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Washington University in St. Louis Reviews

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WashU has a beautiful campus. Not far from the school, there is the Delmar Loop which is a great place filled with food and stores.
Smart and extremely friendly students. Great (and challenging) academics, and a surprisingly satisfying social scene. Amazing campus.
On my campus tour, I had an absolute blast. The students were very welcoming, the dorms were huge, and the campus is absolutely beautiful!
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So far, I've had a very good experience. There are many activities and opportunities for students (perhaps even too many haha). Someone is always willing to help you succeed at WashU.
I love WashU. It is the perfect balance of academic rigor and student/campus life and involvement. Though school gets tough, it's easy to find a niche of people who will constantly support you no matter the issue.
I have really enjoyed being a student at Washington University in St. Louis. I think that the community on campus is really amazing and I've found it easy to get involved and meet people. Classes are rigorous but the atmosphere doesn't feel too competitive and professors are really willing to work with students outside of class.
Washington University is one of the nation's top schools because its focus is on academics. It has one of the most beautiful campuses in the nation, but the school is not centered on sports, Greek life or partying. It offers a top notch education which many believe should be the center of what is admittedly an expensive experience. Some have referenced Washington U. as an island but that is only because it has everything to be a self-sustaining experience, nothing prevents students from seeing the larger world around the campus and its economically and culture diverse reality.
I liked the atmosphere but I felt the program I was a part of did not meet the expectations i was given.
WashU was an amazing place for an undergraduate. They do an amazing job to create a great experience especially for freshman. There are not many local students and almost no commuters since freshman are required to live on campus without cars. This does so much to encourage friendships and community in the dorms.

Academics are challenging, but that's what I was looking for and for the first time I felt at home among peers rather than feeling like an outcast for being a high performer. Many students are dual or triple majors or doing a combined bachelors/masters program like I did. It was great to get my BS/MS in 4.5 years when some of my co-workers I know took 5 yrs just to get the BS.

Financial aid is very generous, I came from a low income family and 85% of my costs were covered in grants, only 15% in loans. Of course 15% was still more than $40k when I graduated, but I have been continuously employed my entire career so far.
WashU is an amazing school with incredible academics and student life. When I visited for the first time I was amazed by how kind all of the people here are. For anyone considering WashU I would highly recommend visiting to get a feel for the beautiful campus and students here.
I think Washington University is an excellent place to attend undergrad. There's a lot of attention paid to their students, and the undergraduate experience is deemed vitally important by administration. There are a lot of students from the coasts, but overall, WashU is a school that prides itself on community involvement and diversity.
I am an online student at Washington University. The online program for MLS is great. I am able to go to school and have a job in a different state. I have classmates from all over the world litteraly.
I love it there! I would not change anything about the school. The academics are perfectly rigorous, the food and dorms are amazing, and the people there are all very unique and interesting. I truly feel that the university takes a personalized interest in each and every student and wants to see all of them succeed.
Words cannot express how amazing of a school WashU is and will continue to be in the future. Everything about the student experience here is amazing: academics, social life, THE FOOD, HOUSING... etc.
WashU is a very diverse, safe, and fun campus. I am involved with the swim and dive team, so I see and meet a lot of people not only on the team, but in other sports as well. The academics are great and most of the professors are good. Two things that really stand out are the dorms and the campus food. Dorms are very modern and clean. The campus food offers a variety of dishes ranging from your traditional burgers to Asian, Indian, and Hispanic food. In terms of students, many students are involved with something by the end of their sophomore year. There is always something to do at WashU.
Many opportunities to meet people from different backgrounds, races, opinions, political stances, and abilities. This has overall helped me grow as a person, whether that be through intellectual conversation or through experiencing prejudice myself (unfortunate but has taught me a lot). There is diversity in most categories (except socioeconomic) but still much room for improvement in the university's inclusion of its minority populations, especially racial.
Obviously a dream school for anyone that can get admitted. My tour was very welcoming and I saw lots of diversity. St Louis was a little concerning overall.
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There are a lot of academic resources available for the students. The school is expanding with construction projects for the School of Engineering and the art school.
I love campus life at Washing University. It is easy to have fun but also focus on studying. There are many interesting classes and opportunities that can help your future career goals.
I am in a college prep program here, it is absolutely amazing. The campus is awing, the teachers are very kind, and the classes are excellent.