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I love how open and accepting this college is. Down to the fact of they will use your preferred name if you are trans. The staff are super nice and they have really good professors.
This school allowed me to straighten out my academics and prepared me to get admission into the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor through my hard work, but also through my professors that developed and prepared me academically.
I am enjoying my time so much at Washtenaw Community College. I really like the smaller classroom so I am able to get more one on one with my teachers. I am amazed at all of the activities, and organizations they have for each and every student, and if you don’t see an activity or organization you are interested in you are able to start your own. I am very pleased with the variety of different degrees and certificate. offered as well as the different times for classes. Washtenaw also offers a variety of free service to help with saving money, counseling for mental health, and helping you decided on a major if you haven’t chosen one. Unfortunately Washtenaw community college does not have dorms but being so close to downtown Ann Arbor and the other colleges you are sure to find close housing near by.
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Going to community college may not have been my biggest dream but while there, I was able to focus on my school work, figure out what I wanted to major in, finish off my associate degree and it helped me stay on track to getting where I wanted to be. I was able to branch out and get as involved as I wanted to with extra curriculars and improving myself as a student. What I thought I’d end up not enjoying, I can now say I’m truly glad at where I started. I feel prepared and successful with where I am at and ready for my next chapter at a university.
I had a great time at WCC and I would recommend it to anyone. The professors are great and they really want to see you succeed.
I’ve always had a great experience at Washtenaw Community College. All of the professors that I’ve had, have always been very helpful whenever I had questions or concerns. They also are always very educated on the topics that they teach and very encouraging on finishing my work the best way that i can.
Washtenaw Community College is a great college. It has very nice and helpful instructors. They always try to make the class easy to learn, and they are always there for every question that you may have.
Going to Washtenaw first was a great decision for me and benefiting me in my education and financially.
If you want the university experience while at a community college, this is the right place for you! The teachers are amazing, most of them work at the u of m also so you're getting the best of both worlds!
I recently finished my transfer agreement at Washtenaw Community College and going to WCC was one of the best decisions that I have ever made because for one, I saved a lot of money on classes that would transfer to a four-year university, and also, the staff, teachers, and counselors are all so helpful, especially with going over what classes transfer and what classes don't. They made the transition very easy, and the financial aid office also helped with the explanation of when payments where due and whatnot. The experience that I had at WCC was amazing and so incredibly beneficial, and I'm grateful for my time spent at WCC.
I really enjoy my experience at Washtenaw Community College. I've always lived locally so its never been a hassle for me to commute to school. I also like the fact that faculty will help you apply for financial aid to pay for tuition,etc. I do plan to graduate from this accredited institution soon. If I could change any thing about the experience it would probably times when I had to leave school early due to the public transportation system. Due to the past terms, it took me longer to complete my studies but it didnt stop me from going to school.
Small campus, which is easy to navigate. Had a good expierence with the professors—Most were always willing to go the extra mile to help. Decent parking. Worth the money spent.
The best part was the teachers. I figured because it was a community college that the teachers would be second pick, but many of them were part time at a university and part time at Washtenaw. I learned so much while I was there and made so many great friendships that I'll carry for the rest of my life.
It's really a great place to start out your education. WTC students are annoying though. The classes are small and intimate. You really feel like you're getting a one on one experience.
I love Washtenaw Community College. The class sizes are small so if you have questions or need help the instructors are very eager to help you out. The campus isn’t huge so you won’t get lost and is in Ann Arbor. Ann Arbor has so much to do! The location of campus is quiet and peaceful by a lake! I will always be proud to say that I go to Washtenaw Community College.
Washtenaw has given me the opportunity to go to school at an affordable cost! They have amazing teachers, and flexible school times that I'm able to work my busy schedule around. With the offering of online classes I'm able to work full time and attend school. I would recommend this school to anyone who lives a busy life and is unable to foot the large bill of a University!
Classes are small and cheap! great for getting pre-requisites out of the way before going to a big university. Good teachers, but not a lot of degrees are offered. I've had a good experience with WCC.
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Washtenaw Community College offers a lot of researches to students succeed in class. Professors and Instructors take an extra mile to help students who have questions. The environment and the society embraces all the students.
Washtenaw Community College has the best instructors who strive for student success. The classes are small so you get individualized attention with questions you have if necessary. I am very happy to be an honor student at Washtenaw Community College.
I was in the culinary arts program. I want to start by saying that this was an amazing course. I learned a great deal. I had the greatest teachers, some of whom I worked for after I graduated.

However, there were teachers that did play favorites. I would be reading the menu for the class, and the teachers would just let people jump in and grab things. So there was a moment when all I ever did was salads. I feel like there are times when I should've been given a better chance to learn more things. I did have a teacher that picked up the slack my final year. He was the one teacher that made me not want to switch majors. For a while I was downhearted because I wasn't given the chance to meet all of the requirements that were needed.
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