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I loved all the Washburn campus and the staff are very friendly and helpful. There are many opportunities for student but the only downfall is the crime in Topeka.
Washburn University is great. Professors are focused on the success of their students and are helpful to everyone. Student life is excellent. There are multiple organizations offered to students and various activities to do around campus. Washburn focuses on diversity, providing multiple events tailored to encourage diversity. The courses are perfect for anyone looking for a more individualized education. Classes are small and focused, allowing for each individual student to really thrive in their academic field.
While Washburn isn't the most known college; especially for out of state folks, I think it's a great school. The teachers really do seem like they want you to be as successful as possible. The advisers are super helpful if you're confused about your path to graduation. Living on campus is fun, I just wish they had a little more to do on or around campus.
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Overall Washburn is a good school it is diverse and you will get an good education and a lot of support from you professors overall.
Washburn University is a great environment. The nursing school has great professors who are passionate about healthcare and teaching. They are there for the student, supporting them through the rigorous nursing program. I feel that I'm getting a great education here.
The most amazing thing about Washburn University is the staff. I have not met a single staff person on campus that does not want to help you succeed. All of the professors I have had want each student to succeed and will go above and beyond to ensure that. They also challenge students ineffectually everyday to make us the best scholars we can be.
Nice teachers, helpful staff and overall very understanding . Things could be a little wider known and information more accessible to students.
I have enjoyed my time at Washburn so far. The campus is very pretty and clean and the students are generally quite nice. It's quiet and chill on the weekends. People travel a lot to other school and cities to party and hang out with their friends. The professors I've had so far have shown interest in their students and worked to help them through the classes.
I loved Washburn University. The school continues to grow, however, as they add more buildings, they are not adding more parking.
I love the campus. It so pretty and everything about it is amazing. I am going to be a freshman but I already know that this is my new home! I'm so excited to begin my journey.
Washburn is an amazing University located in the capital city of Kansas. The campus is not that big so it's easy to find your way around. The class size is small so you really have a chance to connect with your instructor and peers. Washburn also has great athletics and awesome school spirit.
I loved that the students had their own bathroom! I love that everyone know almost everyone. I love that the campus feels like home. I love that there is an exploratory program!
It's a small school. There's not much going on in terms of student life and activities. I do wish there were more on-campus events or activities for students.
I love Washburn University! The class sizes are perfect for me and there's a ton of opportunities to get involved!
I liked it, but not many areas to get involved. People don't really participate in anything. Not a big athletic scene and parties are on the down low
Met new people and enjoy my classes and professors. Really like that they care about their students to succeed. They are no doubt a good school for law school. If you ever need help with your work or anything for class, there are a lot of helpful people in the library that would help you.
Washburn is full of diverse and striving students. Our campus is full of organizations that continue to give you a jump start in networking and what you could ever dream of doing. Another reason why I truly enjoy being here at Washburn, is that its an ever changing environment. The programs, campus and the city of Topeka, are always developing new changes, in order to keep up with the changing community surrounding the campus.
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I enjoyed the orientation and I have a really good feeling that this is the home for me to extend my academic career, while enjoying the next four years. This looks like an exciting well rounded place to higher my education.
Washburn University is an excellent school where the staff is committed to help each student succeed. The campus has many resources to provide for the students and has great spaces for studying. There are many clubs and activities that motivate everyone to do better.
Small campus, small classes, the teachers are very interactive and truly care about your education, would not choose a better school!
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