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Disgusting, awful, and unsanitary. Beware of the townies. You will be STUCK in this campus with nowhere to go. No crosswalks-- very dangerous to walk anywhere. Students are standoffish and cliquey. The food in the dining hall is gross and inedible. Always check your plate/cup/utencil to make sure it is not dirty. Dining hall staff are incompetent and rude. You will be forced to write a thesis (mine was 80 pages) your senior year and it will consume you. This school will financially cripple you and then only contact you to ask for more money. DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL!
Washington College offers a range of courses, excellent professors and a close feeling of community due to its relative small size. It is an expensive private school, but is rewarding for those who enroll.
I love how it had what i wanted to study when I get into college which theater, the cost to get in capable within my family and mine income . The staff members seem extremely nice and helpful and the professor seem caring as stories the I've had been told.
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Washington College offers a real college experience that isn't too overwhelming. The college provides a small-world feel that encompasses you into their community. The college works hard to provide you with a sense of community and is welcoming to people from all over the world. The professors are very knowledgeable in their fields of study. They treat each student as an individual rather than a number in a classroom. Students are willing to help out one another in and out of the classroom.
The major concern with this school is the “party scene.” Obviously it’s not a large state school, but I think it might be even harder to find your place here socially. The “party scene” is divided by athletes and greek life that have off-campus houses. There are definitely people in with both groups, but this is kind of rare. ALMOST EVERY SINGLE PARTY YOU ATTEND WILL HAVE A LIST. This makes it hard to actually meet people at the party and “get on a list.” So from a “fun” “party” perspective this school is far from welcoming. However, the Student Event Board and other organizations have many opportunities for “good clean fun” which is fun until you get FOMO about not making the cut to be in the party scene. The town of chestertown has 3 bars total (2018) and one is a professor bar so it’s actually two.
At Washington college the campus is average but pretty. The school has a small class size. If you want exciting things to do like go to football games this schools doesn't have that but it does have a good lacrosse team.
Washington College is an institution which felt like home to me from the very first time I had the opportunity to visit its campus. There is no shortage of opportunities for upward mobility and experience provided by the college. From the career center and its openness to assist students either in building or editing their resumes, to the wide array of internships which the college is willing to sponsor. The professors on campus are also eager resources, and provide a number of opportunities for students to practice their skills in their fields and to learn how to properly network with their community in order to build a name for themselves. The campus allows students many chances to serve as their own independent body and to dictate how their college experience will be shaped on their own terms.
Not the right fit for me. I've met a some good friends and I like my professors, but that's really it. There isn't a lot to do both on and off campus and I honestly have found myself going home most weekends rather than staying on campus. The only things there really is to do is either party, lounge in other people's rooms, or drive a full thirty minutes and go to Middletown to grab some food or see a movie. The overall quality of dorms, food, and activities/clubs is pretty also low. I can see why some people really like it here because it's a really small and personable school, but I'm just a person who doesn't really fit in with that environment. A small school in an isolated rural environment just doesn't really evoke my idea of the optimal college experience. I'm going to be transferring to a much larger college next semester and I feel like that's just a better fit for me.
I toured the school and it was amazing . its a 5 minute walk to the water that has a cute old town. the campus is beautiful. it feels so welcoming, everyone is so nice.
As a student athlete, I thought I would be welcomed on campus. this school feels like high school and is extremely cliquey. If you are not an athlete you're outcasted. Parties are held by frats and sports houses but everyone still only worries about themselves. People are not welcoming, very self absorbed. It is hard to make friends after the first week because we everyone is in their own little clique that its hard to break. No one is very inviting and will not go out of their way to be nice to you. Since it is in the middle of no where it is hard to escape. You walk the same path everyday and see the same people. The academics are extremely easy and a joke, I was not challenged at all. If you are a recruit and going to be an athlete here, be prepared to find yourself alone for most of the time, there is no nice team atmosphere. Most freshman want to transfer because the school is so small and is not a good value overall. Everyone is cliquey and self absorbed.
I like the college quite a bit. The only downside is that it can feel a bit boring at times but I think it's because of the town it's in.
I loved the small town, close knit community feel that surrounded the campus and nearby town. The education was top notch with close professor relations based on small class size. The downside is the pricetag.
Academics here a very good. The classes are small allowing you to form meaningful relationships with your professors and get one on one help if needed. The professors take genuine interest in you succeeding in their classes if you show the effort. The only complaints I have about the college are there is not a terrible lot of diversity. Most of the students are upper class white people, some of which aren't the friendliest. However, you will get a great education here.
Washington College facilitates a warm and welcoming community that accommodates and supports students of different backgrounds and aspirations. The most frustrating part of the school is its lack of accessibility in Chestertown, Maryland.
Washington College is a lovely, little liberal arts college. The administration tries its best to make the campus feel welcoming. Since the school is small, it's very easy to seize great opportunities from simple things like spots in cool classes to participation in departmental programming.
I am currently a freshman at Washington College and I don’t enjoy it. The town is so small there is absolutely nothing to do. Anything fun to do is at least an hour away so if you don’t have a car you’ll be extremely bored. The parties are boring and you’ll only enjoy them if you’re drunk. There is no school spirit. There is little diversity on campus and the Greek life isn’t lit either. The school itself is just very boring. The positives are that it is a beautiful campus and the class sizes are small but other than that you’ll most likely be looking forward to going home the entire time you’re there.
Washington College is a great place to be with its many benefits. Being a small campus, students are able to work with their professors one on one and the student body is very tight knit like the community surrounding the school. There are many different study abroad programs offered that will appeal to anyone. Long story short, Washington College offers outstanding academics, many opportunities in terms of networking/internships/job experience for students, personable and extremely talented professors, students from all over the world, and a beautiful campus.
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The school provides a very personal touch, which makes it beneficial. Campus is beautiful, great professors, nice support. All around, WC helps develop its students as overall individuals which I like.
It is such a welcoming environment and all of the teachers really try and get to know you to help give you the best learning experience. There is always something to do on or off campus so you'll never be bored! It's the perfect size so whenever you're walking to class you can find someone to say hi to, but you also see people on campus that you've nerve seen before.
After touring eight other schools, Washington College was stop number 9 and after that day I knew I didn't need to see another school, I was home! As someone who has seen Washington College from a variety of point of views I can honestly say there is no place better. Whether your passion is in athletics, student government, theatre or anything else on our long list of available opportunities you will find a home at WAC.

On the side of academics the professors are the ones who deserve so much credit. They will go out of their way to ensure that your are living up to your true potential. With class sizes of about 16-17 students it's hard to hide in the corner or skip class without your professor noticing. Trust me, this is a good thing. If you get the chance to visit campus be sure to swing your department of interest and talk to any of the professors there! Washington College is truly a special place.
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