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The workload is a little heavy, it's a one year program to prepare you for state boards and achieve LPN after passing.

The curriculum is nursing based, and there are many job opportunities after finishing the program.
The nursing program is fast paced but it is worth it, because it is a one year program. The instructors are willing to help you understand the material after class. You have to be willing to put time and effort into understanding the material given to you.
I love that its a small school. Being able to get to know your teachers is a big thing for me. The teachers at this school actually take the time out to help you and change ways of teaching for most of the students to better understand.
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They had a very straight forward list of what was required and needed and didnt stray from the list. Most schools change rules or bend them to accept students, but this school was very straight forward, either you had everything or you didnt. And i LOVED that about the school. Once you had everything together the process was pretty straight forward and easy.
Limited computers and access to computers on campus. There is a public library across the street we have access to, but we have to pay for printing and such. The student center is very helpful, the programs have wonderful professors who try and work with each and every student one on one to make them successful.
I like that it is small. With a smaller campus, the teachers arent overwhelmed with 500 kids and its more one on one with the professors to get the help you need.
I'm currently only a month in but I love this program! It's interesting and engaging. My teacher is one of the best! I can't wait to get into the actually coding and I am already gearing up to my certifications!
I love whtc it a good environment and not to expensive
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