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my time at wash-burn technology has been great i have had no problems with anything the teachers are very helpful and they are very understanding on things and it is a great way to get your hands on teaching
I took anatomy and physiology here while I was pregnant with my daughter. I ended up having my daughter early and my instructor and the dean of the school was so helpful with making sure they could work with me to finish out my last class I needed for nursing school!!!
The teacher:student ratios are great, and the camaraderie of the students (at least in the night program) was amazing. Most of the students in the night programs were older and brought real world experience/insight into classroom discussions.
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I loved going to Washburn Tech. Its an experience I will rmeeber for the rest of my life. During my time there I met all kinds of people , and bonded with them. That's something I loved how diverse the school is an dhow open it is. My major there was culinary arts walking into it I didn't have much confidence but leaving I recognized how great of a cook I was along with my potential. Chef Nikki & Chef Scott will forever have a positive impact on my life.
Not satisfied with what I get from the school
It's a nice school but I find it hard coping with their lecture timing and lecturers
They guarantee a career job before you graduation.
Everyone is there to have a good time and learn a lot of new things.
It was real easy to get into my program. I had to take a math and reading to get into the program and the test was free so no pressure real easy test
I have been in school for about a week and I love it.
Have been at school for a week now and I love it so far.
Affordable and offers so many programs.
most nursing students from here pass the NCLEX and obtain good jobs
I have experienced getting a 100% in a class and that has never happened before to me.
I am now figuring out my major so its like starting over agian.
I am not taking online classes but from what I hear it is great.
They have more information for you if you ask they answer you.
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They are smart individuals that want to better themselves.
They are very informative.
The campus and facilities are really efficient and easy to navigate! They do a great job at keeping everything clean and organized ! Another great benefit is being able to use Washburn Universities campus services ,along with our own campus.Being able to use the student exercise equipment on the main campus is an excellent perk to have,for those looking to get a great workout of the body,as well as the mind!
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