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My experience at WSU has been pretty good so far. Most of the people are pretty nice and the professors are very helpful and usually explain the concepts we learn in class well enough so students can understand. The campus also feels safe. I feel completely comfortable walking around at night and it almost feels like a second home. The only thing I would change would be the amount of variety in the dining halls.
I love this school, it is placed in an area away from all distractions and is is easy to focus on studying. The sense of community is amazing, I've never felt this way, it feels like I belong there. There is so many on campus resources you wouldn't have an excuse to fail any class.
I loved my time at WSU. It took me time to fall in love with my experience here. I wouldn't say that it was the perfect school for me or that it was where I envisioned earning my degrees from, but I am so glad that I did. When I transferred here I was lost and looking for something. I found community here. I had professors that became mentors and friends. I learned to follow my passions and make them marketable. And I made the Palouse my home. WSU became the perfect school for me, and I am so incredibly grateful for my educational experiences here. In fact, I will be returning to WSU to earn my Masters in Teaching, in order to be a High School biology teacher. Go Cougs!
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Everyone you meet in classes and on campus is kind and friendly. The only con is that there isn't much to do in Pullman .
WSU is one of the schools I never saw myself going to until I got here. The atmosphere you experienced is like no other. I felt like I was instantly home and that I belonged somewhere. Everyone here was so friendly and welcoming. From across campus, you can hear people yell "GO COUGS!" and 11/10 times people will reply with another "GO COUGS!" The programs here are amazing, especially my program, Sports Science. Most of the professors here are extremely friendly and they push you to do better. It makes the classes not as easy, but it's great because you know the professors are here to help you learn and become a better version of yourself.

The only downside of coming to Washington State University, personally, is the town. During the school year, the population of Pullman is around 30,000, but during the summer it's usually 3,000 so it's a really tiny town. I am a city guy so having nothing to do in the town is a little frustrating.
Great community. Kindness all around. Really brings the motto go cougs into everything we do. The amount of effort everyone exerts and the passion everyone has here is great. It it in a remote area so you are either prone to party or study but majority the stereotype of being a party school is definitely false. People have passion for what they want to do here and my experience at wsu has been great.
What really makes this school so amazing is the all the love and school spirit everyone here has for WSU. Every day I see dozens of students wearing coug gear with pride and not a day goes by that I don't see or hear the famous phrase "go cougs!". It truly is a school filled with love.
Amazing campus with incredible people. Some people call Pullman the greatest place on earth, they are not wrong. In my time at Washington State I have made great connections and been given opportunities that I could not have gotten anywhere else.
I've had a wonderful experience so far and am excited to undertake my Executive MBA online through WSU!
I've lived in Pullman my whole life and when I knew I was going to Washington State University I was very upset. The only reason I was staying was because it was a cheaper option for me. When classes actually started and I got to know the college community better, it wasn't as bad as I had originally thought. Washington State University is a great community. You meet people everywhere. There is also a lot of opportunities to get help with academics if you need it. Before starting I thought that if you weren't a part of the Greek system you weren't going to have as much fun, but I was wrong. There are so many other opportunities to meet new people and get involved.
WSU generates a second home like atmosphere. Through my experience here on campus, I have notice the warm and inviting nature of every member of the university. This warmth translates to every aspect of the school. Including the extraordinary sense of school pride that echoes throughout the campus and incorporates all students into the " Coug Family". This family like aura continues over into the spectrum of academics and even residence hall life. Ultimaltley, WSU is a great school to be apart of, do to its wonderful academic programs, school pride, and dorm lifestyle which culminate to immerse you into colleg life; I would recommend it to any students interested in applying.
My experience at Washington State University was definitely eye opening. I came from a sheltered background, so there was an additional amount of freedom that came with the experience.

I made sure to be involved in different aspects of the school. For example Lacrosse, BSU, and African Friendship Association. It felt in terms of navigating through school, as well as having other things to balance it with.

At times it was hard, especially if teachers didn't make themselves available. That taught you to have to really pave your own path. Overall, it was a good experience. I am not done, so I look forward to seeing what else is in store for me.
The campus itself is very beautiful and I fell in love since day one and until now Im still in awe. Professors are fine, some are okay, some are not. Academics is easy sometimes, but most of the it is hard that's why you need to spend a lot of time studying.
The students and the environment are friendly. They treat you like a family. They provide delicious, locally grown food.
I absolutely love WSU, the environment and people here are really great and they really make you feel at home. Plus there are all kinds of activities and things that you can get involved in.
This college is a definite fit for me as a visual and aural learner. The professors are really nice and they will help you with anything during their office hours. The staff and faculty are all helpful and excited to be here. On the downside, this campus has a lot of hills and when it snows, it does get icy. So be careful! There are many extracurricular activities that you can do, but don't get overwhelmed because there is plenty of time to do everything!
I really love the feel of being a big family that you get at WSU. Everyone is connected to each other because we are all cougs!
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Washington state university is one of the best schools it has excellent programs and I feel like home because all the students are so friendly and they have a lot of clubs and organizations that you will enjoy. It has a recreation center and a good library where you can find anything. Is the best school.
I am an Apparel Merchandising Design and Textiles major at WSU, currently in my second semester with Sophomore standing. I transferred here with my AA that I earned through Running Start in high school. So far I really enjoy WSU pullman, the atmosphere is generally nice, sporting events are fun. I personally don't attend parties, and would rather hang out with my friends and S/O. My professors have a lot to share with us and I've learned a lot that I might not have been able to on my own. There's lots of clubs and chances to meet new people who are different from you, overall I'm glad I decided to attend and I'm very happy here!
Happy graduate of WSU. This is a great small-town college that still attracts a great variety of students. In a school of 30K+ I still felt like it was just one, big family. Great academic programs, fun athletics and wonderful professors.
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