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Wash U puts on a very nice tour and sells the strength of their academics. I didn't find much to do on campus outside of Greek life. St Louis was not a very desirable location and seems too run down in many areas.
WashU admin knows all about the drug issues but pretty much throws their hands up about it. I believe nothing will be done until something tragic happens that brings the national spotlight.
If you are headed to grad school after college look out. The professors just refuse to give A grades, they are strict and arrogant for no reason. They will tank your GPA and confidence.
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Incredible undergraduate experience. Lovely facilities and staff, great accommodations, and overall beautiful campus. However, could be way more diverse and lacking when it comes to sexual assault preventative measures and education.
As with any institution, some professors are better than others. The ones who think they are tough are doing a disservice to their students. We are here to learn, no? If your goal is to thin the herd rather than empower you are doing it wrong.
LOVE THIS PLACE. Absolutely ecstatic about my decision and really enjoy the overall experience. The people here are so interesting and like no other nice. While it gets a bad rep for social, it is very fun and, while the population of students who go out isn't huge, the people who do are very fun and form a tight community.
The social life is terrible and academics are demanding. Professors are great but the school does not help graduates very much and puts so much effort into being an ivy that it ends up making a horrible experience. This school is more work and less recognition than similar tier schools.
Diversity was important to me in selecting a university. Wash U looks diverse on paper but the students all seem the same from similar backgrounds with the same goals.
There have been a lot of administrative issues/scandals lately, but overall the student body is full of great people.
The campus is a little bit out of the city- getting to local businesses/restaurants is slightly time-consuming. Forest Park's great though. Academically, it's pretty tough, but most of my professors did a good job to make classes and work as workable as possible for students. The stir-fry in the dining hall's pretty sweet.
Students believe this is an elite school and behave accordingly. The atmosphere is suffocating and high pressure. If your supposed to discover yourself in college, you must ease your mind.
Amazing architecture school but if I could choose now I think a university in a better location is much more inspiring. St Louis is depressed and has pockets of urban decay. I think a city that is more of a college town gives you the better overall experience.
Wash. U. was great. The academics were outstanding; the location is great, at the edge of an urban area (St. Louis; Forest Park is nearby); the group of students is diverse; it was great to get away from the East Coast.
I found the tour kind of off putting. I'm not sure why it just did not meet my expectations. I can see where a lot of upgrades are needed around campus and the area around campus was sketchy.
My experience here at WashU has been life changing. The campus is gorgeous and the professors are awesome
Currently a freshman student, and Washington University is well preparing me for a future career in medicine academically, socially, and through extracurricular activities (and its proximity to the medical campus).
I enjoy learning and being challenged. WashU has provided that. What isn’t easy for me is social involvement and WashU doesn’t do much to promote that. A big picture education must look at holistic health, student bonding should be a priority.
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While it is indeed difficult to see the forest when you are in the trees, Wash U's value is only partially clear when one is a student there. Top notch education. Can it be a little elitist? Yes, it worked hard to get to that level. Let it enjoy its position. I can tell you as an alum who went on to Duke and Stanford, that my Wash U undergraduate education was far superior to both Duke and Stanford. Enjoy your years there and pay it forward so that others may do so.
This was my dream school for academics. Visiting the campus was a bit of disappointing experience though. First impression of St Louis was just not great. Then I felt intimidated by the students and not very welcomed.
It is an amazing environment, and it was an amazing experience to be there. I met a lot of important people there who really pushed me in the right academic direction. The staff and students were really humble in every way, and I will always remember the experience.
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