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I love W.C.C.C because it is an extremely family friendly campus/ environment where everyone is polite, and communicates with one another in the halls. I noticed, even staff whom aren't teachers or instructors are always encouraging students to keep up the good work and not give on on there educational aspirations. The staff and educators here are Washington County Community College are extremely helpful to any and all students requesting to increase not only their social standing but the economic status of themselves while bettering there education. It is a campus where they have a way make you feel as though you belong here regardless of your background, social situation and or how much money you have or do not have.
Its okay , i rather be in class
It is only two years for my degree, job prospects are goid.
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Class size is about 25 students
The degree from here is good for my cateer path.
A degree will advance my career
My councelor is great and helpful.
They worked around what best suits the students needs.
I prefer the real life stimulation.
All my credits will apply to a bachelors.
I enjoy the real life tools and material that the teachers bring into our courses. The courses related to my career field very well.
They do a wonderful job in recruitment.
Teachers are very resourceful and knowledgeable!
WCCC has been such an amazing experience! The staff is wonderful. I would say that what separates WCCC from the other colleges is that it is almost like a family here working together to work towards achieving your goals.
Havn't started classes yet but very excited.
Havn't needed much help from them.
Cheap and affordable, letting me not have to worry.
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They help you get a job after you're schooling.
They have really helped me out in becoming a student. Making it really easy to fit in.
The instructors always try their best to help their students. There really isn't any excuse for failure.
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