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WashU has opened up a lot of doors for me in terms of career exploration and pursuit. They have fantastic opportunities for research, community engagement, and intellectual pursuit. I think that they prepare their students well for life post-graduation, but I do think that the school needs to work on its accessibility to students from more diverse socioeconomic backgrounds!
WUSTL is a great university for academics. The campus is clean and safe. There's a respectable level of diversity. Greek Life has a big influence around campus and there's a growing push back on this antiquated tradition.
Excellent academics and professors. Manageable class sizes. Smart student body. Nice small campus. St Louis not so much.
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Washington University in St. Louis is an excellent university in all areas ranging from rigorous and stimulating academics, a robust and well round student life center, beautiful housing options, amazing dinning facilities and a strong community focused on helping other thrive. I would recommend Washington University in St. Louis to any one looking for a college experience that not only covers all the basis but goes above and beyond in ensuring that students are successful any any field that they choose. Students from all around the world make it a great place to learn and grow as a young adult.
Bear-themed Disney Land that reminds you that the people in charge don't care about you, they just want your money.

Anyway, student life. Students study hard, but aren't passionate about what they're learning. Not saying they aren't smart, but it's hard to tell one person from the next. If you want personality, this assembly line of a university isn't the right place for you.

Something I was looking forward to doing before I came here was something I heard multiple times during multiple WashU admissions presentations. WashU admissions people said that the St. Louis Zoo releases their penguins from their enclosure every year and lets visitors walk in the park with them. It's called the Penguin Parade, but last time it happened was in 2011. Even the admissions people don't like their jobs enough to go the extra mile to keep their information up to date. I'm not mad, just disappointed.

Good school, good academics, many people love it here, but no passion is a deal breaker for me.
Came for a tour, it's a beautiful campus. There are a lot of opportunities here and it's very prestigious. I was not however impressed with my interactions with current students. They had an air of superiority and it was not welcoming to say the least.
When I visited Washington University, we was on a tour, the entire campus is clean and convenient. There are students there getting their PhD. degrees, we met students getting their Bachelors in computer science. We were recommended to a lot of classes and was told that the professors were geniuses.
Wash U has huge rooms (compared to typical dorms), Tempur-Pedic mattresses in every room, washing machines in the dorms and more.
Why are the students here so pretentious? We aren't in an Ivy but everyone acts like students should prefer to come here over anywhere else. It was the right fit for me but I find the population very annoying. The classes are challenging but there is not much variety in available courses.
WashU provides a challenging and stimulating academic environment that allows you to develop as a student and learner. It surrounds you with thousands of other smart and hardworking students who will inspire you to work to better yourself and the world around you.
WashU is a great school for engineering and premed, but could get some improvement in the writing department and such. The science courses I've taken thus far, including Gen Chem, have proven to be pretty challenging, especially without an AP background from high school.
If you're serious about getting your work done and you don't mind having a lot of it, come here. It's a friendly community of like-minded individuals who understand the value of hard work. The comfort of nice architecture is a bonus.
If I could pick up the school and put it in a better city I would. The summers are unbearably hot and it makes the dorms even more disgusting. The course work is challenging and I've liked all my instructors so far.
First and foremost everyone is committed to ensuring that the students receive all the support to achieve their goals. The case based studying for the MBA's helps students to deal with real issues that happen at the work place. This helps you as a student to gain the skills and confidence address issues facing firms today.
There is also a great opportunity to network and build lasting professional and personal relationships. In a world where relationships is the only currency that has no diminishing returns, it's a privilege to find an institution that has an ongoing and organized way to network and build lasting relationships.
At Washu, you learn how to work in teams. Everyone spends the first year of school working in a group of not less than five people.
Lastly WashU has-the Saturday program that allows working students to attend classes on Saturdays which helps them to spend less time in school and still manage to work and start families for those willing to do so.
Excellent academics, goes without saying. Not loving St Louis though. Wish there was more school spirit and that games were better attended.
Great extracurriculars and great premed program. Engineering school makes up with design opportunities outside the classroom what it lacks in its curriculum.
I love WashU. It's a ton of fun and a lot of work but I love to do the work and I love the professors. Great vibes all around.
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All of the faculty at Washu are extremely nice, and the food is pretty great too. I would like to see more economic diversity at the school, but in recent years they have taken several steps towards rectifying that problem.
WashU is a wonderful university and I could not be happier with my experiences here. Students here are all so friendly and helpful, the campus is beautiful, the dorms and food are some of the best in the nation, and the professors and academics are world-renowned. WashU provides so many opportunities to not only challenge yourself academically, but also to explore different clubs and organizations both on and off campus.
Honestly some of the nicest and most wholesome people I've ever met. Furthermore based on what I've heard from my friends going to other universities I can say that Washu definitely has one of the highest student quality of life in the country. Rigorous but not frustrating academics. Fantastic resources.
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