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Most teachers are very willing to help if office hours are taken advantage of. Diverse student population, community is easy to find for individuals. You will get your cardio getting from class to class on campus but it’s a lovely walk anywhere on campus.
The overall atmosphere and environment for learning is very well appreciated and respected by the community. Once you step on campus everyone is very welcoming.
My time so far at Washington state university has been amazing. The students and staff are kind and helpful, and the whole atmosphere at WSU is something I love.
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I love my school. I have learned a lot. The people here are great and it is easy to find a community.
I love the student life here. There is so much to do here. The last time I was in Pullman I was able to go to a sporting event, tour, and even a party all in one weekend. The people that go here are so welcoming. I love WSU
All of the professors and advisors that I have met honestly cared about my success in education. I would met with my advisor every semester to talk about the course that were taken and how I am doing. I'd transferred from a community college and not once did the advisor reach out to see how I am doing. I am glad I selected Washington State University.
From the first time I heard about Washington State University, the rival of the University of Washington, I thought "No way", however when I first time physically visited the campus in Pullman, my whole perspective of the school changed. When I set my foot on the campus, I fell in love with it, just the way they treated me as a guest, they presented themselves in such positive ways. The student body is enormous, however, it can get small by socializing. Professors, students, and staffs of the school are encouraging for you to do better in life and they are always pushing you to your limits. With their academics, I personally think it is great because they do have my major and they do have a basketball team whom I can play on. Overall, the school is a great school to consider when applying to a college who is filled with spirit, fun, and getting better academics wise.
The campus environment is community oriented and everyone cares for each other. Pullman is a place like no other, and truly is a home away from home.
Minorities still seem to be set apart from the rest. Nothing too bad, but wish there was more of that family-like feeling
I've heard great things about this school since my best friend's brother went to this school. Their graduation was amazing and the campus was beautiful.
I love how the professors are willing to work with you. I always go to office hours and they are willing to provide feedback. In addition, I am in athletics as well so they always accomodate my schedule. The school also has great advisers that help with internships. The career workshops offered are amazing and really allow insight on what jobs are out there.
Amazing community and spirit, felt like home, cougs help cougs, you can get involved in ANYTHING; there are so many resources for you to accomplish your goals and dreams.
I was not expecting WSU to be an exciting place since its located outside the city. However, the faculty and students were very kind which allowed me to establish better connections with people.
WSU is a great school, with loyal students and high end professors. Most buildings on campus have been freshly renovated. This campus has everything you need such as a post office, banks, food, gyms and free tutors. We support all of our sports teams and have a great music department.
Came for the tour. I think location is the biggest drawback but the campus is fine. I sensed a great deal of community and school pride. It's a solid choice if you don't get into UW.
I have been attending WSU for about a month now and I have to say that I've loved the experience! People are very kind and helpful here and the teachers are willing to go out of their way to assist you in their class. Classes can be challenging here but I find that the professors provide lots of studying opportunities and supplemental material to help you succeed. The environment outside of the classroom is also nice. There are a lot of clubs here to join and their workout areas are free to use as a student. Downtown Pullman and Moscow are also very close allowing students to enjoy the nightlife with friends, buy supplies and food, and even work. I feel like coming here is going to be one of the best decisions of my life.
I have had an overall good experience here at wsu so far. There are excellent resources available to help you in your studies and everyone is friendly and willing to help. The school is beautiful and full of good people.
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Washington State University is a great college because there's something for everyone here. Every student can find their niche and still feel like they are part of something great. This applies to a myriad of different choices. You will find the type of people you want to meet and befriend, to the kind of activities you want to do outside of the classroom, to what kind of living situation you desire, and countless other aspects of campus life. The trick to finding what you want here is to get out there and look for it; surely you will find what you are looking for. Faculty are yet another piece that makes this school fantastic, because they are very knowledgable and approachable, especially for Freshmen that are still getting their bearings and figuring out how things work on campus. Once you get used to the weather this college will provide you with a truly excellent experience
I love it here! I am a member of the Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity and it is been the best experience of my life being here and on this campus. I never want to leave the promise land.
WSU is a good mix of academics, athletics, and activities. I am in the Honors College and I enjoy being inspired by the other students I see around me who are constantly striving to do their best.
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