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Washington State University - Tri-Cities Reviews

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Washington State University is an excellent college. The teachers really want to see you succeed. There are many resources which you can use to better your academic performance. The teachers will stay after class to help, they also have open office hours in which you can drop by and ask for help. Not to mention, there is a tutoring center that you can go to free of charge. The campus has free counseling sessions and places to relax everywhere. At WSU I feel truly at ease with its friendly and happy environment. I could ask for a better school to attend. Go Cougs!
I'm excited to start fall 2018. The Staff at WSU Tri-cites have been so welcoming making it feel like a second home. The student services center on campus is upmost helpful. I had about a few hundred questions for them. They seem to have cleared up most of my questions. Not only did they directed me to where my questions could be answered, they had the best attitude! Seriously, such a positive vibe. Not only is the staff super! The students as well, they all seemed really friendly.
By senior year, all funds that were theoretically allotted to the engineering department disappeared into the system, leaving the engineering department with nothing. All machining requests got lost in the system, and no funds were made available to the students for senior projects.
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The school and everybody that works there really tries to get you succeed. I was struggling for a bit for personal reasons and my professors,advisors, and other staff made sure I got back on track to graduation. They really care about you as an individual.
At the WSU-TC campus it is very intimate. The professors will learn your name and be able to connect with you, where at the main campus that would be far more difficult. The students here are nice and excited about school. There are plentiful resources for jobs, internships, and financial advisers. I enjoy my time here at Washington State University-Tri-Cities!
The campus is small so everything is close to each other. The professors are very helpful and can be pretty flexible if your situation depends on it. The students seem to be a priority and the student government is always putting something on to get students together.
I began here two years ago and since the start I have felt very comfortable with the people and my teachers. The professors here really get involved with us and helps succeed in their class. They want us to pass and I love that they help us.
WSU-TC has a small campus so it's easy to get to class on time. The people there are also very friendly and willing to help anyone in need. The instructor are also more than willing to help students.
It has a beautiful lovely campus with lots of job opportunities during and after school. I get the help I need
I enjoy being at school. The culture, professors and staff are easy to be around. I have also enjoyed the level of interaction within the classes. I believe that there could be some improvement in the relationship between students and advisers. On some occasions I have been given incorrect information and have struggled with getting into the proper classes.
The small campus is beautiful and the class size it great for one on one communication with professors. However some classes are often only offered once a semester and have very limited space.
The professors really care about your learning. Because it is a small campus you really get to engage with everyone and get to know the professors.
Love the University! It is very open to everyone and very caring. Orientation is very involving and active. Fall orientation is amazing with all the fun things they offer. Few to no complaints. I would change the food and the way the online homework is set up.
It is a small campus. The class sizes are small which gives you many chances to ask questions in class. The professors are very friendly and will meet with you one-on-one if you need additional help after class. The only down fall is that since it's so small there isn't a big gym.
My experience as a running start student at WSU Tri-Cities has been very rewarding. Having the opportunity to take college classes while in high school has made me feel prepared for when I graduate and attend a university officially. My professors have for the most part been very engaging. My favorite classes have been history 105 and humanities 103 because of the discussion based classroom setting. The professor made me and my fellow students think critically over complex issues, such as women's rights and the Israeli and Palestinian conflict, in comparison to just listening to a lecture.
Amazing running start program! I would highly recommend it! The campus is beautiful and still growing with a new student union building and dorms. The professors are kind and dedicated to teaching their students. I have yet to have a bad experience at this university!
its good. plenty of emergency both for fire and personal stations across campus.
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One of the best welcome experiences i have had at any higher education facility
They offer free paddle boarding and kayaking for students on campus! I mean come on how cool is that!
While brief, my time at WSU-Tri-Cities has been amazing. The faculty are extremely helpful and friendly to boot and the professors have been very understanding of my busy life and work with me to fit my needs that strive for success. The campus size is a unique feature of the school. With it being such a small campus it allows for much more personal and, in my opinion, successful experience that other large colleges don't offer and i know i've been to three others!
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