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The professors here are dedicated. They truly care about their students and are passionate about their fields. It is a small school where you can be known by name and receive mentorship from amazing people. If you put in the work, they will meet you there and support you as an individual. I graduated from Watkins and am in graduate school now. I feel Watkins prepared me well, and I am very grateful for my time there, and especially the excellent faculty.
Watkins is a great resource for students who want to make their own films. The best thing about Watkins is the option of being in 3 production classes over the course of your degree. That means you get to write and direct 3 films with your own hands. Watkins also has a very solid equipment selection. Lauren, the equipment manager, is fantastic. This summer, she’s been updating the equipment and I’m really excited to use it next semester.
However, Watkins’ film department has a faculty base that is sparse, stressed out, and behind the times. The issue begins at the top: Richard Gershman needs to be replaced with someone who really cares about the students. Richard has never shown me, nor any of my classmates, any genuine ounce of appreciation for our being here.
As great as my time at Watkins has been, there is still that structural problem that trickles down to the rest of the film faculty.
If you want to school that is very Arts Center and encouraging of people's talents and abilities, then you should definitely come here.
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I love my school. The professors really care about what they're teaching and the students are all apart of a community.
People who earn a degree from Watkins show they really care about their education and providing a healthy work ethic.
I really like the dorms and living with friends.
Watkins is a place were you are constantly being pushed to challenge yourself. Like most things, you get out what you put in, so, if you are interested in creating a serious artistic practice, this program is really helpful. Students get their own senior show - which is unheard of at a larger school- and are ready to exhibit when they graduate. Most students are exhibiting off campus even before they graduate. Its a very nurturing environment and the faculty are all professional artists.
I can't actually afford an apartment near my school so I live across the city. It's still too expensive but I really don't want to live in the dorms.
I don't usually eat out but it's mostly fast food.
Policies are pretty standard but it seems like they're only in place to save face.
I don't really know. I don't go to parties with fellow students very often.
Honestly, financial aid here is so difficult I'm not sure if I'll be able to finish my degree.
I don't really eat on campus because there is no meal plan and the cafe is very expensive.
I don't live on campus but my friends like it, save the occasional washer/dryer mishap or bugs.
It's for sure much cheaper and they don't make up policies as you go.
Think of it as the north and south after the civil war, there's a barrier of communication and transparency in the administration.
We're very close to downtown so there's always something happening.
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There's definitely a steep learning curve in some classes and that makes advancing and really learning difficult which can make the class seem like a waste of time. This happens often be sure of the lack of students and classes being dropped.
It's okay. There are definitely a few places around the Vanderbilt and area that are great.
There are many off-campus dining options to choose from, and many of these locations are just right up the street from my college. From fast foods, to authentic foods, you have a variety to choose from depending on your mood and budget.
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