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Washington State Community College Reviews

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If you love in the southeast region of Ohio WSCC is a great place to obtain your Associate's degree, close to home, and with affordable tuition.
Washington State Community College has been beyond amazing and always exceeds my expectations. The faculty and students genuinely care about how students are progressing throughout their educational journey. The free tutoring also adds to the success of their students. I would like to see more student parking that is closer to some of the buildings to lessen the walk distance to class.
The faculty here is awesome. I personally work full-time and go to school and it is so nice to be around professors that understand what your going through and will help you in whatever ways that they can.
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I absolutely love being able to say that I am a WSCC student. The professors and students are very nice.
The professors and other staff members are really helpful and nice. The school is a bit outdated in some areas, but there are some renovations/remodels being done currently, as well as some planned for next summer. So far my experience has been a lot of fun and I've met a lot of nice people.
not much experience with that yet
Smaller classes which makes it easier for 1 on 1 education when you need it.
My teachers have past experience in the field. It makes for accurate learning of what to expect from the workforce.
Great experience so far. Awesome teachers who truly care about their students.
I have my own place so I am still working through school. I can work with my work schedule where I can choose morning classes.
I love the online classes. I'm able to do work on my own and at my pace through out the week. I never feel rushed or hurried.
I have no experience with this yet, so I'm not entirely sure.
The classes are small. My biggest class was 27 kids. This was last semester. The kids in my class are great. Everyone gets together and forms study groups and exchanges numbers at the beginning of the semester.
The college sends out emails about job fairs that are coming up. They constantly have college recruitment there. I personally know someone who got an internship for the summer. Once the summer had ended he was actually hired on full time. It's great because it works toward his degree, and gets him work experience.
My major is competitive with not a high job rate. The people I get to work with are great though!
I really enjoy this school. Classes are small which makes one on one time easier. Teachers get back to you quickly as well.
I have had a great experience with this institution
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It's the average community college, just a glorified high school for the most part, but at least it teaches SOMETHING.
The art program is awful, to say the least, and the art history class doesn't even teach from the state regulated syllabus, which is the whole reason the class transfers to other schools.
The library is pretty nice and gets you what you need, when you need it.
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