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They make everything complicated from admission to trying to get things taken care off. And deadline sucks, you have to scramble around to get things done. Which over all was a poor choice of college on my behalf.
Transferring to washburn, took some adjustments. However, the professors are amazing, these classes are small so the professor acually has time for their students.
I like Washburn University because it is so diverse and I have a lot of opportunity to meet a variety of people. Washburn has small class sizes and caring professors. It is also affordable and easy to feel at home.
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The campus is nice. I get a very friendly vibe. Calm. Easy Going. Medium School and Medium Class. It has a very friendly and welcoming vibe. Very Honest and Calm Settings
Washburn cares about you as a student. They strive to ensure that education and experience are at top ratings. The faculty including teachers, janitors, coaches, etc. all work together with a positive attitude and truly care about each student as an individual. I love where I'm at and I couldn't ask for a better school.
I started studying at Washburn University last year and so far it has been a great experience coming from a foreign country. People at Washburn are very friendly and welcoming. I really feel like I am home. It is a great university. You should all come here.
Washburn is a fairly small school but the community there is better than any you could get at a big division 1 school. There are so many ways to get involved and they work really hard to ensure you have the tools for success.
The size of the classrooms is amazing. You actually get one on one time with your professors. The environment is so pleasant and nurturing to my learning experience.
Washburn is so friendly and you get a one on one experience. The professors know you by name, they actually want to get to know you. There are many organizations that you can be apart of. The staff want you to ask questions!! Ask for help. The tutoring is free!! Parking is free!! The only fees you should have is an activity fee, tuition, and living expenses!!
Washburn is a good school, there is nothing I would change because they will help you through your journey.
What I like about Washburn is that there are a lot of people willing to help you and wanting to see you graduate. They are helpful in as any ways as they can be and the majority of the staff is approachable when it come to any questions. The thing I would like to see change is to get more diversity into the school, even though they may be hard task but with outreach to more students while still in high school will help a lot.
Washburn is a very friendly and open campus. All of the professors that I had were very helpful and always wanted to help as much as possible. One thing I would like to point out is that if you need handicap accommodations like elevators and automatic doors, that's hard to find in most buildings. However, there are a lot of activities and fun things to participate in on campus.
I love Washburn and all it has to offer. The campus is just the right size for me and the staff and facilities are great. The professors all know their stuff and are super helpful. I haven't had a professor who wasn't helpful or mean. What I love most about Washburn is that even though I don't live on campus, it still feels like a home away from home.
I love it here. I have made so many amazing friends and connections with faculty and staff. The professors here really love their students and want to see them succeed. I have never met someone on campus who doesn’t love the students and their job. There is so much school pride inside and outside of the classroom, and it really draws you and your classmates together. Everyone respects one another despite background and cultural differences. Washburn is really a home for students.
I enjoy the professors at Washburn University. They are always willing to help you through coursework and any problems. Washburn also has plenty of options to become involved on campus. However at night I don't feel safe on campus, there are not enough lights on paths and parking lots.
Washburn is a ver friendly campus that is right next to home. And its good for people who want to attend a university but dont want to pay $20,000 a year for it.
Very wide range of clubs/organizations, most faculty care about you and take time out of their day to help you (especially ones in your major field), small enough to make good connections with friends and staff/faculty but big enough to get a good feel for college and being on your own, very clean and taken care of

Not very good school spirit unfortunately, overpriced food, parking can be problematic (not enough or not in a convenient place)
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The best thing that I liked about Washburn was that everyone and everything on campus was close. There were always people to talk to if you needed help with something and also had very good security on campus. If anything, I would change the food served in the cafeterias.
At Washburn University, I have met many people from around the world (countries like Burundi, China, Congo, etc.) and have broadened my horizons significantly by not only taking classes important for my major (Biology B.S.), but I have also taken classes in an assortment of other studies (like Sociology, Jazz History, US Government, and even Philosophy). My experience at Washburn University has been extraordinary and when I graduate in a couple of years, I will never forget the people that I met and the things I learned at Washburn University.
Washburn has been the perfect school for me. Its moderate size has allowed me to really connect with the professors and the students. Although I am just a sophomore, Washburn has helped me grow tremendously. I have been challenged academically and even stepped outside of my comfort zone to take on leadership roles. One of my favorite things I have learned about Washburn is their motto, "Non Nobis Solum," which means not for ourselves alone. This motto completely embodies what Washburn University is all about. It is a place where professors and advisors really care and want to see their students succeed. Although this school may not have the most exciting athletics or the greatest food, it has a lot more to offer then what meets the eye. I have found that I am happy to call this school my home away from home. This school has provided me with a great college experience academically and socially that I will never forget.
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