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Washington University in St. Louis has great opportunities for academic research, supportive professors, and a beautiful campus. My one challenge was the culture--low income students and students of color had to work very hard to find community and feel accepted.
The professors are amazing, you have the opportunity for small class sizes, the campus is beautiful, and the dorms are super nice.
The people here are so incredibly friendly and there are so many academic and personal resources. Amazing facilities as well. Overall just a very happy, peaceful place to be.
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An excellent school with a great student body and highly educated faculty. They treat you like family here.
The University is very welcoming to incoming freshman and help to make the transition to college life less stressful. The campus is beautiful and there are endless opportunities to get involved with many organizations and the community.
WashU is the best school I could have possibly gone to. The way the professors and administration care about the students, the campus life, and every aspect of the school is unlike anything I ever could have imagined in the world of higher education. While college can sometimes feel like a competitive mess, WashU feels exactly like home to me, and I wouldn't want it any other way.
Washington University in St. Louis is an amazing resourceful school. Between the Student Union and Student organizations running events for students, every student is able to explore their unique interests in different industries and activities.
WashU is great place for anyone. WashU has the particular aspects of feeling like a college, but it also has the large connections and facilities similar to large state university. There's nothing I would change about WashU after visiting in the summer of 2019.
Just an elite academic setting in every respect. World-class students; most have perfect or near perfect SAT/ACT; maybe grades are a bit lower than Harvard.
WashU is an amazing school full of kind people and staff that truly want you to succeed. There are so many resources to help students in any area, and campus has a friendly atmosphere rather than a competitive one. Campus is so beautiful and dorms are some of the best in the country. South 40 really does feel like a small town!
Great place to go to school. The campus is full of serious students who aren’t afraid of having fun.
Stellar academics and that much is true. If I could pick up WASHU and drop into a better city/state it would be truly great. You really can't compete with ivies because no one wants to live in St. Louis. We can't decide if it's the South or Mid West but honestly neither option is attractive.
The academics are tough, a lot of your general freshman classes will be a rude awakening from high school. Too many students obsess over keeping their high school GPA, just let that go. The dorms are rather cheaply done and the food isn't very healthy. I wish there was more to do around campus for non Greeks. Most students don't even venture off campus into the city.
Good, academically strong school with many resources for postgrad employment. Financial aid can be a bit rough, but students here are relatively cognizant of how privileged they are and do not exclude others based on socioeconomic status.
Their tours are great and coaches are VERY nice and devoted. There is an excess of school spirit that you can feel as you walk through campus. Their academics are rigorous but prepare you very well.
I wouldn't trade my past four years here for the world. For starters, WashU students are phenomenal. It's a competitive atmosphere, but not at all in a "cut-throat" way. For the most part, everyone is pretty well-rounded and it's not hard to find a balance between studying and having a social life. The campus is stunning (especially in the spring), the food is pretty decent, and there is plenty to do around St. Louis. My chief complaint would be the price tag, but in this case I think you're getting what you pay for.
Campus and the people are a nice oasis. St Louis is really run down and there are many sketchy areas. There are times I regret moving to the south and it is a cultural shock that you can't avoid. There are a lot of schools with academic excellence but you also should consider the politics and socio-economics of the region.
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Excellent academics. Top notch professors. Campus can be boring if you aren't Greek, honestly wish they would abolish the system. The campus food gets old and there aren't a lot of extra curricular choices.
There are many academic resources available to students. Professors are great for getting in touch with others for research opportunities.
My Freshman year at washU was awesome! Definitely try to be in the business school if you can lol. Greek life was the best decision, WashU greeklife is a lot better than it's made out to be