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I've only been here for a week and I love it! The professors are great and every student I meet is so nice.
COVID based online learning has been very good. Professors have been understanding of technological difficulties.
As a biomedical engineering major and premed at WashU, I will say the school is not easy. However, I would fail to come up with an institution that rivals WashU's commitment to holistic and collaborative education. Research opportunities are absolutely incredible to say the least, and you are quite literally, living in a massive mile-wide castle.
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It is a great school with the most amazing campus. Courses are rigorous but extremely interesting. It is a great school.
WashU is home to me. I've met the most supportive and amazing people in my life here. I highly recommend for incoming freshman to bond with people on their floor early on - it can be a great community if you try to make it one. The people are down to earth, friendly, and you'll learn a lot simply from the people around you. And though the academics are demanding, the culture is truly collaborative and welcoming. However, it is quite pre-professional focused which I both appreciate and want to change. Try to hang out with a myriad of different people to grow as a person on all fronts.
WashU is an excellent school and immediately felt like home to me. The academics can definitely be challenging but are manageable. The campus is stunning and there are many different things to get involved in during the semester.
As a recent graduate of WashU, I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience! From meeting some of the best people to interacting with some of the most intelligent professors, I learned something new each day. I am proud to be an alum of such an incredible university and have WashU to thank for helping me land my dream job.
My WashU experience has been incredible! The campus became home within minutes of arriving. Academics are #1 always, which can be tough, but there are plenty of extracurricular activities and sports to diversify your lifestyle.
I had a great experience at Washington University in St. Louis. There was a ton of student activities and clubs as well as Greek life to be involved in. Sports wasn't a huge focus of the school and it was a very academic focused school. There was no sense of competition between students and everyone was very supportive.
The campus is beautiful and the community is also great. Their academic performance is also great as it is one of the top schools in America. The environment is wonderful It's right by Forest park which is one of the best places to bike, run or walk, and it's close to the loop where there is a large variety of restaurants to choose from.
I liked the classes as well as the professors. The advising needs to be better from my experience they did not really help me.
Wonderful school that supports all students.
Great dorms, good food and lots of smart students!!!
There is a wide variety in the courses you can take..Study abroad
programs are amazing. Teachers take a personal interest in all students
and there is extra help...if you need it. This school has a close community and the campus is diverse. Highly recommend it.
A WashU education may seem impossible to attain, but the people here are willing and happy to work with you to make it possible for you. I have found such great community through student groups, faith organizations, and academic departments. There is so much support if you are willing to become invested.
My experience with Washington University has been nothing less than impressive. The faculty and support staff have been supportive, professional, positive, and extremely encouraging in every aspect. Classwork is rigorous and demanding, but the returns are great. The student body forms a diverse campus community and lends itself to an ongoing open dialog. I am so proud to be affiliated with this institution and I am uncertain how I could enhance or make any recommendations to enhance the existing programs.
Wash U is a great school. I got accepted into the class of '24 and I'm extremely excited about it. I went to visit the campus in February '19. The campus is absolutely amazing. When I went on a tour of the school my tour guide did a great job of reeling me in. I loved everything about the school. One thing that really stood out to me was the tutoring program they had available for all students. I think this a great thing to have.
Washu is a superb institution. The facilities and campus are beautiful and top of the line. The dorm rooms are spacious and designed well. Freshmen have the choice of a modern or traditional dorm (one with or without a personal bathroom) which is a very nice option. The food is also amazing as we are ranked at the top of many best college food lists. I especially love the tator tots!
Excellent university. Beautiful campus and accessible professors - most the professors and administrators are supportive. The students are great, they come from all over the world, they are academically very strong, but the class environment is collaborative and not cut throat. You do not need to work hard though - you will be pushed by some of the classes. Grading is not easy, some classes do curve the grades. However, there are many support services and as mentioned the class environment is generally collaborative and students are very open. Finally the dorm life for frosh and sophomore on campus is excellent. For upperclassmen there is plenty of university owned housing available right next to campus. The university is very safe it is in a great part of St Louis. You can/should go into the city - it is very interesting and there are ways to get involved if you are so inclined.
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Washington University is full of wonderful, smart, and fun people -- professors and students, alike. The campus is incredible and resources are unparalleled.
Washington University in St.Louis is an excellent environment that is conducive for active learning. The faculty here are supportive of their students regardless of their background and help those who are minority, low-income, and first-generation. There are a lot of opportunities to grow academically and personally.
WashU is amazing! They have stellar academics in addition to committed and friendly students who truly care about the fields that they're going into. I can't wait to see this school continue to earn its reputation.
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