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Washburn University has been a family tradition. My father and brother attended their and now I did as well. I met my now fiancé my freshman year. It has been a great experience and fun learning environment. The campus is beautiful and seems to always be expanding. I am very proud to be an Ichabod!
One of the best things about Washburn University is that the staff and professors are always ready to help you with any kind of issue that you may have. Whether that would be with having trouble learning new information or with just enrolling for classes. Washburn also offers many different services to make sure students are in a good mindset and are not too stressed from tests or finals. My favorite example of this is during finals week, the University brings puppies and kittens on Campus for students to interact and play with to relieve some of the stress from preparing for finals. I love how the University does little things like this to ensure that their students are happy. It shows that this college does care about each student and not about the money.
I love Washburn because it is the perfect size for me. The classes are small and you get to know yours professors and connect with all the students.
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I've loved being at Washburn. I've always felt that it's a place where they are trying to help you achieve your goals, and get where you want to be!
Living in Topeka all my life, I thought Washburn was not even on the list of colleges for me; thankfully, I was wrong. Before I decided on colleges, Washburn University was the new home to a Kansas Bureau of Investigations building. This building encouraged me to pursue my dream of working for the FBI. If I could change one thing about Washburn, I would add solar panels to the roofs of sunny buildings in order to prepare the future of the university with cheap alternative energy sources.
I loved the professors I had at Washburn and the opportunities that were given to me through the University. My degree required a lot of group work, but it helped me get to know my peers and learn to work as a team. Student life is very friendly and there are many networking opportunities through Washburn. Unfortunately, Topeka doesn't have a lot to offer incoming students as far as entertainment, but it is a cheap place to live and is still somewhat of a fun college town.
I love the diversity that Washburn offers and the fact that I feel safe walking to and from class everyday.
I love going to school and being involved in grouos on campus. I love that it only takes about 10 mins to walk from one side of campus to the other! I enjoy that it's a small campus and a small school, but it gives you a good quality education that you'd expect from a larger school.
Washburn in and of itself is a good school to be. The people are nice, the professors are helpful, and they make it very easy to get involved on campus. The placement of the campus I feel wasn’t very well thought out however. The town has quite a bit of crime and you can feel unsafe going around sometimes. However if you judge Washburn for what it is and not where it is, it’s a great place to be
Cannot wait to attend Washburn. Junior day was a blast and I am taking dual credit classes through Washburn. I plan to take more next year and the tour was excellent. Made everyone feel welcome.
My Experience at Washburn was very different. I definitely learned a lot about myself while attending this college.
It is a great school, however the parking is insufficient. The professors are excellent. The new buildings are very nice as is the student recreation center.
My experience at Washburn has been great. Im a student athlete (tennis), have made a lot of friends. My current major is Finance and Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Im planning on graduating in 2019 if possible. I think the only thing that I'm not used to yet, its the weather, Ive always struggle with the cold weather but everything else is great. I totally recommend Washburn for people.
Great school! Affordable. Not too big, not too small. Yet there are some degree programs that a pretty small and have few varieties of courses or few professors to teach the material. But many of the professors are great teachers whom care about their students!
Washburn University is a cute little campus with a smaller population. There are excellent courses offered, and this university offers programs that can appeal to everybody. The thing to be aware of regarding Washburn University is if you are a transfer student. Washburn is very course specific for their programs, so if you are transferring from another college, specifically from out of state, be sure to find out exactly how many of your previous credits will transfer. In my case only 12 of my 60 transferred. Washburn has excellent programs, especially regarding the health field. If you want to be one of the few selected to be apart of a specific program, make sure that you are on top of your grades from day one! Yes, it is a lot easier to ruin your GPA than keeping it up, but the hard work is worth it!
Washburn offers a great education at a very affordable cost. The professors really care about the success of their students. There is plenty of great activities and events for students on campus. I enjoyed my four years at Washburn.
The staff is so friendly and really cares about your education. I have emailed teachers to ask questions and they get back to me within a few hours on the weekend!
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I love Washburn! I love the size because there's enough people for diversity but there's few enough you get to know a bunch of them! It feels like a home and a family. It shows you the real world without throwing you to the sharks. If you want a great college experience, Washburn could be for you!
I loved all the Washburn campus and the staff are very friendly and helpful. There are many opportunities for student but the only downfall is the crime in Topeka.
Washburn University is great. Professors are focused on the success of their students and are helpful to everyone. Student life is excellent. There are multiple organizations offered to students and various activities to do around campus. Washburn focuses on diversity, providing multiple events tailored to encourage diversity. The courses are perfect for anyone looking for a more individualized education. Classes are small and focused, allowing for each individual student to really thrive in their academic field.
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