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I may just be a freshman at Washburn, but I have quickly fallen in love with the university. As an out of state student, I was concerned about feeling at home but Washburn gives students a safe and at-home feeling. Our campus is beautiful and you always see a familiar face, our professors are fantastic and are willing to go the extra mile to see us succeed. There are plenty of ways to get involved, and everyone seems to have found their niche. Greek Life does not run the campus, and most involved in Greek Life are heavily involved in other clubs/activities on campus. Overall Washburn has been the greatest choice I could have made when choosing a college, and I can't wait to spend the next three years here!
I really like Washburn because there is so many opportunities to get involved with student life. Also if you have any problems with classes or financial needs then they can help.
So far at Washurn I have had a wonderfully experience. All of the teachers I have had have been willing to help and explain if you are not understanding and they are easy to communicate with via email or office hours.
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Washburn has a great small community feel to it. The class sizes are small and the education is individualized. Every student gets the attention they need from professors.
The student adviser for nursing is amazing! I'm in my freshman year and plan to attend nursing school in a couple years and she has helped tremendously and letting me know what classes to take!
Washburn overall was a good school. There was not much to do there. There was a lot of Asia and Middle Eastern Students there. The people were friendly. Classrooms good size. Food was okay I've had worse.
The Biology Department and staff at Washburn are amazing. They are extremely caring and available for one-on-one interactions. They are always there to answer your questions without making you feel dumb.
Washburn University is a good college, it's cheaper, smaller, and their are good teachers and staff there. In my opinion i wish there was more diversity, there is some, but not as much as i like. Food could be better and I do wish their was more opportunity when it comes to study abroad. All around it's an ok school I don't think it's bad just doesn't fit me enough.
I love Washburn University, the teachers are very personable and truly care about building your knowledge.
Washburn University is very student oriented, it a great school. Professors try to be as helpful as possible and advisors are there for you for when you need then. The school likes to keep all student informed and as long as you continually check your email and desire to learn you will stay well informed.
I loved the small class sizes and my professors got to know me and they really cared. However it's a very small school.
Washburn University is an amazing school. The classes are small, at around 30 people per class, and so there's always an opportunity to get to know your professors. The professors are always willing to help with whatever problem you may be having, and will strive to get you the best grade possible. Our sports teams may not be the best, but we have a ton of school spirit. GO BODS! As a dry campus, the party scene also isn't the best, but the fraternities and the sororities often host formals if that's what you're into.

The campus itself is on the smaller side, and so its easy to get to classes from whatever building you're in, and the chances of getting lost are pretty slim. There are students from all over the world attending Washburn, and every one of them are willing to help a fellow Ichabod out in a time of need.
Washburn university was the best choice I made. The class size is small and the professors get back to you quickly. The campus is beautiful but the Union Market isn't very appetizing after awhile.
Coming to Washburn, I was in a hard place in my life but as soon as I moved into my dorm, started my classes. I could tell that I had found where I belonged. As I sit here with my friends in our dorm I am reminded that I would not be here if I had not worked so hard. This place is somewhere I can call home, from the friendly professors to the many friends I have on campus. If I could go back to when I was in high school I would do it again and go to Washburn.
This is my first year at Washburn University. I transferred to Washburn second semester. The professors are able to interact a lot at Washburn. Although, they are not very helpfully. They do not teach the students enough of the material needed to fully succeed. The other thing that I believe should change is housing. You are not able to pick your room or roommates if you are a transfer student.
Washburn University doesn't really involve students to come together, even though they provide student clubs. I feel disconnected to the university. What I do like is the student-teacher ratio. I do feel more connected to the professor and most of them are easy going.
The campus is pretty and the wellness center is free for all students.
After my first semester at Washburn University I became a better student and was able to learn more about Academic Integrity, Information Literacy, and learned how get out in the Washburn community. I had the best first semester and I can not wait for the rest of my college education.
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So far Washburn has been great! The campus is kept clean, and anywhere you want to go is just a short walking distance. The staff and students have all been friendly. The teachers are helpful and will work with you on problems that you may have.
Washburn is a great place to be if you are looking for academics. I live in the dorms, and haven't had the best experience because I live with strong willed people, but the other people I have met, are amazing!
Washburn is amazing because the teachers really care about and want you to succeed. I love the small class sizes and the community at Washburn. I also feel the classes are just right for me and I'm learning more than I would at a larger university. However the town of Topeka isn't very lively and could do with a more social scene.
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