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Fantastic facilities, fantastic people! You can really see what you're paying for. Anyone who goes here will be very happy.
I have loved my WashU experience so far. The students are extremely friendly, and there is an atmosphere of collaboration, not competition. The academics are extremely difficult, but produce excellent results as seen by grad school acceptance rates.
WashU does a very good job in creating a community of students. The school is decent sized (10,000+), but it feels like a home. The food and housing is outstanding, and the professors care. A big negative right now is the massive construction project on campus, but that will be gone in a couple of years. Because of that, parking is sometimes really difficult but still manageable if you can afford the expensive parking permit.
Review Washington University in St. Louis
The admissions office is incredibly well-organized, helpful, and accommodating just like the administration of the business school. It is easy to take courses from any school, there are few general education requirements, and you take classes for your major on the very first day.
I absolutely loved my experience at WashU. The campus was a perfect size to feel part of a tight-knit community and see familiar faces, but still be able to meet new people by senior year. Both the professors and the Career Center are very engaged if you seek them out. There are tons of opportunities to be involved on campus. The dorms and dining are best in class. The school is D3, so there are opportunities for students to participate in sports, but the school lacks a big sports or tailgate culture. The university is very pricey, and looking back I may have been able to reach the same career path without attending, but it would not have been as streamlined and facilitated by the Career Center/ On-campus recruiting.
Washington University is a beautiful school in St. Louis that is academically rigorous. The students here are definitely focused on their studies. The school is within walking distance to the Delmar Loop, an extremely popular street filled with restaurants and various activities. Washington University is very liberal. The students are friendly if you approach them, but they are not necessarily welcoming. There is not a huge emphasis on athletics.
Great overall experience. Perfect combination of academics, fun, and future opportunities. Beautiful campus and professors that truly care.
High quality instruction. Good overall university. However, I felt that the tuition was very expensive and there was very high cost of living in the area surrounding campus.
I absolutely love WashU and I think it is the perfect place for me. My favorite thing about the school is that everyone is undoubtedly passionate about something, and even if it isn't anything I would be interested in, like Arabic literature or aerodynamics, it differentiates our school from so many others where the sole focus is simply getting good grades and getting out. Everyone here loves something so fully and it shows in how we treat the campus, how we treat our work, and how we treat each other.
Washington University in Saint Louis, Missouri is one of the best colleges in this country. They have a variety of majors and interdisciplinary studies that students can pursue, and their professors and counselors are extremely helpful. However, while there are some ethnic clubs/groups on campus, it would be nice to see more.
I love the people here and how everyone expresses and respects other's opinions. The opportunities at this school are abundant and there are many opportunities to get involved in clubs, sports, research, or really anything you want.
Contributing as a sophomore here only to correct the food. Has recently gotten significantly worse with many people regularly getting sick.
A challenging academic environment with plenty of resources to help students succeed. The focus is clearly on academics, but people like to party as well. The dorms, food, and all other amenities are beyond compare.
Wonderful institution, full of dedicated, work hard-play hard type students, and professors that truly care about their students, work, and research.
WUSTL is a fantastic university! I first came here because of the prestigious pre-med program, comfy dorms, yummy food, beautiful campus, and great FA. I found all of those here to be true. My experience truly has been an excellent one. Although the academics are undoubtedly challenging, it is equally rewarding.
It's a really beautiful campus, there seems to be a lot of research going on, and professors generally engage their students in a lively manner. They gave me a great financial aid deal. It's a shame that that our ranking went down, but I think it's going back up again especially with the amount we are improving. I really love my school and recommend it to anyone who has been accepted! 5 Stars!
WashU has an amazing community of people. All of the freshman have a lot of residential college pride, and dorm floor community is super close. Social life is great, which is something I was really worried about before I came here. Classes are hard, but there is a lot of support. Students are not competitive, despite the great number of premeds. Everyone is so supportive!
Review Washington University in St. Louis
Best decision of my life was choosing to attend WashU. Such an amazing campus, the people are so nice, the weather is wonderful, and it has just been an incredible experience.
You definitely don't have to do it, but doing it provides a lot more social events. There are still a lot of really fun frat parties non-Green members can easily attend, though.
The campus itself feels very safe. There is WashU police that you see walking around a lot and you can always call them if there is a problem.
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