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The people in this campus, educators and students, are exceptional! My experience at Washington and Jefferson College have been nothing but pleasant and enjoyable. I definitely made the right choice picking Washington and Jefferson College. I feel right at home, as I should at College. The people you meet soon turn to people you consider family. If I had to pick my college again, it would be W&J without a doubt.
W&J is a small liberal arts college outside of Pittsburgh, PA. And I mean small with less than 2,00 students! This allows for an amazing student to teacher ratio with great academic support. I know all of my professors, and the small classes mean that everyone gets attention. Although the academics are challenging, every major is good at W&J since the college doesn't just throw facts down your throat, you learn how to learn. I can now say going into my senior year that W&J has really shaped me as an individual. The Student Life is very big, with many clubs to join and a thriving Greek organization including almost half of campus! I can't forget about sports either, we are a competitive D3 school and many students are able to play their sport as well as thrive academically. W&J really does have every opportunity available, and is a close knit community that supports everyone. If you want to really get to know the school and see if it is right for you, come for a visit!
The dorms, first of all, are trash. I think freshman dorms are litteraly made to drive people away. Although, the food is alright, not terrible. But he professors are mostly entitled. Overall the college only cares about $$$$$. So unless you're willing to pay for something way overpriced when you could get the same education somewhere else, keep looking because this isn't it for you.
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Socially W&J is pretty much as good as it can get. Starting from day 1 it is so easy to be friends with so many people. At least for me, the parties were great, especially on greek row. No matter what there's almost always a party at a fraternity house on the weekends if not at a couple. If anything I had fun in college. The campus really has this great unity and most people are really friendly. The staff is so nice and I always thought most teachers genuinely cared about what they were teaching. Even though the dorms were reallyyyy small, it was the best. Everyone on the floor gets really close and the weekend turnups are great. You could just walk down greek row on a saturday night and see basically fifty different people that you were friends with. I miss it!!
The community and the professors and faculty work tirelessly to enhance one's learning environment. The work to involve students to give them a plethora of opportunities and to create every possible opportunity to have the largest and deepest knowledge that can be obtained
Great education. Professors are very down to helping students. Not the best housing unless you pay an extra $2,000. The sports are a great way to meet people and usually are good in the PAC conference.
Great environment, professors that really care about every student, I dont like how expensive it is, I think the work study min wage should be higher, I think every student should be given a plastic to-go container since we don't have any anymore
w & j is a very good college. it is tuff and you have to study all the time but that is what you are there for..a degree. the professors are always there to help you if you need it. the classrooms are good size and you can get individual attention when needed. the dorms could use a little remodel but are not bad.
The opportunities available to the students, both academically and extracurricular, are simply indescribable. The faculty and staff truly care about the students and are amiable and approachable. Although the academics are rigorous, students are exposed to wide-range of subject matter, leading to a well-rounded education and the ability to impact the world upon graduation.
It is a great experience. Very family oriented and small like high school size, roughly 400 per graduating class. Close to everything.
The professors are very understanding in everything that you may need. They are always available to help any problems that occur during your years at Washington and Jefferson. As well as the staff who deal with all business affairs are very welcoming and helpful. This school is definitely worth the look for considering your academic future.
W&J is a wonderful college that provides you with challenging academics, yet amazing support from the professors and staff alike. You can choose to stay very busy and take on what you want, or you can choose to take it slower. The campus is beautiful and because everyone must live on campus, you'll make a lot of friends and build a sense of community.
Washington & Jefferson is a wonderful college. They invite everyone with open arms no matter their background or where around the world they come from. The professors are wonderful and kind. They make it easy to ask questions and get the help you need. The campus is beautiful and small with a big feeling to it.
Washington and Jefferson is definitely a unique and personalized college experience. If they don't have the major you want they will work with you to build one. It is a small campus with about 1,500 students so it is really individualized attention. No matter what your major you can expect to be pushed to your academic limit.
W&J certainly prepares for you any type of graduate school and on the academic/professional front. However, the do not really prepare you for the pains of post-college life: being an adult. The free laundry, easy to get campus meals and living on site definitely makes it easier to do classwork, socialize with friends and compete in sports but does not help students develop the basic skills of being an adult: buying groceries, paying rent, etc. Overall, I loved my time at W&J. I got to play lacrosse, excel at school and found a great group of friends. The school needs to figure out a way to make tuition more affordable and spread the funding around--they try to push the school into the 21st century too fast while some buildings are falling behind. Certain students are put above the rest because of what their academic pathway is or if they play a sport but I think the professors are fantastic, the activities are great and there is a lot of opportunity to grow here.
So far, in my first year at Washington & Jefferson College, I am very happy with the education that I am receiving; the thing I am enjoying the most is the interaction and hands-on involvement I have with my professors. Despite the college being in the small town of Washington, PA, it is not too far from the city of Pittsburgh. Another major aspect of the college that I find very important is how student-oriented the school is. The rigorous workload, so far, has paid off and I can already feel the effects of this liberal arts education. One thing that I'd like to see improve on campus is the diversity, both in the staff as well as the student body. As an African American, it can be disheartening being constantly reminded that I am a minority due to the lack of diversity and representation from other people of color on this campus. Despite this problem, I am very satisfied with my college choice and eagerly await the opportunities to pursue in the next three years that I am here.
One of the things about Washington and Jefferson College that I valued most is the professors' care for the success of their students. This has helped me with my studies, and occasionally even some private conversation about the though semesters and the toll it is taking. My professors cared about me very genuinely, and this allowed me to delve deeper into what I wanted to do in the near future. All of the staff in W&J are very welcoming to students, and are there if a student ever needs help. Students just need to reach out of their comfort zone to accept what they are offering.
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The school was great because of the friends and memories I made. I am happy about the academic setting I was surrounded in however, most of the student population is white and there is barely any diversity. Although, the school does try. Like any other institutions, the use of tuition money is not transparent which I wish it was. I often wonder if th college truly values the needs of students.
The students, administration and professors care to help make your time on our campus the best. We are well known for being very close with our prior alumni. And there are a lot of opportunities to speak with them. Both online, at Roslin Center, we're our college and career services is, and even during our homecoming events. I have a mentor on campus who is also an alumni who is helping me carve my future. I also work closely with my professors and advisors. Academically it does well.

Although campus life slacks. They do have events that are free. But often it runs during holidays, and certain areas of the semesters. If it's not the beginning of the new semester, homecoming, Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas. It's up to the clubs you attend, the friends you meet, and whatever you decide to do with yourself.
The campus is nice and the teachers are great. I came here for the reputation and education, but just like anywhere, there's plenty of partying and ignorance. It's definitely worth the money though. It's a good school.
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