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I am currently attending WSU Vancouver campus. This campus is very small but big as a community. All the professors are very professional and passionate about their work. Even though it's not as big as pullman campus, we do plan a lot of events and always listen students' concerns. They have almost everything that students need such as gym, bookstore, cafeteria, recreation center, diversity center and even place where people can relax and play videos games. I am very satisfied to attend WSU Vancouver.
What I love about WSU is its atmosphere and community. Everyone made me feel welcome and there are a lot of resources available.
So far I am just starting at the school but after the orientation I am very excited to start classes and to take advantage of all the school has to offer to its students. (Vancouver campus)
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The faculty and students are just amazing. There are many ways to get involved and internships/research opportunities available to students. Professors are amazing and always willing to helps.
At first, I was very worried about Pullman not being close to any cities and running out of things to do. But honestly Pullman be the best home away from home I could have ever wanted. You really feel a family feel on campus and it is like the staff actually care how the students do.
WSU is a very welcoming school with a lot of positive aspects to it that make it a very good choice for college. It has an abundant amount of majors and minors that one could apply for, giving it a large diversity of people who attend the school with varying interests. The campus itself is very nice and people as a whole are very nice. The professors at WSU are also top notch and unlike other schools that will shove you off to the TA's, most of the professors here will actively email and try to help you.
I love that Washington State University is diverse and open to all religions and identities. I also enjoy how big the campus is and what the school has to offer with different organizations, programs, unions and etc. Even though, I didn't see the campus until I went to orientation, I absolutely fell in love with the campus. It's very high tech with nap rooms, clean environment, huge library and gym and has different activities to do such as rock climbing, rope course and etc. They also have great transportation services and easy access to transporting on campus with bikes you could rent for periods of time. Overall, I am very satisfied with WSU! Go COUGS!
Washington State offers a very welcoming atmosphere! The student body is so involved in sporting events, club opportunities, and giving back to the Pullman community!
An excellent academic campus with guarantees of future opportunities. With a bit of effort, success can easily be found.
Beautiful campus and great teachers. I really enjoy the atmosphere and lifestyle the college provides.
As a transfer student (I attended another 4-year college before) who is friends with people from many different colleges, I can confidently say that WSU's spirit, optimism, and family feel are difficult to beat. There are many options for majors, which is extremely important, because most college students change their major multiple times. The campus is gorgeous, and WSU traditions are strong. The city of Pullman is diverse and welcoming.
Washington State University is an amazing school, they provide lots of help in various ways to help students academically and in many other ways. There are many things to do on campus and lots of facilities to provide resources for all students.
I am a current pharmacy student at WSU. I have really enjoyed the health sciences campus in Spokane and the flipped class room model the pharmacy school uses.
I have had the best college experience at Washington State University. It has made me feel like I am in the right place. This is going to be my third year here and I am looking forward to it. I am a double major in Material Science and Mechanical Engineering. The classes, professors, people, and environment is very good and the community is getting bigger every year. One thing I would change about this university is the local area of Pullman. I would like to see the city itself grow into a better and more modernly shaped city.
I do not have much to say yet about this university as I have not attended any classes yet, but my orientation and registration process was excellent. The student leaders and staff made me feel very welcome and the form experience was very comftorable.
Washington State University is in a small town in eastern Washington called Pullman. A majority of the town population is made up of students and alumni which makes cougar spirit unavoidable, and everyone is extremely nice. I was originally worried before starting my freshman year about the possibility of not enjoying Pullman, but I fell in love with the town within the first week of being here.

WSU has some of the most distinguished faculty that I have ever seen. I feel like most my professors also sincerely care about me and really want me to succeed in my desired career. There are several opportunities for students to get involved on campus with registered student organizations. The campus is safe, and everything is close together in town making travel time small. WSU also gives a large amount of financial aid to students and hosts a variety of entertainment and sporting events. My time here has been amazing, and I know that I'm going to really miss it after I graduate.
Good faculty, campus is beautiful, and is in walking distance of downtown Pullman. Very easy to get around and wonderful learning environment.
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I've never seen a school so filled with pride! It's incredible to be a part of a family that is nationwide. I've been on vacation, states away, and have heard the familiar greeting of "Go Cougs!" from passing strangers. One of the most significant things I like to boast about is how safe and clean the campus is; schools in big cities just can't compete with those aspects of WSU. And, as a young woman living across the state in a new and unfamiliar environment, I can't appreciate enough how hospitable Pullman and the WSU campus is. I'll always recommend WSU to those looking to attend college, it's truly an amazing place to pursue postsecondary education. Go Cougs!
I attend Washington State University, Vancouver. The campus is close to home, has beautiful views and trails, and although it is a small school, it has large university resources. The cafeteria sells amazing food, from Cougar gold mac and cheese, to turkey melts, and even jalapeño poppers. The student ID card also acts as a debit card which makes it easy to reload with money online and use all over campus to print and buy food. My favorite part about the school is how small and quiet it is, which makes focusing and studying easier.
Great school! I transferred in from a So. Cal school and I love WSU! It's easy to make friends here and have fun and the professors make the classes interesting challenging and prepared for what's ahead. Parents and the citizens of Pullman are both very good about keep the college safe for everyone, watching out for all of the students, and great spirit with all involved. Go Cougs!
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