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Watts School of Nursing has an outstanding academic program, focused on serving students to their full potential and allowing them to become successful nurses.
It is really hard BUT it WILL have you being the most prepared coming out of school then the other nursing programs. I here it time and time again. This is a highly esteemed school. This is the place if you want to be a well informed and prepared nurse.
Watts is a diploma only nursing school + an Asso. of Health Science from Univ. of Mt. Olive. Yes, you will need to get a BSN. Watts IS a hard school. I called it the Marines of nursing school while I was there. However, when you graduate you will be ready for anything the nursing world throws at you. You will have the critical thinking skills necessary to be a safe RN. There are so many hands-on experiences (the reason why you can't miss clinicals or labs). In the RDU area, Watts has the reputation of being a hard school, but their graduates are ready to start nursing as soon as they pass NCLEX. Their NCLEX 1st time pass rate is 98%. It's expensive, but well worth the money. The instructors are tough, but they want to see you succeed and will help you. I would spend the money on the Diploma, work as an RN for 1 year and then get the RN-BSN online at the cheapest school i.e. UNC-Wilmington, App State or Fayetteville State (the curriculum is the same at most of them).
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This is only a diploma program. Lots of money and still need a BA afterward. At least half fail or quit. Some staff are excellent/ some awful. Very political atmosphere. I would not recommend.
I have not started the actual nursing part yet, but everyone including my peers and instructors are very helpful with tips on how to pass nursing school. My teachers are dedicated to helping each student pass. This is what is nice about Watts, its a smaller school so you have more one-on-one with the teachers.
There is no flexibility. You can miss some lectures but there are policies on how to skip it properly. Skipping clinicals is never recommended and neither is skipping lab (both are held once a week), so its hard to ever go on a vacation or work a job around school because nothing is flexible at all.
There are plenty of things that are nice and unique about this school. I don't like when tests try to trick you, as most nursing schools do but this school has the resources of Duke, as an affiliate school. These resources are great and you're paying a third of the tuition it would take to go to Duke, but then again you aren't getting a degree from Duke
I would rather have more choices on clinical sites and specialties and not be forced into certain places.
Nursing is a great career and always hiring. I don't like the fact that it's a lot of work for just a diploma, but there are plenty of schools that will bridge the diploma or associates to a BSN in about 10 months. It's a lot of work for just a diploma though.
The online part of this course was the pre-requisites, which had to be done at a partner school. This complicates things because you have to apply to two schools and programs but their are resources to help you bridge that gap. I didn't like the fact that I was forced to take prerequisites because it's a waste of money if you already have're still forced to take them.
It's a great and friendly student body. Students are diverse as far as background but not in terms of gender. I'm one of only two males in the cohort.
They offer limited financial aid if you qualify, through another University (Mount Olive). This somewhat complicates the application process because you have to be registered at a school you no longer attend to get their financial aid.
There are none, this is just an associates degree in health science and a diploma in nursing.
There's only one major at this school, since it's a small private nursing school. The workload is large with a lot of 'busy' work, in my opinion. On top of this daily work, there are weekly clinicals and bi-weekly tests.
You're forced into your clinical sites and since it's a focused private school with only one major, you do not get to choose your professors or clinical instructors/sites.
Small private school but very student-focused. Duke's resources are available to the school so clinical sites and experience are top-notch. Lab groups are very small and focused.
Academics are always on their feet. They are quick to get things done and help you stay on track. The faculty quickly respond to e-mails sent and they answer questions and fix problems as fast as they are able to fix them. In my experience, they put me and my problems, situations, etc. as close to the top of their to-do list as they possibly can.
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