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Academics here a very good. The classes are small allowing you to form meaningful relationships with your professors and get one on one help if needed. The professors take genuine interest in you succeeding in their classes if you show the effort. The only complaints I have about the college are there is not a terrible lot of diversity. Most of the students are upper class white people, some of which aren't the friendliest. However, you will get a great education here.
Washington College facilitates a warm and welcoming community that accommodates and supports students of different backgrounds and aspirations. The most frustrating part of the school is its lack of accessibility in Chestertown, Maryland.
Washington College is a lovely, little liberal arts college. The administration tries its best to make the campus feel welcoming. Since the school is small, it's very easy to seize great opportunities from simple things like spots in cool classes to participation in departmental programming.
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I am currently a freshman at Washington College and I don’t enjoy it. The town is so small there is absolutely nothing to do. Anything fun to do is at least an hour away so if you don’t have a car you’ll be extremely bored. The parties are boring and you’ll only enjoy them if you’re drunk. There is no school spirit. There is little diversity on campus and the Greek life isn’t lit either. The school itself is just very boring. The positives are that it is a beautiful campus and the class sizes are small but other than that you’ll most likely be looking forward to going home the entire time you’re there.
Washington College is a great place to be with its many benefits. Being a small campus, students are able to work with their professors one on one and the student body is very tight knit like the community surrounding the school. There are many different study abroad programs offered that will appeal to anyone. Long story short, Washington College offers outstanding academics, many opportunities in terms of networking/internships/job experience for students, personable and extremely talented professors, students from all over the world, and a beautiful campus.
The school provides a very personal touch, which makes it beneficial. Campus is beautiful, great professors, nice support. All around, WC helps develop its students as overall individuals which I like.
It is such a welcoming environment and all of the teachers really try and get to know you to help give you the best learning experience. There is always something to do on or off campus so you'll never be bored! It's the perfect size so whenever you're walking to class you can find someone to say hi to, but you also see people on campus that you've nerve seen before.
After touring eight other schools, Washington College was stop number 9 and after that day I knew I didn't need to see another school, I was home! As someone who has seen Washington College from a variety of point of views I can honestly say there is no place better. Whether your passion is in athletics, student government, theatre or anything else on our long list of available opportunities you will find a home at WAC.

On the side of academics the professors are the ones who deserve so much credit. They will go out of their way to ensure that your are living up to your true potential. With class sizes of about 16-17 students it's hard to hide in the corner or skip class without your professor noticing. Trust me, this is a good thing. If you get the chance to visit campus be sure to swing your department of interest and talk to any of the professors there! Washington College is truly a special place.
As a current student, Washington college has done more for me than I could have ever imagined. From helping me land my dream internship after only my sophomore year to providing fantastic campus job opportunities and all the programs that are put together specifically for students, I know that my Washington college education is invaluable. The professors get to know all their students individually and cater classes to them. They are all entirely invested in ensuring that we receive the best possible education. I've met my best friends here, and I know I wouldn't be where I am today if I had chosen any other school.
I just finished my sophomore year here, and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. The small size of the school allows for individual attention for students, and there are many opportunities to get involved in topics or activities that you'd never expect to be involved in. As it is a liberal arts college, it is possible to take classes in various departments, which helps the students become well-rounded instead of only focusing on their main interest. The dining hall options have taken a recent dive, but the management team has obtained opinions from students, so hopefully that will change next year and become what it once was.
This college has major problems and the administration does not want to acknowledge them. Mental health problems pretty much go ignored even if they are reported by RAs. Racial bias issues are pretty much just talked about but nothing is done to fix the racism on campus. People aren't held accountable for their actions. Budget cuts have killed anything good. All the administration cares about is getting more money. The food has gone downhill this year. Anyone with a dietary restriction (vegetarian, gluten free, vegan) should go to another school. Nothing happens on campus during the week or weekend so everyone gets drunk constantly. The professors are the college's only saving grace. This college might as well be held together with duct tape. :(
Washington College is a fantastic school. Everyone here wants to know you as a whole person, not just as a student who takes tests and writes papers. People here are extremely welcoming and genuine.
I like that the class numbers are small and the professors make time for their students. I like how everything on campus is walking distance and all the staff and kind.
Literally the most horrible school. I wish I chose a different school. You'd be glad you did. This school steals money from its students. Not worth the money. It FALSE ADVERTISES. Remember that Admissions Office is a business. They may come across all kind and smiles but its so fake and they are two sided. They literally get paid to smile. Its so laughable. If you are smart, don't chose this school. Its in the middle of nowhere and the academics are overrated. Getting an "A" or "B" from this school is unheard of. Professor do NOT care if you fail. In fact they live to see students struggle. Take this from a senior who knows the ins and outs. Don't come here. Save your soul.
My experience at Washington College has been fairly okay. The academics are great. The curriculum is very informative and I learn very well at this institution. The campus food is not all that great. Overall, anyone who attends this institution will be satisfied with the work load and the ability to succeed in academics.
It is set in a small town in a rural area, which is what I like best. It is located within walking distance of the Chester River and is superb for water activities, such as kayaking. Being on the water, the college offers science classes that are rarely found in other universities. I was drawn to this college because of the variation among earth sciences. I could minor in earth sciences. They also offer a lot of outdoor activities.
Washington College is a small school in a cute, quaint town. It has a beautiful campus, with small class sizes and friendly people (students, professors, faculty and even people in the town itself). The only drawback is the price, which is still a little high. If you want small class sizes and a tight knit campus in a beautiful, historic town, it may be worth the price.
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The amount of students at WAC is pretty small, but they definitely have a big school menality when it comes to parties. They're usually not too exclusive and the greeks know how to have a good time. Academics-wise, the professors are awesome and the small class size is really helpful.
Washington College (or WAC) is a tight-knit community that provides excellent opportunities for the future. The faculty is made up of the best of the best and are always available to help students excel. There is always something fun to do on campus.
Living here is pretty nice. The dorms are nice and I actually met some of my best friends that live on my floor. I wish we could loft our beds but our building does not allow that, but overall they are really nice.
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