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The Best University in Washington state. I mean it literally the best university in WA. Simply, this school provides excellent result of experiment in every academic areas.
I love being at a school with Division I sports. I think if you come knowing sports are big, but then complain about them, you just chose the wrong school. Being apart of the PAC 12 is really cool because we get a lot of recognition, have the best rivalries, esp with that "other" school in Washington....
When I went to the school, the very first thing that I noticed was the beautiful campus in Fall colors. I had to stand still for a moment just to be able to take it all in. Even In winter when it's covered in snow the area still managed to be breathtaking. I genuinely look forward to the next four years of my life that I get to spend here.
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Hey. I think WSU has a lot of good things about it. Theres a variety of clubs and stuff. Greek is huge but not everyone is into it. It's not the best town or area for nightlife but you find stuff to do with friends. The classes get better as you move up.
WSU is a really good school for the money with lots of experiential oppportuinites in engineering. It's not a diploma that precedes itself so I would like to see admin lower the acceptance rate and bring in more prestigious faculty.
UCORE is a pretty bad system that needs updating. Theres more requirements than there are available classes. The advisors aren't very helpful in getting your time maximized or planning ahead.
WSU has all the classes I'm interested in. My first impression of campus was not good. There is no flow and feels disjointed. The clash of architectural styles takes away from any traditional atmosphere. I felt that sports were one of the most important things and I don't agree with that.
I enjoy the feeling of home that WSU provides. The environment and the friendly nature truly helps me feel like I am at a home away from home. Along with the general atmosphere, the professors and people are caring. Pullman is definitely a town like no other, but it is just as wonderful in providing an incredible college experience.
I didn't realize how much I despise living in Eastern Washington until it got to the end of the year. Fall was fun because there was football and getting to know people. Winter was horrible and by spring I was starting to think I should've applied to transfer. Freshman level classes are not challenging in the least. If you are a good student start in your upper levels immediately.
When I visited the Washington State University through the process of searching for a university to further my education, I connected deeply with the university due to its inviting environment and incredible communications program.
Being in the middle of nowhere has its ups and downs but I've never seen a better community than that of WSU!! The classes and professors are great and there is nothing better than being a part of the cougar family :-)
The only reason greek life and athletics seem to be so important is because Pullman is boring. Not only is the town dull its very isolated. It's pretty brown so you don't even get that fresh PNW feel. The professors are the saving grace at WSU
I don't like the way people react when I say I'm a Coug. It's like a consoling "oh. Yeah." slow head nod. I wish I could afford to go out of state but I decided to be practical. Now I get treated like a safety school student.
I do wish the academics were more rigourous. Sometimes I feel like I'm in a cliche college movie with Joe Football and Susie Sorority. The smaller discussion groups were what I most looked forward to but I seem to always end up with students who aren't that serious.
Washington State University has a lovely campus (despite the hill it's on), and is located in a quaint little town. I have loved almost every professor I have had on campus. WSU is very education oriented and makes students and research a priority. If you like small towns and a community-oriented feel then I would recommend WSU.
I enjoy the college life on campus most people are very nice and helpful. The campus isn't too big and everything is pretty easy to find. There are a lot of resources provided for students to help them succeed.
I got swept up into the Coug hype and was so looking forward to University life. But I've found the party atmosphere overwhelming because that's all there is to do here. It's a 5 hour drive to Seattle, Boise or Portland. You will feel very isolated out here if you don't go Greek.
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Such a lovely school with great intentions to build people up and make them successful. I would change the chemical engineering program as it lacked many necessities providing you with interesting labs.
WSU Pullman is a good college over all. The community here is pretty good, and there is a large diversity of classes to take. It is more of a science and buisness oriented school. The only thing that I find annoying about it is the location of the campus. There just isn't much to do that is outdoorsy, especially if you do not have a car. Other than that, it's a pretty good college.
The people and professors here are very genuine and actually care about you. Although it is a small town there is always something to do on the weekend and friends to hang out with. I was a little nervous coming from a big city out of state but I am so happy I choose WSU.
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