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The teachers and curriculum here are what makes Washtenaw Community College more than just a community college. The teachers are absolutely phenomenal, they work with you, they're polite, and extremely professional. The classes they teacher are enough to keep you in college, having fun, and coming back to class. I really enjoy the campus and the layout is extremely well. There are amazing tutoring programs and a great deal of resources available. A lot of the resources are extremely easy to find. This is a great school, and if you live in the area it is pretty cheap per credit hour as far as colleges go. I would check this school out if I were you, amazing, amazing school!
It is a smaller campus and community, so it makes it easier for students to interact with their instructors and receive help. It also offers a variety of clubs and organizations just as larger universities do.
Excellent courses and guidance. Offers easy transfers to all universities in the area (University of Michigan, Michigan State, Eastern Michigan, Western Michigan, etc.). Professors and faculty often have experience instructing at major universities. Students are given benefit of more direct education via smaller classroom settings. Easily one of the best small colleges one can attend.
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So far my three semester career at WCC has been a very positive and encouraging experience that I hope to continue into one of the many great hybrid four year programs they offer along side the local Universities and beyond. The support from the advisors and instructors is invaluable and that alone makes this school a great place to be.
Small Class size, lots of degree and certificate programs to chose from. Classes a taught by very qualified professor instead of TA's.
Washtenaw is an excellent school to go to. The school have a lot of great professors that will teach you everything you need to know on the course you are taking. I haven't had a single problem at the school. They take education very seriously which is something I really like. The amount of help provided is incredible too. The school provides a lot of help for those who need it whether it's a tutor they need, more time on tests or quizzes, or even if its a one on one conversation with the teacher to help your understanding of the course you are taking. I would recommend this school to anyone whos just about to enter college of for those who just want to transfer to somewhere else.
In the semester that I've been at Washtenaw I've really enjoyed it! The teachers I've had have been wonderful and are very good at teaching the subject. The counselors have been so so helpful too and always give me the info that I need.
The campus environment is a great place to be and has great friendly people. You don't get intimidated by the teachers because they are all really cool, and understanding. They will work wit you if you need to use an extension on your essay or project. Great food floods throughout the campus, there is a Subway, Ahmos Deli, and much more. You will not be displeased if you attend Washtenaw Community College because it is the guaranteed place for you
This is the best college I've ever been to. The teachers and faculty are very nice and professional. The classes are varied, and you can always find what you're looking for. The classes have multiple times, teachers, and curriculum. The campus is clean and attractive. Classes are easy to be found. I really enjoyed campus and enjoyed making friends and coming here.
Small class sizes, most profs actually learn your name. I have had some truly amazing professors and always learn a lot. Every course I have taken is organized and follows a schedule. They chose affordable textbooks most of the time. I always feel very safe and other students are respectful. I have had better professors and have learned more from classes at washtenaw comm college than I have at any other university.
I liked that the college also had facilities in my area other then main campus so I didn't have to travel as far in the beginning of my core classes.
Washtenaw Community College has an open door policy they accept everyone. This college makes it easy for people to go back to school offering scholarships payment arrangements and low cost classes. It's a safe environment which helps with the learning process and the instructors and college administrators are wonderful. I would recommend this college to everyone. I was hesitant on returning back to school due to my age. All the staff in the admissions, financial aid and counseling service dept made me feel so welcomed and encouraged me to return. Now I am a student of the health care foundations program. I love it!
Washtenaw is a great first college. I have always been told that Washtenaw is a good starting school for nursing and then transferring to another college to get my RN. I like Washtenaw because it is very diverse and when you walk in you don't feel like you are getting judged.
What I like about WCC is that the classrooms are smaller, which allows you to have more one-on-one time with your professor. Also, going to WCC allows me to save money while I learn the same thing university students do.
Loved the variety of classes available, the ease of meeting with advisers and the amazing teachers for several health and science courses. This college is invested in their community and their students.
This school is not good. The majority of instructors are part-time. They don't reply in a timely fashion, materials get posted at the last minute, and some of the text books cost up to $500. It seems like they have gone mostly to loose leaf books, which you can't resell at the end of the semester. Don't go here.
Washtenaw Community College is not only affordable, but the academics are outstanding as well. It is a really great school with a lot of good professors.
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After May 1 of this year I will have finished to years at WCC. I took 15-16 credits a year, and about 4 classes a semester. The academics are great and most of the professors are really nice. The campus is really easy to get around, and there are many places around the campus for either relaxing or playing frisbee. My experience at WCC was a positive one.
Washtenaw Community College overall is a pretty good college. Overall it is a good environment to want to be apart of. What I love most about it is the teacher to student ratio and I just feel as if I get a lot of one on one time with the teachers which helps me learn. I have earned a lot of great connections with many of the teachers which I believe will help me later on in life. The school is very inexpensive as well so for the great education you receive it is definitely worth every penny that you spend.
Great stepping stone for students who are sure about college, at an affordable price. Many credits transfer to other colleges/universities, making it easier to transition when ready. Professors teach you at the university level so you'll get the full experience of what it'll be like once/ if you transfer.
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