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My experience at Waukesha county technical college has been very positive and impactful. Waukesha county college has helped me work my school schedule around my work schedule along with providing lots of different classes and programs for my preference. I also like how Waukesha county technical college has resources for all students and their different needs. Something I would like to see change at Waukesha county technical college is easier payment options for students who cant afford high payments but still want to complete their education in a timely fashion.
My online experience with Waukesha County technical college has been very good. I feel that the campus and professors provide the support and resources need for student success. With the online learning experience I feel that I can learn at my own pace in any setting that I am more comfortable with. With working full time the online experience works with me the best. Something that I would like to see change with the Waukesha technical school is to see more online classes available for students especially the ones that are working full time.
Waukesha County Technical College has been a fantastic experience for me! All of my Instructors have been super helpful and have really invested in my learning this year.
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WCTC is a great college and I enjoyed all of my classes, however I wish there was more diversity. Although I did get along well with everyone and all my professors were very supportive.
I like how the professors are already experienced in the field/ class you choose to take. Another thing I like about it is how I get see a lot of diverse people.
I loved how everyone was nice and they all answered my questions. I got a tour of the campus and I was one on one with a councilor, I also got to talk to a professor in person and over the phone.
Waukesha County Technical College is a great place to attend school, or get a start on a 4-year degree. Everyone who works for WCTC has great knowledge of the programs, advisors, financial aid, and so much more! They are quick to help you with your issues if you have any. There are so many degrees and certificates to choose from, that it seems as though there is an option for everyone. The best part is how affordable it is to complete a degree! You can complete your degree as quickly or slowly as you would like. The courses and programs are very flexible to work around your life.
Touring to admissions has been smooth and amazing! Cannot wait to start! Looking forward to being able to take classes online as well as at the school!
Overall I have had a very positive experience at WCTC. I have taken classes during the school year and during the summer and have enjoyed them. I’ve had great professors and have learned a lot. It’s a nice building with lots of recourses for students. They have a lot of program options and great advisors to help you figure out any questions. The school is a great price too.
I really enjoy going to school here. The classes are small and friendly. The professors are always eager to help and usually answer emails as soon as possible. The learning environment is very encouraging and nurturing. The classes are usually only one day a week so its excellent if you have other obligations to attend to.
I liked how the teachers at Waukesha County Technical College are determined to see you succeed in their classes. The classes themselves are great learning environments and the staff and classmates are incredibly welcoming and helpful.
During my first year attending WCTC. I can say that the college has excellent academics, positive student life, and safe friendly campus. I have found over the course of two semesters that the amount of resources given to each student to help them succeed is endless! As well as resources, the professors and staff are very helpful in addressing the specific needs of each student. In terms of improvements the college could make, I would like to see an increasing amount of student-run clubs to go along with their academic clubs. If this were improved, I believe that the connection between such a diverse group of students could further grow. Overall I would recommend WCTC to people of all ages looking to have a well-paced, intimate, and successful education.
I enjoy receiving quality education for a fair tuition price. The instructors are very helpful and organized, while still expecting you to put in an effort. Nothing is given freely, just like life. WCTC allow for very good hands on education which prepares its students for the workplace.
WCTC is a great school to earn a 2 year degree. It also offers apprenticeship programs through ABC of Wisconsin. They have adequate classrooms and training centers to learn about your trade or a degree that you are pursuing. Also it is really affordable compared to many 4 year colleges.
Instructors are very helpful and truly want the best learning environment for each student. Classroom environments are great as well. Instructors are always available by email to have questions answered.
I love my college, beautiful environment, friendly professors, you can learn a lot here and make a great promotion for your career.
I've gone to their Open House and have heard many stories from other students that attend the school. It looks and sounds like a good college.
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Waukesha County Technical College goes above and beyond for all of their students, whether it be to refer students to outside resources or help students access resources available to said students. I have had concise academic help when needed, counseling when in a crisis and help for students with learning barriers.
The teachers are very friendly and welcoming to the students. They encourage you to seek help and are willing to help you in any way, shape or form you need. They definitely go above and beyond to help their students. The atmosphere is very friendly and it is very easy to make friends with the other students. The cafeteria and smaller cafes on campus are affordable and have excellent food and beverage options. There are clubs available for people to join to get to know other students in their programs and to network and seek advice from those further along. Upon enrollment, you are given 35 dollars in money on your ID card to use for WEPA machines around campus. This is very helpful and there is a WEPA machine on every floor that can be linked to a one drive account. Blackboard and Campus are used by nearly every class to keep you updated on the syllabus, schedule, and necessary course materials and assignments.
I love the atmosphere at WCTC. Between the diversity of students in your class and the excellent professors, I feel that the opportunities are endless at WCTC. Great class size and great opportunities to get a start on your career for the first time or going back to school for a switch in careers. Everyone is there to help!
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