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Great school, friendly educators/ teacher ... the nursing program has being great, a lot of learning and teacher are ready to go extra miles to make sure you understand
What I like about WAU is that we all know each other for being a small campus. We don't look at each other as strangers in my opinion but as I know you and encourage each other to raise up. The university is known for it's moral and spiritual aspects that it teaches students to be highly qualified for the future in they're lives and goes beyond that. What I was impacted by this school is networking and working together to make everything run successful for the students like me to have a great and stress free educational life so that i can enjoy my valuable time here.
The experience I have with Washington Adventist University is wonderful. First time registering with the university is a good experience to remember what is expected of me to earn a Baccalaureate degree in nursing. I believe I will a great student here for awhile to achieve my goals.
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It's very family oriented. I like how the university also has a focus on God. The teachers are very sweet and really care about your education
I am a first year transfer nursing student working on bachelors degree. I love the Christ centered approach, small classes and structured learning at this university. I appreciate the support and resources available to me at this campus which allowed me to nail a 3.1 this semester. I would only change the food options and include more variety such as meat.
i like that everyone on campus is very helpful and respectful, and we get to grow each day with one another with out feeling judged.
Last semester at Washington Adventist University was awesome .The professors are good, and the enviroment is very conducive for learning . I have had the best of my accademic at Washington Adventist University .
My experience was great! Professors were challenging but were always there to help you reach your goals.
My overall experience at Washington Adventist University is decent. The food is bad but there the people and some of the staff help make up for it.
I'm not involved in the Greek life because I am more focused on getting my degree. I have used my personality and outgoing nature to talk to people and network all my own
I feel that the school has a lot to offer for those people who live in the area and who are looking for face to face classes on Sundays. I think that that may be its best feature! Very cool.
I wouldn't rate the professors great because I feel like they can be better. So far I have had only one problem with a professor. i feel he didn't grade accurately, and he always cancelled class without letting students know. He was later replaced, this leads me to believe he was unprofessional.
I generally feel safe walking around on campus and around the campus. You can never be too safe though, I always try to walk with a friend especially late at night.
Life on campus is not what I expected. I thought it would be like living with a roommate in the real world. But, like I said before the deans treat the dorm like high school students. There is a curfew which I do not agree with. There's even a curfew for those 21 and above. I feel like we should have the freedom to come and go as we please since we pay to live in a dorm that isn't visually great and easy to live in.
When it comes to sports this school is very supportive. I would say the most popular sport is basketball. There are always supporters at each game though. As far as basketball though, it's tremendous. People from everywhere come to the events, and they are actually worth going to. It brings students together for a period of time, even some of the staff like to come and watch. I feel like the school is revolved around basketball.
My experience so far has been just okay. I started off really excited about going to college and experiencing being on my own for the first time in my life. My excitement quickly died down after only a few weeks of being at WAU. I understand that this is a Seventh Day Adventist University but, I do not feel like I should be treated like a child. I don't understand the religion or know much about it so maybe that's how things are done for them, but it shouldn't be done that way for everyone.To begin with it's not my religion, and secondly I'm an adult who came to college to make my own decisions and mistakes. Specifically, in the girls dorms the rules are a little too much for me. I'm not coming to school to be looked over, more than I actually was at home. I'm coming to further my education, and find myself. I feel like I am suffocated at this school. I've met great people but I feel like I would have been better off somewhere more challenging academic wise.
This school is small, which is a good thing because you get to know a lot of people. It is a bit old, desk, bathrooms, etc are a bit of a disappointment. But the good thing is they have a 2020 vision, hopefully they will upgrade for the price we are paying.
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When I started to attend my school they never mentioned about making us pay if we do not attend chapel and class meeting.
Everything is judged on a crazy perfectionist grading scale which is both a good thing as it challenges you and bad because you sometimes just want to take it easy but cant.
Washington Adventist University has made me focus on my goal rather than the place where I am reaching my goal. This university has great professors especially in the science department, that are very knowledgeable on their subjects. This university has also given me the means to allow my spiritual life to grow through mission trips across the globe to countries such as the Philippines. Here at WAU I have become very active and well rounded by joining extra curricular activities and have met people who I intend to keep forever.
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