not utilizing classroom space so I believe they should be less expensive. I prefer having face-to-face interaction with my professors.
The class sizes are small, 20-30 students which allows the professors to spend more 1:1 time with students if needed
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My school has a 90% hire rate after graduation which is higher compared to many other institutions
My school offers smaller class sizes with my major and great clinical sites to aide my learning
I enjoy the atmoshpere and professors, everyone is there to ensure you get the best education possible
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