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Beware of what you get yourself into. Most alumni/ students will sugar coat the culture at W&L. Alcoholism and heavy drug use is rampant, open hostility towards LGBTQ and minority students is normal. The frat culture permeates every level of the university including student clubs/events/academic cliques. Hazing is alive and well which includes forced drinking, humiliation, and physical abuse. Classes are very academic and inordinately time consuming and 200-level classes for non-majors are taught at the graduate level. Most students are competitive and aggressive. The strict honor code leads to division inside and outside the classroom. Coincidentally, most tests can be taken anywhere on campus which is taken advantage of. Unless you have a scholarship or have enough money to be social, do not come here.
It’s the best school in Virginia for a reason. Superb education, sense of community, and social life. One of a kind
Washington and Lee offers a wonderful liberal arts education at a premier southern institution. Although the campus environment is not for everyone, I enjoyed my time there.

Prospective students should know that Greek Life, while not mandatory in any sense, is deep-rooted in our campus culture. That being said, there are plenty of groups and organizations for everyone to feel involved and welcomed somewhere.

Professors genuinely care about students as individuals and many will make efforts to get to know you. Office hours are abundant and the professors are always willing to go over difficult material with students. Class sizes vary from 5 -20 students with few exceptions.

There are 5 dining areas on campus: one main dining hall and four smaller "cafes". The food is alright.
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My favorite things about Washington and Lee are the professors and the myriad of opportunities that come your way! Washington and Lee has great academics and encourages you to become the best version of yourself!
If you identify as anything other than white and male this is NOT the school for you. If you believe in truth and justice this is NOT the school for you. If you believe in progress and growth, you will find neither here. No education, no matter how good it is, is worth selling your soul and self-respect. On W&L's campus, you will hear all the time about the myth, the legend, Robert E. Lee. Not even Washington gets as much respect on this campus as Lee. However, what you will not hear about is the contribution of the 87 slaves that helped to build this school. This school will break you. If you think the monetary rewards are worth it, then come but just make sure you do your research so you know exactly what you are getting yourself into.
The campus is amazing and small, the education is second to none and, the people are very kind. The honor system makes you feel very safe on campus and the city of Lexington, Virginia is absolutely amazing.
As a returning student preparing to enter my sophomore year, W&L has already given me more than I could imagine in just one year. I learned how to adjust to different college classroom settings, how to establish good relationships with my professors, and strengthened my ability to present and work in groups. W&L has more than just incredible academics, but a wonderful social scene as well. The social atmosphere at W&L is open and friendly; the "speaking tradition" of greeting even those that you don't know is certainly still alive and I am grateful to be a part of it. If I could change one thing about W&L, however, it would be the pressure on every student that comes with attending such a prestigious university. As every W&L student was an excellent student in high school, there is a lot of pressure on everyone to keep up the good work that got us here. Other than this, W&L is an outstanding institution and I could not picture myself attending college anywhere else.
It's an excellent school, though the student body can be a bit elitist. Diversity is a bit lacking, but there's a strong but small LGBT community on campus.
Great school full of excellent opportunity. Has a great mix of outstanding (and difficult) academics and a large social scene.
Washington and Lee University has an amazing faculty and is situated in the lovely Shenandoah Valley, but unfortunately that's about all I can say that's positive about this institution. Yes, the parties are pretty awesome during your freshman and sophomore years, but eventually you will become consumed with nihilistic despair as you realize how meaningless your life has become after having wasted so much time getting drunk with rich white kids who are trying to become investment bankers.
I graduated in 2002 and I still keep up with my professors, faculty, classmates, and most of all my fraternity brothers. The alumni connections are worth the tuition alone. It teaches you far more than what can be taught online or in a classroom alone. The best 4 years of my life!
Fantastic place. Always have felt welcome. Freshman dorms are very nice and new. Food is great. My professors are excellent.
I'm so happy I chose Washington & Lee. My experience at W&L thus far has been amazing. The academics are challenging and engaging, professors prioritize their students, and the campus is GORGEOUS.
It's such a great school. Professors, alumni connections, and resources are amazing. Greek life is very open and friendly.
Professors are very approachable and willing to help in any way they can. The workload is challenging and heavy, but there are many resources available to aid in studying and learning material.
The alumni connections through the school allow for graduates to have an immediate family and go-to in the working world. A graduate can connect with alums who will know exactly what type of person they are getting. Career services are so helpful and will remember you personally throughout the years meaning they can give you advice and notify you of opportunities as they scroll across their screen.
The integrity and honesty present on campus provides for a very safe environment to live and study.
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The first year dorms are all newly renovated so the dorm experience is amazing. The rooms are very nice and very big. All the showers are new, clean, and spacious.
Greek life is very inviting and as a participant in a sorority, I believe that it is a great use of time and service. The housing is incredible and the friendships made are unforgettable. Greeks and non-greeks get along amazingly.
I am a varsity athlete and I believe that the student-athlete community is one of the best. Most students at the school are athletes so there are many common interests. Most teams support each other and about half of the teams each year win their respective conferences.
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