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Being from a Southern California city with a population exceeding 150,000 people and relocating to a small town of 30,000 people was a culture shock and was a great cause of concern for my family but I was excited for the new journey. This first year at Washington State University has been great because I have been able to enjoy the college aspect of the town as well as the community aspect. It has been very inclusive and the opportunities I've experienced through work and education have made my experience much more gratifying. Being in Pullman and at Washington State University has made a positive impact to my life where I have earned and maintained the best GPA in all of years of going to school. A large part of that as well is because of the faculty teaching the courses, engagement of students during coursework and the resources available to succeed.
Great school, plenty of opportunities should you choose to pursue them. Highly involved with undergraduate research definitely an underrated research University. Classes are organized. One downside is the poor physics department.
I love WSU’s premed program. The only thing I would change is their websites are very outdated and hard to navigate.
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greatly enjoyed my experience in Washington State University's Elementary Education program. Washington State as a whole was a great school to attend, being a college town really aided in not feeling like just a number. The Elementary program has some strict requirements to get into the program, but once enrolled the program ran smoothly. Each semester was organized and each class fit into our specific degree. The program directors really took student input into account, regarding issues from class load to class instruction smoothly. Overall, I am very pleased with my experience in the Elementary Education Program at Washington State University.
My experience may be different from someone else's but overall I feel as if its not as friendly. Coming from a town that is mostly Hispanic and Native American its difficult to get accustomed to the differences. The brochures let off that it is a "diverse" community when in reality, it is not. I can tell the school is tying very hard to make changes, make everyone feel welcome, and these sort of these things take time. I love my classes, I love my professors, I'm a little wary about my peers but it all takes time to get used to it. The only thing I wish could change, would be the elephant in the room, some people are more privileged than others, but again, the school is trying very hard to work on that, and for the most part I know many students such as myself appreciate that.
Easy to understand website regarding admissions and scholarships. Easy access to local counselors who can help every step of the way. Upfront tuition scale and resources to acquire funding to help pay for college. Pages and pages of useful information about housing, events, groups and so much more. Choosing to apply to Washington State University was the best decision I have ever made.
Washington State University is a beautiful campus. The rolling hills might be difficult to adjust to for someone from a flatter city or town, but it has its charm. The university has a great atmosphere and numerous dining options throughout the area. Ferdinand's has some delicious ice cream and cheese! I don't like the parking situation though. Prices are high, good permits are few, and on certain football weekends, you aren't allowed to park in your lot on Fridays. I fell in love with the veterinary campus when I toured a few years ago and now have the honor of being a Cougar and a vet student here. If there’s nothing going on around town, Moscow, Idaho is just a short drive away.
Wsu is the worst school i’ve ever been to. I was forced to come here and it has actually driven me to almost ripping my hair out due to stress over all the extra crap im forced to do outside of learning. I paid to learn not to take selfies on campus and waste my time in these classes doing busy work. Where are the lectures? Also if youre not interested in silly time waster events or being apart of greek life expect to be treated like youre an outcast. Dont come here if you have a brain. Yeah they do spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on their football team and still have bugs in the dorm bathrooms. Coug pride? Well they must be pretty prideful of all those silverfish because they dont want to get rid of them. Maybe theyre considering a new mascot?
I loved the campus. Everywhere I went I felt safe. Everyone was always willing to help when I had questions about anything. Anything on campus isn't too far of a walk from the dorms. The food options there were pretty good, but the places off campus, were definitely better. The dorms are pretty standard from other colleges, nothing made them stood out. There is help buttons everywhere on campus, so if I were to feel unsafe, I'd never be too far from a button.
Washington State University has students who come together and to solve a cause such as creating the C.A.S.H.E that help Hispanic and Latinos high school students to pursue a higher education at college. They gave us resources and knowledge we needed to apply for college.
This university, it's staff, and it's student body has not only offered me a collection of lifelong memories, but also an immense amount of opportunity for my future dreams. The amenities on campus facilitate a healthy study environment and very student-accommodating. The people that Washington State University has brought into my life, from professors to dorm-mates, have impacted me in such a positive way. I am now in WSU's nursing program, which has brought me even more opportunities to learn and to grow through my nursing career. The experiences you will get here are unforgettable!
So far, my experience has been amazing at Washington State University. I like how there are so many people who you can talk to and can help you on your path to getting your premier. What I wished would change, is that there would be more communication with students from their advisors. There are some advisors that are not helpful and doesn't help us in deciding our major.
I just started my freshman year at Washington State University. SO far it's been pretty fun.The classes are a little intense but I feel like once I get into teh swing of things, it will all level out some.
Despite all the jokes about being in the middle of the wheat fields, WSU is a wonderful campus with a great sense of community.
I am currently attending WSU Vancouver campus. This campus is very small but big as a community. All the professors are very professional and passionate about their work. Even though it's not as big as pullman campus, we do plan a lot of events and always listen students' concerns. They have almost everything that students need such as gym, bookstore, cafeteria, recreation center, diversity center and even place where people can relax and play videos games. I am very satisfied to attend WSU Vancouver.
What I love about WSU is its atmosphere and community. Everyone made me feel welcome and there are a lot of resources available.
So far I am just starting at the school but after the orientation I am very excited to start classes and to take advantage of all the school has to offer to its students. (Vancouver campus)
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The faculty and students are just amazing. There are many ways to get involved and internships/research opportunities available to students. Professors are amazing and always willing to helps.
At first, I was very worried about Pullman not being close to any cities and running out of things to do. But honestly Pullman be the best home away from home I could have ever wanted. You really feel a family feel on campus and it is like the staff actually care how the students do.
WSU is a very welcoming school with a lot of positive aspects to it that make it a very good choice for college. It has an abundant amount of majors and minors that one could apply for, giving it a large diversity of people who attend the school with varying interests. The campus itself is very nice and people as a whole are very nice. The professors at WSU are also top notch and unlike other schools that will shove you off to the TA's, most of the professors here will actively email and try to help you.
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