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Washington State University is a fabulous school. It is very inviting, fun, and a beautiful campus surrounded by agriculture. I am having a blast studying apparel design, I know it will get me ready for my goals after college. It is beyond an amazing educational experience.
WSU is a great school! The teachers are highly qualified and the students are very accepting! The school spirit is amazing and the social life is great as well. I regret transferring to a new school; I left because I felt lonely with my friends transferring too. Needless to say I will be coming back next year. Go Cougs! Also there is wifi for days.
Friendly, warm campus. True college-town experience. World Class courses and professors, hands-on learning. Go Cougs!
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My time at wsu over the last 12 years has beem nothing short of a waking nightmare. Constantly being told things that are not true from advisors and counselors. Make sure to get everything in writing, never get advice in person because it will be wrong and leave you with no proof. The school cares nothing for the students, we are simply a source of income for the bureaucracy. Do not go to wsu, go anywhere else, consider a trade school or community college instead.
Very awesome school, well rounded studies. Enables scientific thinking in each degree field. Small class size made learning more intimate.
Originally, I wanted to attend UW. I never actually visited WSU before I school started so I was really nervous. But now, I look at how close the community is and how you can genuinely pick your own path to follow. You don't have to succumb to the party life here, so you can do whatever you want. There are literally hundreds of options to choose from so Go Cougs!
I love Washington State University. It is located in a very small town-so small that the campus is the town-in Eastern Washington called Pullman. Everyone is so nice and helpful; the saying "Cougs help Cougs" is a saying people live by. Game days are something out of this world; everyone is so hyped up and ready to support the Cougs, whether they win or lose. The programs they offer at Washington State University are amazing and the professors are there to help everyone. The only thing I would ever change about Washington State would be the awareness about drugs and alcohol. Every campus has this problem, and people just need to be more aware of how dangerous it really is. I could not have chosen a better school to go to and cannot wait to finish out the rest of my four years here.
The one thing I have enjoyed the most about this university is how friendly everyone is. They have basically became my second family, my home away from home. The only poor thing about this campus is the hills but you get use to them and get those mighty cougar calves! Go COUGS!
Washington state university is one of the best places to study in the world. The campus is beautiful, the students are friendly, and the school pride just can't be beat.
Everyone in Pullman is really nice and friendly! The campus has a very friendly vibe, and the residence halls are nice.
My older sister went to Washington state university. She always when talk about university had great things to say. Like the university always had great class and professors. She talks about how the university and Pullman offered many activities.
every time I am at Washington State University I feel welcomed! Every is so friendly the place is just perfect especially sunsets it's great for all photographers or individuals who like being outside. I highly recommend this area too be someone's next home while studying.
FUTURE COUGS READ THIS! I did 1 year of Greek and 2 years of not. I've gotten involved in clubs that both had to do with my major and didn't have to do with my major. I done virtually all intramurals on campus. I've watched almost every D1 sport we have to offer at least once. I've gone to the concerts and shows put on by the university. I've tried all the local favorites and have seen the bars. I've taken advantage of the local geography and gone camping, cliff jumping, rafting, hiking, etc. I've toured Spokane and Moscow. I have made best friends for life, while continuously meeting new friends each semester. I've worked hard on my assignments and become friends with my professors. I've done all of these in my three years at WSU and I know I'm not done entering my final year. Wazzu is what you make of it. The one star reviews consist of those who dared not to leave their dorm room or never gained the courage to meet others. Take those reviews with a grain of salt.
I'm not entirely sure yet since I'm off-campus-- but that right there is for a reason. I've never been to fond of Pullman or party schools but I am fond of cheap tuition and 4-year degrees!
Washington State University is very a safe place to go to school. In fact, it is actually ranked in the top 5 safest universities in the United States. The people on and off the campus are extremely friendly and always show their spirit and pride by yelling "GO COUGS!" Only thing that needs to change is their food choices and having more healthier options for healthy people living on campus and having healthier restaurants off campus.
I attended Washington State University for two and a half years. My experiences trying to navigate the logistics of applying, looking at my student account, and using their computer interface system were particularly negative. I have spent countless hours trying to teach myself how to use their programs but every semester a new course was accompanied by a new set of issues. The school is a haven for those who overcome these obstacles. But on the whole, the atmosphere, culture, and lack of ease in regards to maintaining some sort of consistency made for a less than ideal experience.
Very professional school with a student body that is eager to become involved. The range of majors offered vary immensely which creates a bigger draw for students from other parts of the region.
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Their is a strong sense of community here where we all feel united as a Coug. Our saying is Cougs help Cougs and this what we all stand behind. If I ever need help I don't have a problem asking a complete stranger because we are all united.
The WSU - Global Campus is great if you are looking for a fast - paced courses. Advisers and instructors respond super quickly and provide many resources.
A sense of togetherness and family type campus . This is a school where you meet amazing and people who are all ready to help you achieve your goals .
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