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3,379 reviews
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Not only does Washington State University have beautiful campuses, but the professors and readily available to answer questions, student resources are vast, and the courses are academically challenging yet doable. The only point I do not like are the protests and posters I have seen on campus regarding political or highly controversial issues.
I am trying to review for Washington State University Vancouver because I recently went on a tour of their campus, and I have made up my mind and decided to go to college there! The faculty and staff all seem amazing, alongside with the students. Their enthusiasm and determination makes me want to be a Van Coug!
I have loved my experience in Pullman thus far! This is my second semester here and I have nothing but positive things to say about the school, staff and community!
As always, books are very expensive, but the classes are in-depth, challenging, and very rewarding! I love the campus life here! People are always friendly and the school is extremely welcoming! I highly recommend attending WSU; it isn't just a party school either, you can make it the university you want it to be for your own needs. It is in a college town in the middle of nowhere, however, so be prepared to make your own fun!
Washington State University is a wonderful four-year university. I transferred here from another institution and quickly and easily made it my new home. Everyone including staff are friendly and helpful, cougs help cougs!
I love the campus and the surrounding area is gorgeous. Everyone here is very friendly and there are many areas that allow you to become involved.
I really enjoy going to Washington State University. There is not a whole lot to do in the town of Pullman but the people definitely make up for that. They are really friendly and welcoming. There is also a very diverse set of majors to choose from so any individual is likely to find a field that they would like to study in.
Love the community! Small town vibe makes for very welcoming environment and safe neighborhoods. The professors are very accommodating but depending on your career field, work load is very intense.
My experience at Washington State University has given me the chance to meet many unique people, including those from my sorority, Sigma Kappa, and members apart of the African American Society. What I love the most about my school is how welcoming it is, and the school spirit we have for all of our Cougs. What I would like to see change is the tuition costs.
Washington State University has an excellent online program. As a stay at home mother who lives in a rural area, I had taken quite a few community college online courses which were aggravating, to say the least. WSU's program is streamlined and organized. They offer challenging courses without adding in too much online course confusion, as I like to call it.
Washington State University is a very pleasant place to go to further your education. You are surrounded by stunning nature and very nice people. The professors are friendly and always willing to help, with some unfortunate exceptions. However, everybody from professors to students, to community members are all very nice, as Washington State University is located in a small city that revolves around the university. You can't go anywhere in the city without seeing WSU cougar attire or a friendly face.
What I like most about wazzu, is being in a close-knit community. You don't get that often in a college environment. Everyone here makes you feel welcomed and the educational system is outstanding. The weather eventually becomes extremely cold, but the overall positives outweigh it.
I love the atmosphere at WSU! I am challenged in my courses, but can also find support from my peers and professors.
I love it here! Since I moved here in 2012 my life has been opened to a whole new world! I just really need money to graduate in may!
Great college! Great location and scenery, good sports teachers are awesome always willing to help, sororitys are good..
In the rolling hills of the Palouse sits a university like no other, Washington State University. As soon as you step onto campus you feel immersed in the cougar spirit. Coming from out of state, I first stepped onto campus the blooming spring of my senior year of high school. I immediately fell in love. Now in my second semester at WSU I really truly can say that Washington State is more than just a university. It is a home. You can grow as a person here and challenge yourself to become a better version of you. Pullman is just filled with friendly loving people who are willing to help making it the best college town I could possibly be in. Getting to experience 4 seasons of the year is a huge bonus! I love Washington State University and can't see myself anywhere else but here.
It has a nice campus and great professors. I love that it allows students to connect to professionals in their future field and provides them opportunities to get hands on experience.
I really enjoy this university. The students and faculty are awesome. I have already formed some good friendships with fellow students. The only downside I have about the school is that some of the profs can be somewhat intimidating and hard to approach. But, once you do talk to them, they can be very nice and are willing to talk.
Washington State University offers an abundance of programs and has excellent academic counselors to help guide you through the choices. They are a leader in online and distance education that offers the same quality education to working students and/or students with disabilities who cannot commute to campus. The professors are experienced educators who really specialize in their field of study and know how to communicate with a diverse student population. Go COUGS!
So far, I've had a pretty good experience at Washington State University. WSU does a great job of ensuring that students have a rigorous yet fulfilling academic year. Great professors along with exceptional programs guarantees an excellent learning environment for all types of students. There isn't much to do outside of school because of Pullman being a small city, however, student life is relatively vibrant.
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